Volume 5, Number 17, May 2, 1978



Will U.S.A. Participate in the ‘Deal of the Century’?

West Germany Leads Trade and Development Deals Drive

Soviets Say SALT Is Possible Now

Hit Brzezinski “Linkage” Sabotage.

West Europeans Won’t Buy Kissinger’s Anti-SALT Myth

by John Sigerson

Support for G.W. Miller Is Support for Terrorism

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Special Report

The ‘Dossier San Marco’, Part 2: Kissinger, Terrorism and the ‘Nixon Plan’

U.S. Report

To Sabotage SALT: Mr. Kissinger Sends Mr. Brzezinski to Peking

The Press on British Peking Policy — Jackson, the Senator from London — Scotty Reston Leads Press Sabotage of SALT.

Steelworkers Suit Could Force IPS Out of Labor Movement

Strauss To ‘Anti-Inflate’ Environmental Protection Agency

Industry Coalition, Unions Condemn Sun Day

NAACP Energy Policy Spurs New Political Alliances

“For Energy Growth and Jobs.”

OMB ‘Efficiency’ Paralyzing Policy Making

Zero-Based Budgeting: “That’s Life” – Szanton: “There’ll Be a Fight.”

The Young Pretender

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


A New Monetary System Emerges As World Awaits U.S. Participation

Brits Want To Take the Gold and Dump the $ – Cold Shower for Witteveen.

In Memoriam: Jacques Rueff

Book Review, Part 1: A Tool of Power: The Political History of Money

by David Goldman

Banking: Miller’s ‘Fiscal Conservatism’ Ruse Will Cause a Crash

Economic Survey

Third World Industrialization, Advanced Sector Exports: A Program for Colombia, Venezuela and the Caribbean

by Laurence Hecht


Sun Day: Mass Mobilization for Terrorism and Deindustrialization


Portugal Faces Coup Threat

Council of the Revolution Warns Against Coup.

Third World

Egypt, PLO Crack Down on Terrorists

Who Are the Terrorists in the PLO?

British Push CENTO Remilitarization