Volume 5, Number 21, May 30, 1978



Zaire Rebellion Came from Brussels

by Robert Dreyfuss

Brzezinski suppresses CIA report showing no Cubans involved.

How the Zaire Crisis Unfolded

Franco-African Summit Focuses on Peace And Development

Giscard: Europe and Africa Must Work Together – Giscard and Houphouet-Boigny: “Only Development Ensures Real Security.”

Belgium Attempted Sabotage of French Intervention, Incited Massacre

Carter Leans Toward Young on Africa Policy

The President pulls back from Brzezinski’s drive for confrontation.

NSC Suppresses Report on Cubans in Africa

Young: U.S. Needs a Constructive, Not a Military Solution for Africa

Crush the British Bukharinite Snakes

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Peace Through a New Economic Order

by Tim Rush

Mexico’s President, In Moscow, helps Extend East-West Cooperation — “All The News That’s Fit To Print” — López Portillo: Technology Is Humanity’s Patrimony — Brezhnev Lauds Soviet-Mexico Friendship.

Share U.S. Know-How With Mexico

Press Manufactures Scandal Around Deal with Soviets

Schmidt Educates Carter.

Special Report

Will Peking Go to War with Moscow?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

Foreign Policy: Brzezinski Kowtows to Chinese

Brzezinski’s Toast to Peking — Teng Reveals Chinese View of Brzezinski’s Position.

Developing America’s Monetarist Elite

An interview with Fritz Kraemer.


Blumenthal and Kissinger Demand IMF Imperialism Instead of ‘Grand Design’

by Katherine Burdman

An eyewitness report from the Mexico City International Monetary Conference.

Blumenthal, Kissinger, and The Sheep: Exclusive reports from EIR’s Mexico City Bureau

“Get Germany and Talk Down the Dollar” – Barclays Bank Chairman Encourages American Banks: Swallow More Bad Debt – Rockefeller: A Rose Is a Rose... – Citicorp’s Wriston on Peru and the IMF – Blumenthal: “IMF Surveillance Is the Cornerstone.”

How Miller’s Credit Policy Undercuts International Banking

by David Goldman

Business Outlook: Canada Moves South

by Peter Wyer

Britain launches an economic ‘submarine’ against the U.S.

How Canada’s New Bank Act Fits In

by Lydia Dittler

Behind the Raw Materials Bubble

by Joseph Stein

Brokerages rig commodity prices to create shortages.

Correction to last issue of EIR


GOP Leaders Step Forward for High Technology

Rockefeller: Technology and Survival are Inseparable – John Connally: We Should Be Exporting Energy!


The Destabilization of Iran: ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ Networks versus the Shah’s Development Plans

Terrorist Leader Predicts Iran Explosion – British Promote Religious Chaos in Iran.

How Iran Will Industrialize


Italy: A Shift in the War Against Terror

New Structure For The Italian Secret Services — “Father Machinegun” Speaks.

Third World

Brazil: Who Is General Figueiredo?

by Mark Sonnenblick

A profile of the “mystery man” who is Brazil’s next leader.

Israelis Talk War

by Nancy Parsons

An Israeli “Oil Embargo”?