Volume 6, Number 6, February 13, 1979


This Week

China Threatens War on Vietnam

Teng calls for “punishment” of Soviet ally.

Isolation of Khomeini Crucial to World Peace

by Judith Wyer

Wall St. Journal Feeds Dollar Panic

Gardner Interferes in Italy

U.S. Ambassador upsets delicate political negotiations with call for IMF austerity.

Special Report

President López Portillo Declares Nation Will Lead in World Industrialization

Carter’s Record on Mexico Policy

by Pablo Silva

What Awaits Carter in Mexico

U.S. Role in Mexico’s Industrial Boom

by Timothy Rush

The Rundown on Mexico’s Economy

EIR Editor on U.S. Mexico policy

Gutierrez: The Goal Is Rapid Development


Europe Counters U.S.-China Insanity

Attempts to salvage detente, cooperation with Soviet Union plus European and East Bloc warnings on war danger.

Administration Closes Its Eyes to Reality

Henry Kissinger: West Must Arm Against Soviets

Why Europeans Think the U.S. Has Gone Insane

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. speaks out.

West German to U.S.S.R.: We Will Play No China Card


Is This the Crash of ’79?

If so, whose is it?

World Squeezed by ME Oil Shortage

by Judith Wyer

Sheikh Yamani: Why the Saudis Cut Back

Schlesinger Uses Iran To Cut U.S. Energy

by William Engdahl

Economic Outlook

Gold: Behind the Rush Is a British Plan To Break Up EMS

by Alice Shepard

Britain: The Sick Main of Europe

by Marla Minnicino

Commodities: Panic, Price Hype Part of London’s War Game

by Renée Sigerson

Foreign Exchange: The Gnomes of Britannic House Make Magic on the Money Markets

by Kathy Burdman

Trade: Reshuffling the Middle East Trade Deck

by Susan Cohen

Credit Markets: Who’s Driving Up Interest Rates?

by Lydia Schulman

Economic Survey

Iran Economic Collapse

by Judith Wyer

Foreign contractors are left in limbo.

Iran’s Nuclear Future Collapses, Imperiling World Energy Needs

by William Engdahl

U.S. Report

Quebec turning to the EMS?

by Peter Wyer

Crisis, martial law are threatened in response.

Quebec Specialist: Common Market for North America

Science & Technology

Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor

by John Schoonover

The next step in nuclear energy technology.

Soviet Sector

Stalin Anniversary Celebrated

by Rachel Berthoff and Susan Walsh

Occasions battle with Soviet Bukharinism.

Fuentes Promotes Bukharin Revival

New ‘Stalinist’ Soviet Novel Features 1945 Potsdam Conference

by Clifford Gaddy

Third World

Pakistan: Courts Uphold Verdict To Hang Bhutto

by Leela Narayan

Governments, Press Support Bhutto