Volume 12, Number 44, November 8, 1985



Robert T. N’Dau

The former Minister of planning, Transportation, Industrial Development, Water Resources, and Mining of Mali discusses Africa’s potential for development through technology.

Robert Kupperman

The director of the recent CSIS study simulating of the fall of the Philippines gives a candid view of the psychological techniques used to determine policy.


Middle East Report

by M. Mizrahi

The New Middle East.

Report from Paris

by Vivian Freyre Zoakos and Mark Burdman

France in Uproar over Trilaterals.


by Augustinus

Pope Backs Debtors in UN Speech

Report from Rio

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Sarney Rejects IMF Shock Treatment.

New Delhi

by Susan Maitra

Accord To Share Ganga Water Extended.

American System

by Anton Chaitkin

Henry Clay: National development must take precedence over debt payments.


The dangers of the summit obsession.


Banks Demand ‘Big Stick’ against Debtor Countries

by Valerie Rush

After the Institute for International Finance meeting, the Reagan Administration cuts off Peru and the Philippines.

Will Western Civilization Survive the AIDS Pandemic?

by Warren J. Hamerman

The director of the EIR Biological Holocaust Task Force documents the impending threat of the AIDS pandemic.

Currency Rates

Alarm in Africa over Rising Debt

by Mary Lalevée

Argentine Siege: In Whose Defense?

by Cynthia R. Rush

Alfonsín’s need to make a good showing in the forthcoming elections has driven him to take drastic political action.

Labor in Focus

by Marianna Wertz

AFL-CIO Convention: Trilateral Heyday.

Business Briefs

Science & Technology

Argentina Plans To Mass Produce Nuclear Power

by Paul Gallagher

The director of the Fusion Energy Foundation reports on Argentina’s CAREM Project for mass production of small nuclear reactor modules.

GE’s PRISM—A Mass Production Breeder Reactor

Nuclear Production Costs Increase


Who in Washington Is Sabotaging the War on Drugs?

The jailing of anti-drug fighter Elliot Greenspan in Boston shows that President Reagan’s War on Drugs is being sabotaged from within the Justice Department and the FBI.

A Political Witchhunt: The Greenspan Case

A documentation of the year-long harassment of organizations associated with Lyndon H. LaRouche by the Justice Department.

William F. Weld, U.S. Attorney

A portrait of the man who uses his position as U.S. Attorney to conduct political vendettas against his opponents.

The FBI, Don Regan, and the Dope Trade

Who Is Covering for Ohio’s Drug Bankers?


George Shultz and Two Clichés of Our Time

by Criton Zoakos

Treason against U.S. national interests continues to be protected by two axiomatic delusions.

The Philippines: Scenarios and Operations To Remove Marcos

Think tanks and the U.S. media are openly promoting the fall of Marcos in the tradition of Vietnam and Iran.

Moscow Shapes Asian ‘Pax Sovietica’

by Rachel Douglas

Moscow reveals its plans for a New Yalta-style “collective security” pact for Asia.

Islamo-Marxists Win Control in Iran

by Thierry Lalevée

International Intelligence


The Greek Premier: A ‘Roman à clef’

by Phocion

Part II of the text of a mysterious manuscript, discovered “somewhere near Qasr al-Nil, in Cairo,” during the Christmas season of 1982.


Battle over AIDS Turns U.S. Politics Upside Down

by Nancy Spannaus

The threat of AIDS is causing a revolution in American politics.

SDI Scientists Under Fire from the FBI

by Paul Gallagher

Weinberger Challenges the Arms Controllers

Weinberger takes on the most powerful lobby group in the world.

Congressional Closeup

National News