Volume 30, Number 21, May 30, 2003


Synarchism: The Fascist Roots of the Wolfowitz Cabal  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Synarchist movement, born in France in the 19th Century, sought to create a one-world tyranny, modeled on the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. Synarchism was alive and well in Vichy France, and continued after World War II through financial elites like Hjalmar Schacht and Carl Schmitt, and through such “philosophers” as Alexandre Kojève, the propagandist of “purgative violence” and his friend Leo Strauss—godfather of the neo-conservatives in the Bush Administration.

The Mexico Case: The Fascist Philosophy That Created Synarchism

by Dennis Small

Mexico’s Cristero War in the late 1920s pitted “right-wing” Catholic masses against the “left-wing” anticlerical government—with both sides being ideological Synarchists and their dupes.


Italy Moving on LaRouche’s NBW? Candidate on National TV  

by Paul Gallagher

Twenty-eight Italian Senators have submitted a resolution demanding that the Italian government convene the “New Bretton Woods” monetary conference Lyndon LaRouche has campaigned for since 1997.

Documentation: Text of the Senate resolution; chronology of the fight for a New Bretton Woods.

WHO Warns of Post-SARS Threats, Lack of Public Health Defenses

by Marcia Merry Baker

TOPOFF 2: Public Health Gaps Are Real Disaster

by Linda Everett

U.S. Northwest Losing Its Aluminum Industry

by Marcia Merry Baker

An interview with Dr. Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr.

Business Briefs


The Economic Policy That Made the Peace of Westphalia  

by Pierre Beaudry

The 1648 Westphalia Peace only succeeded because of an economic policy of protection and directed public credit—dirigism—aimed to create sovereign nation-states, and designed by France’s Cardinal Jules Mazarin and his great protégé Jean-Baptiste Colbert. Colbert’s dirigist policy of fair trade was the most effective weapon against the liberal free trade policy of central banking maritime powers of the British and Dutch oligarchies.


Dr. Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr.

A transportation engineer, Dr. Cooper is based in Seattle, and has consulted for many years on the LaRouche “Land-Bridge” development corridor perspective.

Book Reviews

The Wrong Book at the Wrong Time

by Nancy Spannaus

Alexander Hamilton, A Life, by Willard Sterne Randall.


Report From Germany

by Rainer Apel

Walking a Tightrope.


No Controlled Descent for Dollar.


Iraq Chaos Confronts the Region: What To Do?

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Iraq’s internal situation is characterized by the “Catch-22”—that the Iraqis will not accept occupation, and the occupiers will not allow an independent sovereign government.

What Middle East Leaders Can Do Now

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

A report from a symposium at the Center for Asian Studies at the Cairo University.

Some Rays of Sanity Show on Korea Policy

by Kathy Wolfe

“Korea is a land of surprises,” as wise men say. So too, apparently, is the United States.

Philippines President Gives a War to Bush

by Michael Billington

Dr. Kirchner, Life Is Impossible with the IMF!

by Gerardo Terán Canal

The strategic choices facing Argentina’s new President.

International Intelligence


Nemesis Stalks Chicken-Hawks: Iraq Failure Fuels Countercoup  

by Michele Steinberg

There is tremendous anger in Washington against the neo-conservative coup put into place after Sept. 11, 2001. The mass resignations from military and government posts foreshadow what Lyndon LaRouche forecast would be a “countercoup.”

Pro-Sharon Rally Flops, Discrediting Neo-Cons

by Scott Thompson

Reply to a New DNC Abortion: McAuliffe’s Menstrual Cycle  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Admits Most Afghan Detainees Not Al-Qaeda

by Edward Spannaus

Rumsfeld’s ‘Notverordnung’: ‘Transformation’ Bill Hits Bumps in Congress

by Carl Osgood and Edward Spannaus

Army War Game Shows ‘Pre-emptive’ Disaster

by Carl Osgood

Halliburton Looter: Shouldn’t Dick Cheney Be Impeached?  

by Scott Thompson and Michele Steinberg

National News

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


In “Problems of U.S. Policy on Radiation Protection,” by Zbigniew Jaworowski and Michael Waligórski, EIR, May 16, p. 20, there was a misplaced decimal point in the report of cancer incidence in the Kiev region. The correct figure is 0.005%.

In “LaRouche’s Youth Movement: ‘A Second American Revolution,’” EIR, May 9, p. 49, the name of a speaker in the discussion period was misspelled. He is Andrei Kobyakov, the editor of the Russian economic monthly Russky Predprinimatel.