Volume 30, Number 28, July 18, 2003


Vice President Cheney Can Be Removed from Office Now!  

by Nancy Spannaus and Jeffrey Steinberg

Lyndon LaRouche identified the crucial role of Dick Cheney in manipulating the war against Iraq, and called for his resignation, as early as September 2002. Now, LaRouche’s insistence that Cheney is the key culprit, is producing results: A “smoking gun” has appeared—and it’s not in a bunker in Baghdad.


Will United States Finally Join the Mekong River Project?  

by Michael Billington

A Washington conference, “Economic Cooperation and Opportunities in the Greater Mekong Subregion: Infrastructure and Private-Sector Development,” sponsored by the Asian Development Bank, posed the urgency for the United States to become involved in one of the great infrastructure projects of our age.

Shaping Campaign Policy: Sedate That Accountant!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A Presidential campaign statement. Let your financial accountant “continue to record the figures as honestly, promptly, and as calmly as his skills and sedated passions allow, but do not take today’s popular financial accounting’s business-investment advice as a substitute for the work of competent economists.”

German Labor Fight: Can Unions Back Growth?

by Rainer Apel

U.S. Is Losing Its Watershed Infrastructure

by Marcia Merry Baker

An interview with John W. Peterson.

Business Briefs


John W. Peterson

The Executive Director of the National Watershed Coalition, Mr. Peterson, a watershed specialist, has had long experience at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the National Resources Conservation Service.


We Are Now at a Turning-Point in History  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The webcast speech by Lyndon LaRouche, delivered in Washington on July 2, and a selection from the questions and answers. As with the crisis faced by the United States under Franklin Roosevelt’s Presidency, LaRouche said, we now have a monetary system which is disintegrating. This “has inspired some people—like the fascists, the Synarchists of the late 1920s and 1930s, who launched the Hitler effort—to launch a similar effort inside the United States. The effort is centered on those we call the ‘neo-conservatives.’ Not only the neo-conservatives inside the Republican Party, gathered around Dick Cheney, the Vice President; but the neo-conservatives, also, who are their buddies, inside the Democratic Leadership Council, and those corresponding sections of the Democratic National Committee.”


Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

Fascist ASIO Bill Rammed Through.


The July Turning-Point.


Largest Guadalajara Forum Yet Marks Seineldín’s Freedom

by Gerardo Terán

Celebrating the freedom of the longest-serving political prisoner in the history of Argentina, Col. Mohamed Alí Seineldín, the Guadalajara Forum—founded on the programmatic ideas of U.S. Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche—held a series of events in Buenos Aires, on July 3-5.

The Individual’s Role at a Turn in History

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Speech, by teleconference, to the “Argentina-Brazil-Mexico Seminar” festivities.

‘There Is No Time To Lose’

by Mohamed Alí Seineldín

From a speech to the “Argentina-Brazil-Mexico Seminar: The Moment for Integration.”

Cheney’s Fraud To Bring Down Britain’s Blair?

by Mark Burdman

Mexican Elections Hand Setback to Wall Street

by Rubén Cota Meza

Bush Must Turn Up Heat, Make Sharon Make Peace

by Dean Andromidas

Afghanistan: Major Setback for the Bush Administration

by Ramtanu Maitra

Georgian Response to LaRouche Foreign Policy

Dr. Nodar Notadze and Dr. Vakhtang Goguadze, from the Republic of Georgia, discuss LaRouche’s essay “A World of Sovereign Nation-States.”

Australia: Fascist ASIO Bill Rammed Through

by Robert Barwick


Missing Link: How Right-Wing Neo-Cons Created ‘Democratic Leadership Council’  

by Michele Steinberg

Look at the Social Democrats-USA, whose chairman, Penn Kemble, was the executive director of the Coalition for a Democratic Majority in 1972, and later worked directly with Dick Cheney’s Iraq warriors—Abram Shulsky, Elliott Abrams, and Gary Schmitt—when they were all on the staff of Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.).

‘Can This Party Be Saved?’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An exchange between Lyndon LaRouche and former Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Wisconsin.

How Gingrich Berserkers Seized Democratic Party  

by Anton Chaitkin

Democratic Leadership Council strategist Elaine Kamarck, and her friend James Pinkerton, aide to President George H.W. Bush, in 1990 established the New Paradigm Society, to coordinate between right-wing Democrats and the followers of Newt Gingrich’s “Conservative Revolution.”

Behind the Howard ‘Who?’ Dean Phenomenon

by Nancy Spannaus

LaRouche Offers Solution to California Implosion

by Harley Schlanger


In last week’s article “Blair Fights One War Too Far—At Home,” pp. 45-46, we incorrectly identified Greg Dyke as BBC Chairman. Dyke is BBC Director-General; BBC’s Chairman is Gavyn Davies.