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Published: Tuesday, Sept.12, 2006

Volume 5, Issue Number 37

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This Week You Need To Know:

LaRouche in Berlin Webcast:
Bring Back the Axioms of FDR

This is a transcript of Lyndon LaRouche's international webcast Sept. 6, from Berlin and Washington, D.C., sponsored by LaRouche's Political Action Committee....

...The cycle of world history which is coming to a close during the current months, began with the April 1945 death of President Franklin Roosevelt. My first prescience of the fact that this was the beginning of a new cycle of history, a break with the old cycle of history, struck me on the evening that our military unit, which was then passing through India on the way to service in northern Burma, received the news of the death of President Franklin Roosevelt. Now, during the course of that day, a number of the soldiers came to me, and asked if they would have an opportunity to discuss something with me that evening. So, after the Sun set, we went out and we met, and the question was very simple: What does the death of President Roosevelt mean for us now? Now the question came. I wasn't really surprised by the question, but I was surprised. And I heard the words coming out of my mouth, and I can still remember my reply, because it astonished me—my own reply, to the present day—and I said: "I'm really not certain. But I know that we entered this war under the leadership of a great man.

And now, the country is being led by a very little man. I'm afraid for our country."That was the beginning of a new, current cycle of world history.

More than a year later, as I was back from service in northern Burma, and I was stationed for a while in Calcutta before returning to the United States. I made the acquaintance of a large number of people, because I was simply that kind of person. I simply got the telephone directories out, looked up all the political parties in Calcutta, and made appointments to meet with leaders of these parties, in each case, to find out what really is going on in this country. And in the course of that, having met a large number of the leaders in the Bengal area, there was a case in which one morning, some people assembled in a trolley area on the north side of the Maidan, between Darma Hata and Chowringhee juncture, and some of these fellows I knew. And they were going out for a routine demonstration to the Governor General's Palace, which was down this long street, which extends from Darma Hata, and this was usually a routine demonstration, protesting for Indian independence, and so forth....

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for the
Proposed Rail Development Corridors.

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This Week in
American History

September 12—18, 1859

Lincoln Tells the Anti-Slavery Forces How To Win the Fight

During the summer and fall of 1859, Sen. Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois was criss-crossing the states of the Midwest, trying to win people over to his doctrine of "popular sovereignty," and thus to weaken the resolve of those who opposed the spread of slavery. It was increasingly apparent that Douglas would be a Presidential candidate in 1860. Abraham Lincoln was also speaking to Midwestern voters, making crystal clear to them the basic policy questions the anti-slavery forces must resolve in their own minds before they would be capable of winning the upcoming Presidential election.

At this juncture, it was still not clear whether the new Republican Party would be joined by all the diverse anti-slavery factions, or whether there would be several anti-slavery tickets. Many people were talking of cobbling together some sort of compromise, while the "anti-Nebraska" Democrats, who did not want slavery extended, still rejoiced in the difficulties faced by the new Republican Party. In this fluid situation, Lincoln spoke at Columbus on Sept. 16 and then at Cincinnati on the following day.

Because Cincinnati was directly across the Ohio River from Kentucky, Lincoln adopted the device of first addressing his remarks to those who perhaps had crossed the river from Kentucky to hear him. He recommended that the Kentuckians, who were slightly suspicious of Douglas, vote for Douglas without reservation, for he was more in favor of establishing slavery on a permanent nationwide basis than they were. The purpose of this hilarious ironic discourse was to demonstrate to his audience exactly what ideological assumptions underlay the arguments used by Douglas to obscure his real purposes.

Among the many ways in which Douglas was softening up the Midwesterners was his Bible theory. "In Kentucky, perhaps, in many of the Slave States certainly," said Lincoln, "you are trying to establish the rightfulness of Slavery by reference to the Bible. You are trying to show that slavery existed in the Bible times by Divine ordinance. Now Douglas is wiser than you, for your own benefit, upon that subject. Douglas knows that whenever you establish that Slavery was right by the Bible, it will occur that that Slavery was the Slavery of the white man—of men without reference to color—and he knows very well that you may entertain that idea in Kentucky as much as you please, but you will never win any Northern support upon it. He makes a wiser argument for you: he makes the argument that the slavery of the black man, the slavery of the man who has a skin of a different color from your own, is right. He thereby brings to your support Northern voters who could not for a moment be brought by your own argument of the Bible-right of slavery. Will you not give him credit for that? Will you not say that in this matter he is more wisely for you than you are for yourselves."

Lincoln then quoted from a Douglas speech at Memphis, "where he declared that while in all contests between the Negro and the white man, he was for the white man, but that in all questions between the Negro and the crocodile he was for the Negro." Lincoln said that he supposed "that if a crocodile (or as we old Ohio River boatmen used to call them, alligators) should come across a white man, he would kill him if he could, and so he would a Negro. But what, at last, is this proposition? I believe it is a sort of proposition in proportion, which may be stated thus: As the Negro is to the white man, so is the crocodile to the Negro, and as the Negro may rightfully treat the crocodile as a beast or reptile, so the white man may rightfully treat the Negro as a beast or a reptile. [Applause.] That is really the 'knip' of all that argument of his."

"Now, my brother Kentuckians, who believe in this," said Lincoln, "you ought to thank Judge Douglas for having put that in a much more taking way than any of yourselves have done." [Applause.]

After cataloguing the sophisms used by Douglas, Lincoln turned to the necessity of organizing a principled stand against the policies which were destroying the nation. "I have taken upon myself in the name of some of you to say, that we expect upon these principles to ultimately beat them [those who favored spreading slavery to every part of the nation]. In order to do so, I think we want and must have a national policy in regard to the institution of slavery, that acknowledges and deals with that institution as being wrong. [Loud cheering.] Whoever desires the prevention of the spread of slavery and the nationalization of that institution, yields all, when he yields to any policy that either recognizes slavery as being right, or as being an indifferent thing. Nothing will make you successful but setting up a policy which shall treat the thing as being wrong.

"When I say this, I do not mean to say that this general government is charged with the duty of redressing all wrongs which are wrongs to itself. This government is expressly charged with the duty of providing for the general welfare. We believe that the spreading out and perpetuity of the institution of slavery impairs the general welfare. We believe—nay, we know, that that is the only thing that has ever threatened the perpetuity of the Union itself. The only thing which has ever menaced the destruction of the government under which we live, is this very thing. To repress this thing, we think is providing for the general welfare. Our friends in Kentucky differ from us. We need not make our argument for them, but we who think it is wrong in all its relations, or in some of them at least, must decide as to our own actions, and our own course, upon our own judgment (emphasis added).

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Latest From The LaRouche Youth Movement

A Polyphonic Dialogue of Civilizations: LYM at Historic Khatami Event

by Matthew Odgen LaRouche Youth Movement

On the day after Lyndon LaRouche's Berlin/Washington webcast speech Sept. 6, and five days before the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, at a moment when Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush are trying to spread a renewed sense of mass hysteria through the American population to whip up support for an explosive Middle East preemptive war, former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami made an historic trip to Washington D.C. As a voice of reason, in response to the Synarchist drive for a "Clash of Civilizations," Khatami called again for a dialogue among civilizations, a call which Lyndon LaRouche, too, had intervened with in the moments following the 9/11 attacks.

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LaRouche in Berlin Webcast: Bring Back The Axioms of FDR
This is a transcript of Lyndon LaRouche's international webcast Sept. 6, from Berlin and Washington, D.C., sponsored by LaRouche's Political Action Committee. The meeting was chaired in Berlin by Jessica Tremblay and Jonathan Tennenbaum, and by Debra Freeman in Washington. The webcast is archived at http:// www.larouchepac.com.

  • Conference Dialogue With LaRouche
    This transcript has been edited to group questions by topic, and to abridge the moderators' remarks and descriptions of some longer written presentations that were submitted to Mr. LaRouche for his comment. Future issues of EIR will have more coverage of these contributions. Jessica Tremblay and Jonathan Tennenbaum were the moderators in Berlin; Debra Freeman was the moderator in Washington.


Culture As Science
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
September 4, 2006
It is time to follow up what I have published earlier on the issue of 'Science and Culture,' as this was posed famously by England's C.P. Snow: Is there a science of culture which corresponds to the broadly accepted, essential notions of a systematic organization of the subject-matter of physical science?


John Train and Corruption Of Public Television
by Tony Papert

In early 2003, the 20th year of an aggresive campaign to compel public television to become a conduit for 'neo-conservative' a/k/a Synarchist propaganda, Pat Mitchell, president of the Congressionally established Public Broadcasting System (PBS), accepted an invitation to tea with Lynne Cheney in her residence in Washington's Naval Observatory, as Ken Auletta reported in The New Yorker on June 7, 2004. It is Lynne Cheney, with her ties to Britain's Baroness Symons and Tony Blair, who sits at the top of the Synarchist food-chain in American politics, not her blinded enforcer of a husband, the Vice President.

Strategic Studies:

FDR Defeated the Nazis, While Bushes Collaborated

This leaflet was issued on Sept. 4, 2006 by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. Following it is extensive documentation of Prescott Bush's role in the Anglo-American 'Hitler Project.'

The Hitler Project
by Anton Chaitkin

The following is Chapter 2 from EIR's 1992 book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. The book was reprinted in 2004 by ProgressivePress.com. It can be purchased from EIR News Service.


Jackson Hole As The 'Temple of Doom'
by the Editors

The Aug. 25 Jackson Hole Federal Reserve conference made Chairman Ben Bernanke's call for a return to Roman-style imperialism, together with the onrush of Lyndon LaRouche's forecast of Loudoun County, Virginia's 'Ground Zero'-centered collapse of the U.S. mortgage-bubble, the leading theme of relevance in the currently escalating international discussions of world policies for the immediate crisis-ridden future of the planet as a whole, LaRouche said on Aug. 26.

Entropy Runs Down-Hill
The Great Fool's Oil Swindle
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 31, 2006
The spreading delusion, that the so-called petroleum-crisis can be conquered by the reduction of living plants, such as corn, to a substitute for petroleum, will go down in history with the John Law Bubble and Ponzi scheme, as one of the sorriest mass-delusions ever to plunge a modern nation into destitution and general ruin.

Senate Hearing Cheers Great Biofuels Bubble
by Marcia Merry Baker

The latest update on the impact and expansion of the Great Biofuels Bubble was presented to the Senate, at a Sept. 6 full committee oversight hearing on the 'Federal Renewable Fuels Programs,' held by the Environment and Public Works Committee. Witnesses from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Departments of Energy (DOE) and Agriculture (USDA) gave testimony, on what amounts to drastic shifts in farming, threats to the food supply, and a stampede by big money funds to get in on the action.

U.S. Census Bureau's Report on Income and Poverty Is False
by Paul Gallagher

The U.S. Census Bureau's major report of the year, the annual analysis of 'real' incomes, poverty, and health insurance in the U.S. population, was full of more—and more recent— county data than ever before this year (the calendar-year 2005 report); but it measured that data against completely fraudulent standards like the infamous Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the long out-of-date official 'poverty line.' The result was national and international media 'economic' coverage which is simply false—real wages and household incomes are continuing to fall for all but the wealthiest Americans, and household poverty is continuing to mount.


Is Mexico a Nation, or A Private Looting Field?
by Nancy Spannaus

In the wake of the unprecedented blockage of outgoing Mexican President Vicente Fox's scheduled delivery of the Sept. 1 State of the Union speech, and the formal decision by the Federal Electoral Commission to confirm the fraudulent election of Felipe Caldero´n as President, the Mexican institutional crisis is taking shape around the crucial issue of economic policy. None other than Fox's State of the Union speech itself spilled the beans, by revealing in its statistical appendix that, over the six years of his Presidency, the amount of public funds pouring into the ongoing bailout of the country's foreigncontrolled private banking sector was nearly three times that which was invested into the oil industry, upon which the bulk of the revenue of the nation depends.

Fascist Netanyahu Meets Cheney for The Next Round of War Planning
by Dean Andromidas

Is history repeating itself after only four months? Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu, chairman of the Israeli Likud party, met in Washington with Vice President Dick Cheney Sept. 5, and although neither has revealed what transpired between them, there is little doubt that Iran, and preparation for 'another round' against Hezbollah in Lebanon were high on the agenda.

Russian Radio Features LaRouche, Eurasian 'Great Projects'
On Aug. 29, the 'Looking for the Exit' talk show on radio Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow) was on the topic 'The crisis of the dollar is a crisis for Russia.' The choice of this topic for the popular, mainstream station is a sign of the times. Host Matvei Ganapolsky discussed the world financial crisis with guests Prof. Yuri Gromyko (director of the Institute for Advanced Studies), Mikhail Delyagin (director of the Institute for Problems of Globalization), and economist Mikhail Khazin, who runs the worldcrisis.ru web site.

Will Germany Welcome Killer 'Locust' Funds?
by Rainer Apel

On April 17, 2005, Franz Mu¨ntefering, then-chairman of the German Social Democratic Party, sparked a broad public debate when he charged that hedge, equity, and other investment funds that were swarming into Germany, were gobbling up firms like 'locusts.' His intervention, during the parliamentary election campaign in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany's most populous state, followed a weeks-long campaign on this issue, by the LaRouche movement and its political party, the Bu¨So (Civil Rights Movement Solidarity).

Interview: G.O.M. Tasie and Charles C. Okigbo
Nigerian Professors Discuss Strategies Toward Youth With LaRouche Reps

EIR's Lawrence Freeman and Summer Shields of the LaRouche Youth Movement interviewed Professor Tasie on Aug. 3, 2006 at his office in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State. Also taking part in the interview was Prof. Charles C. Okigbo, Ph.D., Department of Communication, North Dakota State University. The discussion centered largely on the moral uplifting and character development of the youth as representatives of the future United States and Nigeria.


Only a Westphalian Approach Will Work
In response to a question about the applicability of the Treaty of Westphalia approach to solving crises such as the Southwest Asia conflict today, Lyndon LaRouche reiterated the principles behind this policy at his Sept. 6 webcast.

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