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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2006

Volume 5, Issue Number 41

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This Week You Need To Know:

A Certain Condition of our Economy
'Come Forth, Lazarus!'
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 3, 2006

At last report, the world's present, floating-exchange-rate monetary-financial system, although faltering, is still in motion; but, at the same time, like two drunken, Japanese businessmen leaning against one another to hold themselves up, the famous Japan carry-trade has entered a terminal phase of its existence. The morning will find those drunks collapsed in the streets, having never actually reached home.

The present world financial system is, functionally, in a hopelessly morbid condition. There is no possible way in which the present world monetary-financial system could continue to exist much longer, in its present, hopelessly decadent, teetering, drunken condition. The world's present world monetary system is virtually as good as dead.

There is no way in which this system could be resuscitated by some form of conventional financial reorganization. It could only be replaced by a new world system; but, not merely the system of a single nation, or even a group of some of the world's nations. It must be completely replaced, and that suddenly, under a new set of rules, by a new global system of perfectly sovereign nation-states, each and all based on the principle of the sovereign nation-state.

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This Week's News Updates:
for the
Proposed Rail Development Corridors.

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This Week in
American History

- October 10 — 16, 1854 -

Lincoln Exposes the Kansas-Nebraska Act as an Attack on the United States

When young lawyers Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln were starting up their law careers in the 1830s in Springfield, Illinois, they both belonged to an informal debating society and they both courted Mary Todd. Lincoln won Mary's hand, and he also did so well in the debating society that Douglas told friends that Lincoln was the only man he was afraid of debating. Lincoln was much slower than his fellow lawyers in studying a subject, but he took the time to discover the underlying premises and ideology behind the arguments for or against a policy.

This is what Douglas feared, and rightfully so, when he became the national spokesman for the Kansas-Nebraska Act and attempted to soothe people's justifiable fears about its consequences. The Missouri Compromise of 1850, composed of a series of Congressional bills, had calmed much of the agitation concerning which new states carved out of the national territory would come into the Union as slave or free states. But on May 30, 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which Douglas had pushed through both houses of Congress, became law.

This act basically repealed the Missouri Compromise, divided the national lands west of Missouri into Kansas and Nebraska Territories, and ruled that the settlers would decide whether to allow slavery or not. How this would be decided, whether by vote or legislation, was not specified. Senator Douglas then took to the stump, agitating in favor of the bill and its vague provision for "popular sovereignty." Lincoln, although not now a candidate for office, took on the responsibility of demonstrating to Douglas's audiences that the bill was pure poison and targetted the very existence of the United States.

On October 16, 1854, Douglas delivered a major address to a large audience at Peoria, Illinois. Lincoln had arranged to speak after him, but the afternoon was well advanced when Douglas finished his harangue. Lincoln proposed that the audience go home to dinner, and then return to hear his speech, after which Senator Douglas would have an hour to reply. "I suspected," said Lincoln, "if it were understood, that the Judge [Douglas had been an Illinois Supreme Court Judge] was entirely done, you Democrats would leave, and not hear me; but by giving him the close, I felt confident you would stay for the fun of hearing him skin me."

Lincoln began his speech that evening with a detailed history of the status of slavery in America, citing the times that the Founding Fathers and their successors had put limits around it, such as the abolition of the African slave trade, and its description as an act of piracy which carried the penalty of hanging. He cited Jefferson and the Northwest Ordinance, when a slave state—Virginia—had ceded its western lands to the Federal government, lands where slavery was not to be permitted.

"Thus," said Lincoln, "with the author of the Declaration of Independence, the policy of prohibiting slavery in new territory originated. Thus, a way back of the constitution, in the pure fresh, free breath of the revolution, the State of Virginia, and the national Congress put that policy in practice. Thus through 60-odd of the best years of the republic did that policy steadily work to its great and beneficent end. And thus, in those five states, and 5 millions of free, enterprising people, we have before us the rich fruits of this policy.

"But now new light breaks upon us. Now Congress declares this ought never to have been; and the like of it, must never be again. The sacred right of self-government is grossly violated by it! We even find some men, who drew their first breath, and every other breath of their lives, under this very restriction, now live in dread of absolute suffocation if they should be restricted in the 'sacred right' of taking slaves to Nebraska.

"That perfect liberty they sigh for—the liberty of making slaves of other people—Jefferson never thought of; their own father never thought of; they never thought of themselves, a year ago. How fortunate for them, they did not sooner become sensible of their great misery! Oh, how difficult it is to treat with respect, such assaults upon all we have ever really held sacred."

Lincoln then demonstrated that Southerners as well as Northerners felt that slavery was an evil. "Equal justice to the South, it is said, requires us to consent to the extending of slavery to new countries," said Lincoln. "That is to say, inasmuch as you do not object to my taking my hog to Nebraska, therefore I must not object to you taking your slave. Now, I admit this is perfectly logical, if there is no difference between hogs and Negroes. But while you thus require me to deny the humanity of the Negro, I wish to ask whether you of the South yourselves, have ever been willing to do as much? It is kindly provided that of all those who come into the world, only a small percentage are natural tyrants. That percentage is no larger in the slave states than in the free. The great majority, South as well as North, have human sympathies, of which they can no more divest themselves than they can of their sensibility to physical pain. These sympathies in the bosoms of the Southern people, manifest in many ways, their sense of the wrong of slavery, and their consciousness that, after all, there is humanity in the Negro.

"If they deny this, let me address them a few plain questions. In 1820, you joined the North, almost unanimously, in declaring the African slave trade piracy, and in annexing to it the punishment of death. Why did you do this? If you did not feel that it was wrong, why did you join in providing that men should be hung for it? The practice was no more than bringing wild Negroes from Africa, to sell to such as would buy them. But you never thought of hanging men for catching and selling wild horses, wild buffaloes, or wild bears."

"And yet again; there are in the United States and territories, including the District of Columbia, 433,643 free blacks. At $500 per head they are worth over 2 hundred millions of dollars. How comes this vast amount of property to be running about without owners? We do not see free horses or free cattle running at large. How is this? All these free blacks are the descendants of slaves, or have been slaves themselves, and they would be slaves now, but for something which has operated on their white owners, inducing them, at vast pecuniary sacrifices, to liberate them. What is that something? Is there any mistaking it? In all these cases, it is your sense of justice, and human sympathy, continually telling you, that the poor Negro has some natural right to himself—that those who deny it, and make mere merchandise of him, deserve kickings, contempt, and death."

Lincoln went on to describe the Kansas-Nebraska Act as a conscious aggravation of the one thing that endangered the Union. "When it came upon us, all was peace and quiet. The nation was looking to the forming of new bonds of union; and a long course of peace and prosperity seemed to lie before us. In the whole range of possibility, there scarcely appears to me to have been any thing, out of which the slavery agitation could have been revived, except the very project of repealing the Missouri Compromise. Every inch of territory we owned, already had a definite settlement of the slavery question, and by which, all parties were pledged to abide.

"In this state of case, the genius of Discord himself, could scarcely have invented a way of again getting us by the ears, but by turning back and destroying the peace measures of the past. The councils of that genius seem to have prevailed, the Missouri Compromise was repealed; and here we are, in the midst of a new slavery agitation, such, I think, as we have never seen before. Who is responsible for this? Is it those who resist the measure; or those who, causelessly, brought it forward, and pressed it through, having reason to know, and, in fact, knowing it must and would be so resisted?

It could not but be expected by its author, that it would be looked upon as a measure for the extension of slavery, aggravated by a gross breach of faith. Argue as you will, and long as you will, this is the naked front and aspect, of the measure. And in this aspect, it could not but produce agitation. Slavery is founded in the selfishness of man's nature—opposition to it, is his love of justice. These principles are an eternal antagonism; and when brought into collision so fiercely, as slavery extension brings them, shock, and throes, and convulsions must ceaselessly follow. Repeal the Missouri Compromise—repeal all compromises—repeal the Declaration of Independence—repeal all past history, you still can not repeal human nature. It still will be the abundance of man's heart, that slavery extension is wrong; and out of the abundance of his heart, his mouth will continue to speak."

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From Train to Trash — Top Down & Dirty

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

...A certain would-be modern Mephistopheles, John Train, who, since no later than April 1983, has considered himself a leading personal enemy of me and all that I represent, is typical of the very, very dirty cases from among the original settlers of what became this nation. He is, as the documentation within the following pages accounts, very, very dirty. Some would say, as I do, treasonous. He is also a top-ranking, wealthy spook of a certain kind, with a long and nasty record behind him. He typifies those, in the tradition of the Essex Junto, the Bank of Manhattan's treasonous Aaron Burr, and the notorious Hartford Convention, who have always wished, since then, to dissolve the U.S. constitutional republic into a backwoods of an Anglo-Dutch imperial Liberals' globalized empire....

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Strategic Overview:

'Come Forth, Lazarus!'
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 3, 2006
At last report, the world's present, floating-exchange-rate monetary-financial system, although faltering, is still in motion; but, at the same time, like two drunken, Japanese businessmen leaning against one another to hold themselves up, the famous Japan carry-trade has entered a terminal phase of its existence. The morning will find those drunks collapsed in the streets, having never actually reached home.


John Train's Press Sewer: Is Goebbels on Your Campus?
by Anton Chaitkin and Jeffrey Steinberg

In the span of less than a week in late September and early October 2006, a pair of almost identical slanders appeared in the pages of campus-linked newspapers at the University of California in Los Angeles and Boston University, both maliciously and falsely targetting the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) as a 'political cult.' The two smear pieces came at a time when evidence was already dropping from the proverbial tree, about a major reactivation of the John Train 'Get LaRouche salon.' This Anglo-American 'bankers CIA' apparatus had teamed up with corrupt Federal prosecutors to frame Lyndon LaRouche and a dozen of his close colleagues during the late 1980s, after an Oct. 6, 1986 attempted governmentled 'Waco-style' assassination of LaRouche was thwarted, in part, through the personal intervention of thenPresident Ronald Reagan, with whom LaRouche had worked closely on the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Who's Who in The Goebbels Zoo
by Anton Chaitkin

The Cheney faction and its financier sponsors, intent on a catastrophic war escalation and anti-Constitutional measures to retain power, have assembled a political dirty-tricks cartel, centered on the Vice President's wife, Lynne Cheney, and Wall Street operative John Train.

'Securing' Our Schools From the 'Appeasers'
by Aaron Yule, LaRouche Youth Movement

The Bush Administration said that those in Congress who didn't help the 'War on Terror' by passing the bill to end the Geneva Accords and the Habeas Corpus provision of the Constitution were 'appeasers of the Nazis.' Ever since 9/11, the policy of the Bush Administration has been one of terror, not just abroad, in other countries, but also amongst our own citizens. The most horrifying propaganda has been used to keep the U.S. population in a state of complete fear of speaking out against the policies of the Bush Administration. Yet, despite all the efforts to scare the population through the use of the media, this wasn't enough to keep the youth on campus and elsewhere from coming out against the insanity of the Administration in the post 9/11 period.

Lieberman, Cheney March In Himmler's Footsteps
by Jeffrey Steinberg

Reprinted from EIR, Oct. 18, 2002.
In Nazi Germany, one of the most feared institutions was the Gestapo, with its vast network of millions of informants, penetrated into every community, every workplace, every church and university. Under the control of Herman Goering, and ultimately, SS chief Heinrich Himmler, the Gestapo is the absolute epitome of evil, which sent millions to their death or enslavement.

Leading Promoters of The New McCarthyism
Reprinted from EIR, Oct. 18, 2002.
American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) 1726 M Street, NW Suite 800 Washington, D.C. 20036 (202) 467-6787 888-ALUMNI-8, http://www.goacta.org
Founded in 1995 by Lynne Cheney and Sen. Joe Lieberman, who was described as 'one of the most active members' of its advisory board by the New York Times of Aug. 24, 2000. Released Defending Civilization: How Our Universities are Failing America and What Can Be Done About It, on Nov. 11, 2001, with funding from the Randolph Foundation, the William and Karen Tell Foundation, and Jane H. Fraser. ACTA said it would send its blacklist to 3,000 trustees at colleges and universities across the nation.


Just Exactly: Whom Hit Who?
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The weirdly and wildly convoluted case of the House of Representatives' Republican Congressman Mark Foley, would mystify almost anyone who does not recognize that everything, almost time itself, suddenly appears to be running backwards for Hastert and his crew, when it does not seem to be, also, running upside-down.

Sodom and Tomorrow
We'uns Is Just Plain Folks
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 5, 2006
. . . I tell you that, if these should hold their tongues, the very stones would speak!
—Gospel of Luke 19:40
Often in moments of great upheavals in the affairs of nations, even what might have been seen earlier, as the most unlikely instruments, may cry out, as in protest against a great injustice. This is what has arisen during the events within the U.S. House of Representatives this week, in the matter of the widespread revulsion expressed by what had been seen as Karl 'Elmer Gantry' Rove's prize constituency, against those Republican institutions whom they saw as covering up for former U.S. Representative Mark Foley (R-Fla.).

Telling Part of the Story of Cheney's Iraq Mis-Adventure
by Carl Osgood

Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq
by Thomas E. Ricks
New York: Penguin Press, 2006 416 pages, hardcover, $27.95
When Penguin Press released Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq, by Washington Post senior military correspondent Thomas E. Ricks, it immediately shot to the top of Amazon.com's best-seller list. It's not just a book, however. It is also a field of battle in a revolt of the military institution against the Bush-Cheney perpetual war policy.

Cheney Could Be Prosecuted As International War Criminal
by Nancy Spannaus

A group of academics, analysts, think-tankers, and former government officials have issued a letter under the auspices of the group Advocacy for Principled Action in Government, demanding that President Bush correct, or repudiate, statements made by Vice President Dick Cheney on Sept. 10, in which he embraced the concept of aggressive war. The letter, which was distributed to every Congressional office on Sept. 27, was accompanied by extensive documentation of how Cheney's statements violate the entire post-World War II history of U.S. government commitments.


Stop Dick Cheney's Mad Drive for World War!
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

If the expanding political mobilization against an 'October Surprise'—a military attack against Iran—succeeds in thwarting the Cheney-Bush drive, at least through the middle of October, it is likely that the war party will be forced to postpone its planned war of aggression until after the Nov. 7 mid-term elections, simply because action at a date too close to the vote, would be rightly perceived as a desperate election ploy. In the view of Lyndon LaRouche, this means that the period immediately after Americans go to the polls, would be equally fraught with danger, as Cheney et al. could hit Iran, in the context of a broader provocation against Russia and China, the ultimate targets of their permanentwar policy.

Address to Europeans
'October Surprise' Before U.S. Elections?
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche is the national chairwoman of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (Bu¨So), a German political party. She issued this leaflet on Oct. 3, with the subtitle 'Is the Bush Administration Planning To Use Nuclear Weapons Against Iran?'

Jonathan Tennenbaum
'Principles of Physical Economy' Raised at Rhodes

Jonathan Tennenbaum submitted an advance summary of his presentation to the 2006 annual World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations conference in Rhodes, under the title 'Dynamics and the Dialogue of Civilizations—The Principles of Physical Economy.' His presentation opened the workshop on 'Problems and Perspectives of the Global Economy.'

  • Conference Report
    Rhodes 'Dialogue of Civilizations' Hears LaRouche Spokesmen

    The Fourth Annual Conference of the 'World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations' in Rhodes, Greece, brought some 600 religious leaders, former high-level government officials, heads of civil organizations, and academic figures together from around the world, in the effort to prevent a 'new dark age' of religious and ethnic conflicts from engulfing our planet.

Stop the Bloodbath In the Arab World
by Mohammad Selim

Professor Selim teaches political science at Cairo University. This excerpt is taken from the statement he sent to LaRouche PAC's Sept. 6 Berlin-Washington webcast, at which Lyndon LaRouche initiated an extended dialogue with Eurasian intellectuals and political figures, as EIR has reported in the last few issues. Another Berlin-Washington webcast will take place on Oct, 31 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. It can be viewed at www.larouchepac.com.

George Shultz Leads Drive To Privatize Mexico's Oil
by EIR Staff

The LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) is raising the alarum in Mexico, that George Shultz, the godfather of the Bush Administration, is leading an international drive to steal Mexico's oil. In a leaflet circulating through Mexico, in tandem with the mobilization against privatization called by the actual winner of the Mexican Presidential elections, Andre´s Manuel Lo´pez Obrador, the LYM exposes the latest machinations of the Synarchists against Mexico.


New Tens of Billions Pile Into 'Financial Locust' Funds
by Paul Gallagher

The large number of highly leveraged equity takeovers and buyouts of companiesnowbeing staged and planned by hedge funds and private equity funds, are massive bets in a failing economic game, and threaten imminently to trigger an international debt collapse. Though in recent weeks, regulatory institutions of the United States, Britain, and the European Union have pointed to the danger, their public statements have been aimed at lulling their citizens, and their actions have been weakly directed at a previous stage of the crisis— 'fighting the last war instead of the coming one.'

European Aerospace
Cost-Cutting for Globalization Fails
by Rainer Apel

The emergency crisis session of the board of the Airbus corporation in Toulouse, France on Oct. 3 made the crisis of the company official: Not unrelated to its inability to build the new super-airliner A-380 on schedule, Airbus will not be able to prevent losses in expected profits in the range of 4.8 billion euros, over the 2006-10 period.

The LaRouche Show
Autoworkers Say: Act Now To Save the U.S. Industrial Base

On the Sept. 23 'LaRouche Show,' the weekly internet radio program, an hour-long discussion took place between United Auto Workers leaders from three Upper Midwest manufacturing states...

Biofuels Craze Is a Financial Bubble, Not a Farm or Energy Policy
by Marcia Merry Baker

...All of biofuels' energy-density output is far lower than that required simply to produce, handle, process, and transport the feedstock involved, whether from corn, sugar cane, wood chips, straw, or any other bio-input. But financial swindles have nothing to do with science.

Banker John Train
'Amputations' of Workers And Auto Plants Necessary

The following article, 'Investing Like Mr. Morgan, Not Like Mr. Ford,' was published April 1, 2006, by John Train, and is available at web.mac.com/train.ontrack. Train refers to his grandfather, Charles H. Coster, a partner of J.P. Morgan, who was in charge of Morgan's takeovers of the U.S. railways that had been built by government-subsidized nationalist industrialists. J.P. Morgan was famous for his vow, never to invest in any enterprise that was not 'complete' already...

Science and Technology:

Egypt's Mubarak Says: Let's Go Nuclear!
Egypt has launched a renewal of its ambitious program to build nuclear plants to supply a growing need for electricity. Muriel Mirak-Weissbach reports.

Animating Creativity: The Functioning of a Healthy, Human Mind
by the 'New Astronomy' Animations Team, Delante Bess, Brian McAndrews, Will Mederski, and Jason Ross

In March of this year, our team of four members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) assembled at the EIR office in Leesburg, Virginia, and spent a week and a half working in both Leesburg and the Library of Congress, developing a draft version of the animation called for by Lyndon LaRouche in his 'Travel Among Cities' piece from the Dec. 30, 2005 EIR.


The Election Turning-Point
In his invitation to his next international webcast, scheduled to be broadcast from Berlin, Germany and Washington, D.C. on Oct. 31, Lyndon LaRouche honed in on the crucial U.S. mid-term elections, which are scheduled for Nov. 7. Coming as they do, in the midst of the ongoing financial blowout, an immediately threatened aerial bombardment against Iran by the Cheney-Bush Administration, and the wave of disgust against government by the lower income majority of the U.S. population, these elections represent a turningpoint in world history.

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