Volume 34, Number 19-20, May 11, 2007


Int’l Webcast Conference: A New Monetary System—Now!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche addresses a LaRouche PAC webcast from Washington, D.C. on May 1. “What I’m about to announce to you, and follow up by a presentation on the subject, will produce incredulity in a lot of people around the world and around the country, especially inside the United States,” he promises. “But it’s all true, and I shall indicate to you what some of you may not have taken into account, or didn’t know about the nature of the world situation, and therefore, you would have doubts about what I’m about to tell you.” Dialogue with LaRouche: Questions and answers from the webcast, covering U.S. relations with Russia, home foreclosures and unemployment, youth organizing, blocked Baby Boomers, crises in Africa, and many other issues.


End-Game Forecasts  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

"The axiomatic incompetence of today’s usual methods in statistical modes of economic forecasting, is inherent in that type of method itself. This will show itself with undeniable force, as an immediate threat of absolute breakdown of an actual economic system, whenever the underlying physical-economic cycle is permitted to approach closely what is best described as a Riemannian boundary condition, as now."


Fed Issues ‘Fair Warning’ of Huge Hedge-Fund Crisis  

by Nancy Spannaus

The New York Federal Reserve compared the hedge-fund fed speculative bubble to the 1998 LTCM crisis, whose collapse almost brought down the entire financial system. Lyndon LaRouche commented: “Fair warning has been delivered.”

Appeal for Bering Link Directed to G-8 Summit

The April 25, 2007 communiqué from the participants of an international conference in Moscow on an Intercontinental Eurasia-America Transport Link via the Bering Strait.

Bering Strait Conference Marked ‘Major Phase Shift’

An interview with Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr.

Congressmen Admit, U.S. ‘Post-Industrial’ Economy Can’t Build High-Speed Rail

by Mary Jane Freeman

Climate Expert: Gore’s Film Is ‘Science Fiction’  

And interview with Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu


Do the British Have a Hand in the Turkish Crisis?

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach and Dino Mjadžević

Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, resisted the Franco-British geopolitical plans to divide and conquer Turkey in 1916. Are the British instigating the same type of destabilization again?

Bank of the South: Kernel of New System

by Cynthia R. Rush

Global War on Terror in Somalia Spreads Asymmetric War to Africa  

An interview with Dr. Kenneth Menkhaus.


California Democratic Convention: LYM’s ‘New Politics’ Puts Impeachment Back on the Table  

by Oyang Teng

Documentation: LYM report on their California victory; statement by Wynneal Inocentes; California resolution raises issue of impeachment; Louisiana Dems back Cheney impeachment.

Campus Shootings: The Larger Picture

An interview on The LaRouche Show with Prof. Clifford Kiracofe.

‘It’s Very Distasteful To See What’s Happening to Returning Veterans’

An interview with Steve Robinson


Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr., Ph.D.

Cooper is a Seattle-based transportation consultant, who is a longtime advocate for an intercontinental railroad connection across the Bering Strait.

Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu  

Akasofu was former director of the International Arctic Research Center. He appeared in the British Channel 4-TV documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle,” which aired March 8.

Dr. Kenneth Menkhaus  

Menkhaus teaches at Davidson College in Davidson, N.C., and is a leading U.S. authority on Somalia. He has worked as an advisor to the UN, and assisted many U.S. governmental institutions.

Steve Robinson

An independent consultant on the care provided for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Robinson is a retired Army Ranger, a veteran of Operations Desert Storm and Provide Comfort. Prior to retiring in 2001, he was a senior non-commissioned officer in the Preliminary Analysis Group, Investigations, and Analysis Directorate, Office of the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Gulf War Illnesses.



by John Hoefle

‘A Toy for Hedge Funds’


2008 Is Too Late