Volume 35, Number 1, January 4, 2008


Die Euro Lüge: Capitalism & Its Law  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Reflecting on a new book by Germany’s Prof. Wilhelm Hankel, Die EURO Lüge und andere volkswirtschaftliche Märchen (The EURO Lie and Other Economic Fairy Tales), LaRouche analyzes the principled difference between the American System of political-economy, and the British money-oriented system. While he and Professor Hankel agree on many matters of political-economy, LaRouche notes, Hankel “takes John Maynard Keynes’ 1944 proposal to the Bretton Woods conference as his choice for the genesis of the post-1944 world monetary system; I, for my part, take a different standpoint, rooted in those notions of physical economy traced from Gottfried Leibniz’s concept of physical economy which informed President Franklin Roosevelt’s approach, rather than monetary economy.”


The Planned Killing of Benazir Bhutto  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Bhutto’s death was a step toward breaking up Pakistan, as the British oligarchy has long desired. She wanted to unify the country, and now, the author concludes, “the Pakistani people must see to it that her death was not in vain.”

LaRouche Assails British Role in Bhutto Murder  

LaRouche: Syria-Israel Peace Would Defeat British Chaos Plan  

by Michele Steinberg

Syrian Ambassador to U.S.: We Want Open Talks With Israel

Dr. Imad Moustapha, Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United States, gave this presentation at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on Dec. 17, 2007, entitled, “U.S., Syria and the Old New Middle East: Confrontation or Cooperation?”

The Case of Africa: Who Is British Imperialism?  

International Intelligence


The System Is Dead; Now What?  

by John Hoefle

“While the death of the system plays out before us in the financial press,” writes the author, “the soap opera of falling dominoes and dueling pundits is but a cover for a much more profound battle: the battle over the nature of the system which will rise from the ashes.”

Transportation Routes in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for Russia

by Dr. Sergei Uyanayev

Dr. Uyanayev is with the Institute of the Far East, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Business Briefs


Financial Crisis Puts HBPA on State Legislative Agenda  

by Nancy Spannaus

Lyndon LaRouche’s Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA) the crucial item of debate in dozens of states, as the 2008 legislative session begins.

Virtual Illiteracy: Electronic Media Is Replacing Reading at All Age Levels

From To Read or Not To Read: A Question of National Consequence, a report produced by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Is the Devil in Your Laptop?

How Wiener Attempted To Kill Science: Only Diseased Minds Believe in Entropy  

by Creighton Cody Jones

Dissects Norbert Wiener’s Cult of Cybernetics, which inaugurated today’s so-called Information Society, in pursuit of H.G. Wells’ and Bertrand Russell’s scheme for One-World Government.

What Exactly, Is a Human Being? Analog, Digital, and Transcendental

by Sky Shields

Refutes the insane argument of the cybernetics mafia, that the creative activity of the human mind could ever be replicated by a digital process.

The Typical American Scientist: Vannevar Bush Science & Technology

by Peter Martinson

Medical Isotopes in the 21st Century

by Robert E. Schenter, Ph.D.

Dr. Schenter, Ph.D. reviews the diagnostic and therapeutic applications for all major diseases, in a paper for the Schiller Institute conference on “Making the Eurasian Land-Bridge a Reality,” in Kiedrich, Germany, on Sept. 15-16, 2007.

Nuclear Medicine: Technologies We Can’t Afford To Ignore

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

What Are Radioisotopes?

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht


From the Congress

Impeach Cheney! ‘A Case for Hearings’.

Book Reviews

The Chicago Boys’ War on Nation-States

by Paul Gallagher

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, by Naomi Klein.


Six Months Into the Crash