Volume 37, Number 21, May 28, 2010


Imagine You Wake Up ... and the Global Financial System Is Gone!  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The financial “reform bill” just passed by the U.S. Senate, with its milewide loopholes for speculators, along with the lack of any effective action by the G20 or the German parliament, could lead, any day now, to a complete disintegration of the world economy. But, if Lyndon LaRouche’s proposal for a Global Glass- Steagall were enacted now, it would still be possible to step back from the abyss.

Chancellor Merkel Breaks the Mold

Italian/Euro Lawmakers Back Glass-Steagall

LPAC Video: The Case for Impeachment of President Barack Obama  

The LaRouche Political Action Committee reissued its call for the impeachment of President Barack Obama on May 22, in the form of a video outlining the bill of indictment. The transcript is presented here.

Documentation: Statements on the financial reform bill and Glass-Steagall, by Senators Maria Cantwell, Russell Feingold, Ted Kaufman, and Tom Harkin.


What Your Accountant Never Understood: The Secret Economy  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Although a relatively few U.S. economists have understood certain essentials of “the how and why” of LaRouche’s uniquely successful record in economic forecasting, most others have not. The root of their failure, is that they worship the “magic of the marketplace,” and money as such. Therefore, the relevant question is: What is the secret?

World News

Treasonous Banking Cartel Ordered Glass-Steagall Repeal  

by John Hoefle

The death of the Glass-Steagall regulatory safeguard in 1999 was a disaster for the the world. Freed from the prohibition against mixing commercial banking and investment banking, the largest U.S. banks became the personification of greed; and that greed, unchecked by regulatory safeguards, destroyed our economy.

Why the British Prefer Fascism in Thailand

by Michael Billington

Behind the UN Sanctions on Iran: Obama’s Support for Anglo-Israeli Threat

by Michele Steinberg


Mass Strike Lashes Out; Obama’s Incumbents Trounced

The mass strike upsurge that began last August reached a crescendo in the May 18 primary elections, as incumbents went down in state after state. This was not, as the purveyors of punditry would have us believe, a blind rage against “Washington,” but, a deep sense of outrage and betrayal at what the Obama Administration and its Congressional allies have done to destroy this country.

Issa Demands Answers: Targets Wall Street, Obama, and ShoreBank

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Glass-Steagall, or Else!