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This article appears in the May 28, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Case for Impeachment
of President Barack Obama

The LaRouche Political Action Committee reissued its call for the impeachment of President Barack Obama on May 22. Here is the transcript of a nine-minute video, presented by Ed Hamler, outlining the bill of indictment against Obama; it is posted at www.larouchepac.com.

[PDF version of this transcript]

1. The Blocking of Glass-Steagall

On Monday, May 17, President Barack Obama met with Rahm Emanuel, and was informed by his Chief of Staff that a number of Democratic U.S. Senators were still insisting on the inclusion of the Glass-Steagall amendment and the restrictions on derivatives in the Dodd financial reform bill. Emanuel had already been engaged in round-the-clock negotiations, over the weekend, attempting to cajole, bribe, and threaten Senators into dropping their amendments, and letting the Dodd bill go to a final vote, unchanged, and without any real attempt to make any effective regulation or reform of Wall Street's total control over the U.S. economy.

In characteristic Nero fashion, the President went absolutely berserk, and demanded that all such Senate insubordination be crushed immediately. He demanded that the Dodd bill be passed, as is, by Thursday [May 20].

Over the course of the next 72 hours, on Obama's orders, Emanuel, [chief economic advisor] Larry Summers, Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Sen. Chris Dodd used every dirty trick in the book, to kill the Cantwell-McCain amendment to restore the Glass-Steagall banking standard, and to also kill the Lincoln-Cantwell amendment, which sought to reverse Dodd's sabotage rewrite of the anti-derivatives measure already in the bill.

While there were plenty of other factors at play, including a swarm of Wall Street lobbyists descending upon Capitol Hill, in a desperate drive to kill every effort to strengthen the final bill, none of those factors mitigate against President Obama's own, personal role in virtually committing the United States to its own destruction by sabotaging the implementation of a new Glass-Steagall Act and halting the banning of derivatives. Those two aforementioned amendments were the only prospective good to be welcomed in the otherwise impotent "Dudd Bill." Instead, Wall Street speculators will continue to enjoy the same unhindered protection to destroy the U.S. physical economy, and drive us closer and closer to hyperinflation.

Obama's deeds well surpass the "high crimes and misdemeanors" standard for impeachment. President Barack Obama's crimes dwarf even those of Richard Nixon. Public evidence alone demonstrates that he is leading a conspiracy to subvert Constitutional government, and to impose measures which would result in mass death of Americans, and the destruction of the nation as a whole. His high crimes and misdemeanors, as we will elaborate here, include actions which amount to a conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity, which will predictably result in murder and other atrocities, the promotion of terrorism by ensuring the protection of international terror's largest source of funding; and worst of all, engaging in the active destruction of the future of the United States by cutting funding to its single most important program, NASA.

In light of these facts, President Obama's remaining in the Presidency represents a clear and present danger to the United States, its citizens, and its Constitution. Constitutional means must be used to prevent him from carrying out these crimes.

Therefore, based on his actions to block Glass-Steagall, which is the only measure that's available to us to save the U.S. economy now, we are now re-issuing our call for the immediate impeachment of Barack Obama.

2. The Passage of Nazi Health Care

The second reason Obama has to go, centers on his role in pushing the so-called health reform legislation

President Obama conspired, and acted to carry out, through his promotion of his Hitler-modelled health-care legislation, crimes against humanity, by denial of medical care, and therefore, outright murder of large segments of the U.S. population.

That fact that the health "reform" legislation that was pushed by the President will lead to the denial of medical care is incontestable by anyone who is honest and knowledgeable about the bill. The chief, stated purpose of the bill was to cut costs. The fundamental premise of the bill is that the American public has been "over-utilizing" medical services, which allegedly do not contribute to improving their health, and this "overutilization" should be eliminated in order to save money.

In addition to denying care to certain categories of the population, the new "reform" also contains numerous measures which will reduce the availability of medical and surgical facilities.

Americans are now subject to denial of medical and surgical care, and to death by starvation and malnutrition, in the name of saving money. Tens of thousands will be slated for death.

For his action to commit this crime against humanity, President Obama should be impeached.

3. The Protection of Afghan Opium

Third, President Barack Obama's treason in Afghanistan, where he is sending American troops to be killed, for the benefit of a foreign enemy.

A series of terrorist bombings aimed against the government of Russia, and the Russian nation, began in late March of this year, with the suicide bombing on the Moscow subway system, killing 38 people, and injuring over 100 more. Lyndon LaRouche, along with a number of military officials, among others, have identified that these terrorist attacks, and terrorist activity in general, in this part of the world, base their logistical support on the profits made through the Afghan opium drug traffic. The head of the Russian drug enforcement agency, Viktor Ivanov, and U.S. retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey, agreed that, indeed, the greatest threat from the production and trading of opium in Afghanistan, is not only that it is killing more people than even military operations, but that the drug trade had a direct link to the financing of the late March, early April, terrorist bombings.

Furthermore, the evidence is there and very well documented on larouchepac.com, that with the British—under Prime Minister Tony Blair—taking over Helmand province, opium production in Afghanistan soared, fueling the logistical base for international terrorism.

What was, and still is, Obama's policy in that situation? Absolutely nothing! Obama's policy is to protect the opium crops by refusing to cooperate with the nation of Russia to eradicate the lifeline of terrorist activity. Barack Obama's 24-hour trip to Kabul, in the wake of the terrorist bombings in Russia, consolidated his personal stance of complicity, by spending his 24-hour visit scolding Afghan President Karzai for corruption, while he himself failed to make a single mention of the opium trade.

Because of this decision by President Barack Obama, American soldiers are being shot and killed by an enemy that Obama is defending. Obama has adopted a policy where he is sending U.S. troops to be killed by insurgents who are backed by the British policy of protecting the opium production. That decision, tantamount to treason, must be faced with impeachment of Barack Obama.

4. The Takedown of NASA

And finally, the biggest crime, by far, is President Barack Obama's stated intention, to shut down and destroy the NASA program at its root. When you add this to what was already stated here, the line must be drawn, now.

Back in February, OMB Director Peter Orszag revealed a FY2011 budget that was devoid of any real economic investment, proposing that Congress invest essentially nothing in hard infrastructure transportation, nuclear power, rail corridors, water transport, or clean water. But the shutting down of NASA's manned space exploration, after 50 years of this nation's most important program, was the worst of his terrible concoction.

Since the founding of our republic, the existence of our nation has depended upon surges of science-driven and related increases of the productive powers of labor, per capita, and per square kilometer of our territory. Now, the very means of science and technology by which the existence of our republic had formerly prospered, have been destroyed: step, by step, by step. Our industries have gone, the security of our food supplies has been undermined, and now, the last bastion of technological progress, the space program, is scheduled for obliteration.

The cancellation of manned space flight means the destruction of the future.

So, not only has Obama committed crimes against the current U.S. population, with his rejection of Glass-Steagall, his health reform, and his protection of Afghan opium, but he now seeks to commit the ultimate crime by murdering many members of our yet-to-be-born future generations with the shutdown of our space program.

Impeach Barack Obama

Simply put, the time has come, that President Obama must go, either by his own choice, or by ours. The intention of our Federal Constitution demands this.

The need for Obama's ouster, either by resignation or impeachment, is now an existential issue for both our republic and the welfare of the planet generally.

Obama must go now.

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