Volume 37, Number 40, October 15, 2010


LaRouche: Invoke the 25th Amendment To Remove Obama  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Eyewitness accounts by a White House insider present a frightening picture of a President undergoing a psychological meltdown. The source noted that Obama was “completely unprepared for the job,” and that he “is suffering from severe depression.” Lyndon LaRouche called it on April 11, 2009: “He is exactly the mental type, described in detail, the narcissist syndrome, and there is no question about it.... I was right then, and I’m more right than ever today. So, this man has to go.” The U.S. Constitution provides the measures that must be taken.

The 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution  


Foreclosure Scandal Exposes Systemic Derivatives Fraud  

by John Hoefle

The recent headlines reporting on the suspension of home foreclosures across the United States, reveal only the tip of the iceberg that is now in meltdown: The horror show playing out before our eyes in the foreclosure markets, is the continuing collapse of perhaps the greatest financial swindle in the history of mankind: the derivatives bubble.

LaRouche in 2007: Mortgage Fraud Can Topple System  

California Budget: Schwarzenegger Wields the Axe; Insane Legislators Accept Deeper Cuts

by Harley Schlanger

Call To Kill Desertec Solar Power Project

by Hussein Askary

The Desertec project to promote acres of solar collectors in the North African desert, now being heavily promoted in Europe and some Arab countries, is an economic as well as scientific fraud.

Nuclear Desalination at Top of SW Asia Agenda


Schiller Institute Berlin Conference: Projects Will Develop, Link Eurasia to the Americas  

Our second report on the Sept. 25 conference, on “Rebuilding the World Economy—NAWAPA, the Bering Strait, and the Eurasian Land-Bridge.”

A World Rail Network To End the British Imperial System

by Dr. Hal Cooper

Developing Siberia’s Raw Materials: An Adventure for the 21st Century

by Dr. Sergei Cherkasov


Pakistan Implodes: The Serpent Eggs Are Hatched, and London’s Snakes Are Out  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Pakistan is becoming increasingly unstable, with large parts virtually ungovernable, a process, which, if not stopped, will engulf the entire region. The principal cause is Islamabad’s unwillingness to get out of the colonial mindset, learned from the rulers of the British Raj, and move quickly to integrate the nation.

Brazil Election: Philip Is ‘Kingmaker’ in Brazil Run-Off

by Gretchen Small

HRH Prince Philip’s Brazilian protégé, Marina Silva of the radical-ecologist Green Party, is the spoiler in the upcoming Presidential election run-off.

Inter-Alpha’s ‘Hot Autumn’: Germany Destabilized; Four Powers Targetted

by Rainer Apel


Step One: Freeze the Foreclosures!