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Dumb Democrats!
Principle or Party?
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 31, 2011 must be fairly presumed, that the action by some leading Democratic Party Senators, their action to support what is, actually, the current ``World War III'' policy of President Barack Obama, is an example of ``party loyalty'' gone mad. We must, of course, agree, that certain among the Republican candidates, those who are of a frankly fascist bent, must also be rebuffed; but, we already have an important set of those cases of Democratic representatives' practice, which is, apparently, little better.
In any case, for certain exceptional reasons, there is no credible selection of a Presidential candidate for this time. The fact is, that unless, and until we terminate the Barack Obama Presidency, there will be, in one way or another, no sighting of a reasonable, immediate opportunity for selecting a next Presidential election at this time. The problem is, that Queen Elizabeth II's puppet, Barack Obama, has already brought the world to the sulphurous verge of a thermonuclear ``World War III.'' The urgent issue for properly witting U.S. Patriots, is to get Obama dumped from the Presidency immediately, while we still have an actually surviving republic to defend. Then, once Obama were properly dumped, new options, including perhaps a new Democratic one, will doubtless appear.

- The War-Power Question -

Now, a set of leading U.S. Democratic Party Senators, has openly pledged itself, already, to continue the ``World War III'' policy of President Barack Obama, although there may remain some doubt concerning what those Senators actually believe that they are doing by their actions....

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This Week's Cover

  • Dumb Democrats!
    Principle or Party?

    With the capitulation of leading Democratic Senators to the British puppet Obama's determination to light the fuse for world war, combined with the failure of the Republican Party to produce a suitable opposition candidate, it is now clear that only the swift removal of Obama from office could open up the possibility of the emergence of a qualified candidate for the 2012 Presidential election. 'One might rightly demand that those Democratic Party Senators to whom I have referred above,' writes Lyndon LaRouche, 'might explain their intentions at this time, and do this before the date that Obama Presidency may have launched the presently looming, implicitly thermonuclear, 'World War III.' '


  • Countdown to London's War of Armageddon
    With the imminent release of a new report on Iran's nuclear program from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the propaganda for a preemptive attack on Iran has escalated beyond any previous levels, bringing the world much closer to an actual attack, leading to global war and inevitable unleashing of nuclear weapons.
  • LaRouche's 'Storm Over Asia' 1999:
    How Economic Collapse Can Lead to World War

    Excerpts from EIR's featurelength video of December 1999, in which LaRouche and associates presented a strategic evaluation of the Anglo-American financier oligarchy's assault on, especially, Russia, China, and India.



  • Toward a Bill of Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama
    Obama's specific violations of our Constitution, in addition to his actions in furtherance of conspiracies to commit further heinous crimes, make him eligible for immediate impeachment, and removal from office. We provide a draft outline for a formal Bill of Impeachment.
  • San Francisco Conference:
    A Pacific Alliance as a War-Avoidance Strategy

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Sun Yat-sen's republican revolution in China, LaRouchePAC co-sponsored an event in San Franciso, with the Summer Shields for Congress campaign, entitled, 'Saving Civilization from the Brink: The Grand Pacific Alliance.'

Science & Technology

  • What Is the Weather in Space?
    An interview with research physicist Dr. Lee-Anne McKinnell, conducted during the International Astronautical Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

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