Volume 38, Number 12, March 25, 2011


LaRouche Address: A Confluence of Crises—Our Job Is To Manage the Universe  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s keynote speech to a private luncheon in Washington March 17, in which he addressed “several subjects which are of vital importance as world issues right now”: the worst worldwide economic crisis in modern history; the unusual perturbations on Earth, coming from our Solar System and galaxy, as evidenced by the mega-quake and tsunami that hit Japan earlier this month; a third element, the global “mass strike” which has broken out in response to the ongoing disintegration of the British imperial monetarist system, has the potential to overturn that system, and usher in a new creative age of mankind.


The Lesson of Japan: The Sun Is Acting Up; No Compromise with the Greenies!  

The March 16 Special Edition of the LPAC Weekly Report, with featured guests Lyndon LaRouche, and “Basement Team” leader Sky Shields. Despite the attempt by the London-controlled mass media to provoke widespread hysteria about nuclear power following the March 11 Japanese earthquake, in fact, the issue is the series of major seismic catastrophes along the Pacific Ring of Fire.


A World Gone Mad: Are We Smarter Than the Dinosaurs?  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The impact of the earthquake and tsunami, which together killed many thousands of people, and the resulting accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, confront mankind with a truly existential challenge. But it is of a completely different nature than what the media, with its 24-hour disaster reporting, is trying to make us believe.

British Pawn Saudi Arabia Moves To Incite Sectarian Bloodbath

by Ramtanu Maitra

The Saudis have adopted the British imperial strategy of controlling the Muslim world through the method of divide and conquer, specifically, by exacerbating fissures between Shi’as and Sunnis.


LaRouche Candidates Take Lead in Mass-Strike Process

by Harley Schlanger

Students and their teachers throughout the nation are coming out in droves against the brutal budget cuts being imposed in education, health care, pensions, and more, by fascist governors in state after state. And the six LPAC Congressional candidates are providing the needed leadership to this mass strike movement.

Summer Shields: Candidate Addresses California Students

by Summer Shields


Evolutionary Potential: Space and Cosmic Radiation  

by Sky Shields and Alicia Cerretani

Sky Shields and Alicia Cerretani discuss the anti-entropic nature of life, and its relationship to creativity as an all-pervasive principle of the universe. They explore several examples of so-called “convergent evolution,” and discuss its relationship to large-scale galactic, and intergalactic cycles, as well as its significance for economic policymaking today.


The American Revolution in Ireland: Franklin’s Irish Front

by Matthew Ogden

Simultaneous with the American War of Independence, a similar force was gathering strength in Ireland. Benjamin Franklin saw the rising tide of revolution as the chance to destroy the British Empire. In 1769, he travelled to Ireland to scout out the possibility for an alliance between the two countries; he wrote back to his fellow patriots in Massachusetts: “All Ireland is strongly in favor of the American cause. They have reason to sympathize with us.”


Will Ireland Pull the Plug on the Empire?