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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Friday July 6, 2012
The new economic crisis:
On the Fourth of July, 2012, the voices of some of the most respected figures referenced by the British press in London, had shocked the politically sentient circles of the planet, with the publication of a report whose source has included the members of a circle of public figures from among the most highly respectable, relevant circles of Great Britain. Those voices had announced that some crucial elements of that famous empire's leading press had suddenly called for wiping out the nominally richest British banks in the world, in order to rescue both Britain and the United States from a terrible catastrophe. The relevant British proponents had proposed cooperation between the United States and Britain on this specific account.
Contrary opinion on this subject, has been centered in people from around those leading financier circles of the world, who appear to have attempted, so far, to appear unshaken by the announcement of their own widely publicized plunge into a virtual likelihood of their own political extinction. Dinosaurs, anyone?
Some might choose to wonder what this will do to the political chances of both U.S. President Barack Obama and his putative election rival, Mitt Romney? Did some kindly angel drop something intended to pass for ``harsh justice from Heaven'' on the ranks of Wall Street and those candidates alike? The advice is: do not worry about the chances of either candidate Romney or Obama now....
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