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There Is an Alternative to The Empire's War & Terror
by Nancy Spannaus

April 23—Looked at from a global strategic perspective, the emergence of a new terrorism scare in the United States, led by the bloody atrocity at the Boston Marathon, and the worsening of the Syria crisis, with the possibility of open Western arming of the Saudi-funded jihadis, must be seen as part of a global rampage by the British Empire. That financial empire currently faces its own existential crisis, due not only to its utter bankruptcy, but to the potentially fatal challenge represented by the movement against its puppet Barack Obama's Presidency, and the growing momentum toward implementing a real Glass-Steagall reform that would put the empire's predators out of business for good. You think that's a crazy ``conspiracy theory''? If so, you are willfully, or ignorantly, avoiding the crucial facts.
Crucial fact number one: The City of London, home of the British financial empire and the Queen of England, is the center of world terrorism. As EIR documented in a brief filed with the U.S. State Department in December 2000, at that time nine governments, including the Russian, had already filed diplomatic protests over British protection and financing of known terrorists. Most of those terrorist groups, including the Chechen separatists and the al-Qaeda-linked jihadis among them, are still active today, and still being sheltered, funded, and otherwise encouraged, by the Queen's government.
Crucial fact number two: The British Empire, which spawned the ``Blair doctrine'' of ``humanitarian intervention,'' and the end of the national sovereignty ...
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  • There Is an Alternative to the Empire's War & Terror
    The British empire is on a global rampage, from Boston to Syria, and beyond, in response to the existential crisis it faces: Its bankrupt financial system is skirting the edge of collapse, as it confronts a potentially fatal challenge to its puppet President Obama, in the growing momentum toward Glass-Steagall in the United States. A strategic overview by Nancy Spannaus.



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