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Time for America To Free Itself from JFK's Assassins
by Nancy Spannaus

Nov. 11—As we approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of America's last great President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, thoughtful citizens will confront themselves with some profound questions as to what has happened to our nation, and why. Why have so many of the United States of America's best Presidents been assassinated? Where has the optimism, and perspective for real economic growth, of the Kennedy era disappeared? What must be done to reverse a process of rot which has turned our government into a monster, apparently intent upon destroying our nation? In LaRouchePAC's Weekly Report of Nov. 6, Lyndon LaRouche identified the crucial conception, about which nearly all Americans are ignorant today, for answering those questions: The United States was created to become a culture free of, and in opposition to, the oligarchical principle of empire. Informed by the insight of the Renaissance Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, whose ideas inspired Christopher Columbus, the American founders crossed the ocean in order to escape the oligarchical system which dominated the European continent. That anti-imperial commitment lay behind the extraordinary progress and success of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and then, after that colony was crushed, the unique Constitutional government of the United States of America. But, LaRouche emphasized, the United States as a nation has {never} totally freed itself from the Anglo-Dutch imperialists, nor has it defeated them globally....
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  • Time for America To Free Itself from JFK's Assassins
    The 50th anniversary, on Nov. 22, of President Kennedy's assassination, which irrevocably changed our nation and the world—for very much the worse—presents us with an opportunity to reflect, and to recommit to those principles for which he was martyred. Here, we pose the question as to why so many of America's finest leaders, Presidents and others, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., have been assassinated; which in turn, begs the second question: By whom?
  • Why the British Kill American Presidents
    Historian Anton Chaitkin presents a dossier of the assassinations of American Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy, by the British imperial oligarchy. An adaptation from a New Federalist pamphlet of December 1994.



  • Anglo-Saudi Provocations Risk Thermonuclear War
    After three days of intense negotiations in Geneva, the foreign ministers of the P5+1 and Iran announced that they would resume talks on Nov. 20, and that technical negotiations would continue in the interim. Despite these war-avoidance measures, the danger of general war, even nuclear war, continues—as long as Obama remains in office.
  • While Pursuing Peaceful Development, China's Leadership Prepares for War
    China's open-sea naval maneuvers in late October were a response to the U.S. 'pivot' and its Air-Sea Battle Doctrine; the message from China is that while it pursues a policy of peaceful development, it is prepared for war, should it come.
  • EIR Participates in Tribute to Ambassador Kofi Awoonor
    The 'Poet of Ghana,' an outspoken critic of IMF-World Bank-UN policies toward Africa, and a collaborator of the LaRouche movement internationally, was killed in the Nairobi, Kenya terrorist attack Sept. 21.


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