Volume 40, Number 24, June 14, 2013


LaRouche: Oust Obama Now, or Face Overt Dictatorship  

by Nancy Spannaus

President Obama—and his imperial controllers—are attempting a “de facto coup d’état,” Lyndon LaRouche declared in his June 7 webcast. “Either the American people get Congress to move to remove Obama from office, or they face “an actual, overt dictatorship over the American people.”

Obama Is Spying on Innocent Americans Right Now!

by Tony Papert and Nancy Spannaus

The Guardian’s revelations about a top-secret FISA Court order to Verizon to hand over customers’ private information to the hyper-secret NSA has caused a storm of outrage. And the spying on Americans is more extensive than anyone thought.

Wyden Makes the Case: NSA Spying Violates U.S. Constitution

A Chronology: How Obama Expanded and Consolidated the Bush-Cheney Domestic Spy Dragnet  

by Edward Spannaus


Obama Appoints Warmongers as Syria Peace Efforts Falter  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

President Obama defiantly responded to scandals enveloping his Presidency, and to the military victories by the Syrian Army over the past week, by naming two dangerously militant interventionists to high posts in his Administration.

The Ugly Records of Susan Rice and Samantha Power

From Our Archives: Two British Witches Out To Smash National Sovereignty

Floods in Germany: No More ‘Eco,’ No More ‘Euro’

by Alexander Hartmann and Elke Fimmen

The devastating floods in Europe cannot be blamed on the fury of “Mother Nature,” but the failure of mankind to civilize her. Silence the greenies, and build infrastructure.

Putin Tells Conference: Destroy Drug Trade’s Financial Support

by Roger Moore

At an international drug enforcement conference in Moscow June 5, President Putin challenged NATO and the EU to work with Russia and its allies in Central Asia to eliminate the plague of illegal drugs, and condemned the legalization of so-called “soft” drugs, as “a very dangerous path.”


Biofuels Kill, as Intended: Obama’s Pretense of 2013 ‘Good Crops’ Is Wiped Out

by Marcia Merry Baker

Obama’s “Made in London” script is a pretense for continuing the diversion of food crops to biofuels. The intent is to undermine agriculture, create hunger, and kill.

Mexico’s Drought Demands ‘NAWAPA-Plus’ Infrastructure Projects  

by Cynthia R. Rush

A catastrophic, three-year drought is now afflicting 21 of Mexico’s 32 states and has created a life-or-death crisis which threatens to exterminate not only agriculture, but the Mexican people themselves.

Watering the Great American Desert

by Dennis Small

Excerpts from an article by Dennis Small in EIR, Aug. 10, 2012.

What the American Revolution Overthrew: British Imperial Genocide in India

by Steve Douglas

The British East India Company’s subjugation of Bengal in 1765, ushered in an age of genocide for the next 135 years, that was unparalleled in human history.


In His Own Words: How FDR’s First 100 Days Set the Basis for Future Progress  

by Nancy Spannaus

President Roosevelt outlined his view of what he termed “The Year of Crisis,” 1933, in his Public Papers and Addresses of 1938: “We were determined to help all that needed help for recovery: We were equally determined to reform wherever reform was necessary to insure permanence in recovery.”

Glass-Steagall on the Agenda

Graham, 9/11 Families: Government Must ‘Come Clean’ on Saudi Links

by Edward Spannaus

Solar System Flare-Up: An Interplanetary Imperative

by Benjamin Deniston

Mid-May featured a period of intense earthquakes and solar activity, bringing some longstanding questions into focus. “Did you feel the effects of these recent outbursts?” asks Benjamin Deniston of the LaRouche scientific research team.


Calling on Citizens with Courage