Volume 40, Number 40, October 11, 2013


Building the Kra Canal and Southeast Asian Development  

by Meghan Rouillard and Asuka Saito

Thailand’s Kra Canal is one of the primary international physical-economic projects, which, along with other great projects such as NAWAPA, the Transaqua, etc., are urgently needed today to replace the current regime of war and depopulation that British imperial finance has imposed on humanity. We publish the script of a LaRouche PAC video, including numerous maps and graphics, by two members of the LaRouche Basement Research Team.


Behind the Shutdown/Debt Ceiling Swindle: Wall Street Orders Obama To Kill Glass-Steagall  

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Nancy Spannaus

An Oct. 5 LaRouche PAC release, issued in the name of Lyndon LaRouche, intended to spur an emergency mobilization to ram through Glass-Steagall as the unique solution to the economic/financial/political crisis. “Wall Street had demanded that President Barack Obama stop the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall at all costs, and instead move ahead with more bailouts and bail-in looting of the American people to preserve Wall Street’s thoroughly bankrupt system.”

Sare Campaign Issues the Goods on Christie

Diane Sare’s campaign for Governor of New Jersey has released a six-page dossier on the likely 2016 Republican Presidential candidate, titled, “Chris Christie: Part III of the Bush-Obama Nightmare.”


Wall Street and the Fed Are Killing with Inflation

by Paul Gallagher

A LaRouche PAC Policy Committee survey shows that since 1999, most of the everyday products Americans must purchase—food, clothing, shelter, energy, education—have been inflating in price by 3-5% a year, while Americans’ average income has been growing by only 2%.

Obamacare in Action: Sacrificing Millions to Imperial Finance

by Nancy Spannaus

While claiming to expand health care to the uninsured, Obamacare intends to serve precisely the same function as Hitler’s T-4 program. The alternative: Hill-Burton, and Medicare-for-All.

French, German Politicians Lead Effort To Expand Support for Glass-Steagall

French and German elected officials came together in the small city of Chamouille, France to discuss furthering the European campaign for Glass-Steagall and national sovereign development.


China Builds New Silk Roads as Obama Dumps His Asia Tour

by Michael Billington

With the failure of leadership in the United States, reflected in President Obama’s cancellation of his Asia trip, China is taking the initiative. President Xi recently toured several Southeast Asian nations, putting forth a vision of long-term growth and development through collaboration among the nations of the region.

Eyewitness Report, Part 1: Strategy of Tension Launched in Greece To Save Eurozone

by Dean Andromidas and Andrea Andromidas

Authors Dean and Andrea Andromidas arrived in Greece just as murder and mayhem were let loose in the country, aimed at suppressing the opposition to the current Troika-run government.

Kenyan Mall Attack Designed To Launch Permanent War on Terror in East Africa

by Douglas DeGroot

The four-day attack against the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, begun Aug. 21, initiated a new phase of the British Empire’s permanent war plan, intended to destroy the sovereignty of all African nations.

Saudi Funding of Jihadis Raised at Hill Hearing

by Douglas DeGroot


Russia: Ghouta Chemical Attack Was a Saudi ‘Black Op’  

The Voice of Russia has posted a blockbuster article saying that the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack in a Damascus suburb, was carried out by a Saudi black operations team.

Bandar’s Terror Links in Syria Exposed

Who Is Prince Bandar?

9/11 Families: Demand Obama Release Docs on Saudi Role


The Seemingly Obvious Was, Actually, Never True! Contemporary Pseudo-Morality  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The troublesome issue which we shall consider here, is properly the subject of a systemic error named ‘sense-certainty,’ an error from which most among even presumably well-educated ranks of humanity, such as even many skilled professionals, usually suffer.” The remedy: “Shakespeare’s Outlook on Science.”


Glass-Steagall Is the Lifeboat