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Lyndon LaRouche's weekly webcast March 28 was hosted by LaRouchePAC's Matthew Ogden and Cody Jones. The first question, read by Ogden, came from an institutional source in Washington.

Q: Given the U.S.-Russia deteriorating relations because of the Crimea situation, there are nuanced and subtle indications by Russia, of a possibility to stabilize relations between the United States and Russia. For example, in a recent telephone conversation between Defense Secretary Hagel and Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, it was communicated that the Russians have no intention of any further action in Ukraine, unless there is a major provocation from the Western side. In addition, the Russians have indicated that they still see some value in the continuation of the G-8 process. What do you recommend to both sides, as a starting-point to move in the direction of stabilizing relations between Russia and the United States?

Lyndon LaRouche: Well, there's no possibility of stabilizing relations between Russia and Obama. That will never happen. The only way the stabilization would ever occur, is the fact that Obama would be thrown out of office; and there's more than adequate justification for doing precisely that, on almost any given day, any second of any given day, in fact.

So therefore, Russia is not playing any games whatsoever....

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  • LaRouche Webcast:
    Path to Survival: Shut Down the British Empire!
    Lyndon LaRouche's March 28 webcast, in which he discusses the Russia/Ukraine crisis: 'There's no possibility of stabilizing relations between Russia and Obama'; how to defeat the British imperial system: 'The time has come that to save the United States, and to save the peace of the world, it is essential to put this President under impeachment'; the bail-in policy: 'We have to defend the United States against the British Empire, which is our essential enemy'; Xi Jinping's New Silk Road: 'If you have the green policy, there's no hope for humanity anyway'; and, the 'no-future' orientation in the education of youth: 'We have to have a positive understanding, of what human creativity is.'


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