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The Prospect for a U.S. Future:
Build the Real American Party
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

As of right now, there is no actually optimistic prospect for the survival of either the U.S. Democratic, or Republican Parties at this time; but, if we might presume that President Barack Obama were to be summarily impeached very soon, there is hope. My just stated remark is perfectly true, without any possible exceptions. The general impression, when carefully considered, is incontestible in fact; but, there are also many essential illustrations of why this is the case, as the case which must be made carefully by serious policy-shapers before rushing to quick responses to the facts reported as presented here. On this account, I have constructed a series of counterposed chapters whose intended, and also necessary effect, must be to restate the case, repeatedly, in a kaleidoscopic series of viewings of the subject as a whole in varying contexts.

The reason for my (admittedly) qualified optimism here, is that which the Obama-hating portion of the Democratic Party represents, for us: what must be the actually best potential for winning the apparent contest for the rescue of our republic, despite that party's own recent record of frequently terrible mistakes in economic policy-making and related affairs.

Good, long-suffering leadership avoids unnecessarily prolonged dissension within the ranks, but, that is to say: only sometimes, as might be, hopefully the case, now....

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  • The Prospect for a U.S. Future:
    Build the Real American Party
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
    'The time to make the urgently needed decision for U.S. survival, is, about no later than right now; but only, this time, for a Democratic Party which (hopefully) had soon ousted President Barack Obama from its back. For actually thinking citizens who care for our republic as a whole, that is the only fact to be considered. To succeed, we must just plain rid ourselves of what is the presently, inherently alien cult of the Wall Street tradition, and also, implicitly, both presently Democratic Party's and Republican Party's varieties of the continuation of the ultimately national-suicidal, 'Bail-out—Bail-in,' monetarist scheme, from, top to bottom.'


  • Helga Zepp-LaRouche:
    The Choice Is Ours To Make—WWIII or Cultural Renaissance
    Zepp-LaRouche addressed a private seminar in Washington, April 9, where she stated that the danger of a confrontation between the U.S./NATO and Russia over events in Ukraine, 'could evolve either to a complete catastrophe of mankind, or, if we can change the parameters in time, it could also lead to a complete, new peace order for the 21st Century. . . .'



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