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LaRouche Calls for World To Follow China Lead on Fusion LaRouchePAC's Friday evening webcast of Aug. 1, 2014 was hosted by Matthew Ogden, and joined by Dennis Small of EIR and Dennis Mason of LaRouchePAC (http://larouchepac.com/node/31462). Ogden opened the program by noting that they had met with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche earlier in the day, and that the discussion would reflect their remarks.
Matthew Odgen: I would like to begin with our institutional question, as is our custom here, and the question reads as follows: ``Yesterday, international forensic scientists reached the site of the Flight MH17 crash in east Ukraine, after the government halted military operations. The convoy of OSCE monitors included Australian and Dutch police experts. According to news reports, Russian representatives will also attempt to reach the crash site and work alongside the international specialists to examine and investigate the site.
``At the same time, the so-called separatist rebels are reportedly due to meet a Ukrainian governmental delegation in Minsk today, as Belarus hosts talks including Ukraine, Russia, and the OSCE. The Dutch Prime Minister has outlined their three shared priorities: to repatriate the rest of the passengers' remains from Ukraine, to establish the cause of the crash, and to bring those responsible to justice. ``Our question for you, Mr. LaRouche, is as follows: What are your thoughts on the investigation of Flight MH17, and do you have any advice to the OSCE and governments of Russia and Ukraine in their possible collaborative process to reach the shared priorities outlined by the Dutch Prime Minister?''...
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  • LaRouche Calls for World To Follow China Lead on Fusion
    LaRouchePAC's webcast of Aug. 1, 2014 was hosted by Matthew Ogden, and joined by Dennis Small of EIR and Dennis Mason of LaRouchePAC. A significant focus of the discussion was the commitment of China to develop, as rapidly as possible, thermonuclear fusion energy, both for its own uses, and in collaboration with its partners around the world. China's reinvigorated lunar program, which is geared toward ultimately mining helium-3, is setting an example for the United States and the rest of the so-called developed world. In addition to the Chinese approach, LaRouche stated, 'what Putin in Russia is now doing is also shocking to many people, but he is doing successful things, despite what others in the trans-Atlantic region are up to, and despite the international media campaign to vilify him.' A number of additional subjects were discussed, among them: the looming bail-in of the entire trans-Atlantic sector, as the BRICS nations, joined by Ibero-America and much of Asia, move toward the creation of an entirely new international economic order.





  • Energy-Flux Density:
    Global Measure of Economic Progress
    From his first use of fire, mankind could no longer be characterized biologically, or as existing in biological evolution: The evolution of the creative powers of the human mind became the determining factor, and biology decreased in importance, relative to the power of thought. Since then, the kernel of economic growth has been expressed in the control over successively higher forms of 'fire.' Each such advance reflects a higher level of energy-flux density in the economy. Jason Ross of the LaRouchePAC science team reports.


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