Volume 42, Number 5, January 30, 2015


Greek Elections Can Spark Shift to European ‘New Deal’  

by Dean Andromidas

The election of Greece’s new government is a powerful repudiation of the murderous austerity policies imposed on Greece by the Troika, which have led to unemployment as high as 45%, destroyed the health-care system, and increased the death rate. The two parties in the new ruling coalition are calling for a European Debt Conference to launch a “New Deal” for Europe, through EU investments into infrastructure and other projects to put people back to work. The coming to power in Athens of a government opposed to the bailout of the bankrupt banks will affect the whole of Europe, where significant political forces oppose the brutal austerity policies of the European Union and the IMF—especially in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Cyprus. The big question is now: What will Germany and France do?


Ukraine Crisis Escalates, as Experts Warn of Thermonuclear War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

A trio of experts, including two former U.S. Senators, have published grave warnings about the growing danger of thermonuclear war as the Ukraine crisis deepens, and both Russia and the United States modernize their strategic nuclear triad under conditions of great tension.

Remembering Prof. Taras V. Muranivsky on the 80th Anniversary of His Birth

by Rachel Douglas

“At the current turning point for Russian and world economic policies,” writes Muranivsky’s friend Rachel Douglas, “one can only wish that Taras Vasilyevich Muranivsky were here to wield his incisive pen. But, as it happens, many of his writings of 15 and 20 years ago are as timely today, as they were then.”

Muranivsky in 1992: Use the Lessons of Roosevelt!

by Taras V. Muranivsky

International Intelligence


Draghi’s Downfall: The Beginning of the End for the Euro  

by Paul Gallagher

European Central Bank head Mario Draghi’s new explosion of money printing will not save the bankrupt banks, and the euro is now in “free fall.” Everyone is watching the new government in Greece, whose proposal to reorganize debt in Europe may mean Greece leaving the Eurozone, with other nations watching closely. Draghi could end up without a job.

‘I See the Promised Land’: The BRICS Nations and the New World Economic Platform

by Jason Ross

A speech by the editor of 21st Century Science & Technology, at a Schiller Institute’s conference on “BRICS Nations Revive Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream: Economic Justice Is an Inalienable Right,” in New York City, Jan. 17, 2015.

Economics in Brief


Obama’s State of the Union: Delusions That Threaten War  

by Nancy Spannaus

The immediate responses of the world’s other two major nuclear powers, Russia and China, demonstrate that they are well aware of the threat represented by Obama’s policies, and are working to counter it.

U.S., International Outcry To Expose Saudi Role in 9/11

Pressure is building for release of the classified 28 pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry Report on 9/11 which deals with the funding of the 2001 mass terror attack on the United States.


Western U.S. Water Crisis: U.S. Paradigm Shift Required: Science To Provide Water  

by Marcia Merry Baker and Benjamin Deniston

In reprinting the chapter “Solve the World Water Crisis,” by Benjamin Deniston, from the EIR Special Report, “The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge,” we underscore the point made by Franklin Roosevelt years ago: Reaching for the frontiers of science gives you the ability to deal with present-day crises. Since Deniston wrote his world water review, a successful demonstration of this principle has been shown in China, in the opening of the central branch of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. But in the United States, Federal policy is causing economic and social collapse.

Solve the World Water Crisis

by Benjamin Deniston

Today’s world water crises will be solved by recognizing mankind’s obligation to act as the caretaker of Earth—to be a creative force, continuously improving the conditions around the planet (and beyond).


After Wall Street’s Bankruptcy