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This article appears in the February 28, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The End of War; or, the End of Man?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 18, 2014

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If the British Empire, together with the Obama Administration, were not brought under "adult supervision" within a matter of, as little as a week, or so, the overwhelming, if not absolutely certain prospect, would probably be extermination of the human species, probably as early as not much later than early March of this year.

In this case, the practical issue is not merely casus belli, as such; the immediate issue, is: the immediate source of this threat of general bankruptcies of the British empire and its Wall Street appendages. The shift from "bail-out," to the imminently fatal effects of "bail-in" is the actual root of the present timing of this crisis.

This has brought the British-Empire-dominated, trans-Atlantic region of the planet to a virtual certainty of extinction of its own system, unless the Eurasian part of this planet would "cave in" to being looted, like a virtual corpse—unless the London-Wall Street predators are enabled to loot "outside resources." That is to say: the Eurasian world. Either way: time is running out for the British empire, and, therefore, also, incidentally, for its puppet, Barack Obama.

Probably, the early impeachment of Barack Obama might stop the war-drive; nothing short of such relief would be sufficient. The world as a whole is presently lodged within a true Zeus-Prometheus conflict: a condition comparable, in characteristics, to the Fall of The Roman Empire, and a similar fate now threatening another Zeusian folly: the Roman-empire which is now the model, explicitly, for the virtually global British empire of the present time. Either way, Wall Street is deservedly doomed!

Therefore, let us speak of measures of prevention. It's your own last chance—and, that now coming up very, very fast! The British and Wall Street shekels are now made of papier-maché, and they will burn well, and wide, if money has its present way.

This is, perhaps, your best last chance to understand the principles of economic and other forecasting. Either way, the evil Zeus is, finally, soon dead. Money, after all, really, never had any intrinsic value.

I do not speak of profit, but of reason

The manifest intention of the purpose of the existence of mankind on Earth, is the existence and development of the human species to a degree of what must be presently considered as, implicitly, the goal of a higher reason. That does not make it anything less! Against the background of the principle of life-as-such, human life surpasses all the evidence of which we are presently enabled to know. Everything else, were nothing but the vanity of hopeless, or, even worse, fools!

The Creator has provided us with a certain sign of His pleasure in our existence; it were best, to pursue that implied warning. We have been given, this far, this much. Time is running out.

The characteristic of human life, intrinsically, is the human species' remarkable achievement, in contrast to all other species presently known to us. The achievement is to be identified, for purposes of known physical science, as what we properly identify as the human individual's voluntary creative powers: the which no other known living creature (known to us this far) has ever achieved. We are, to that extent, to be recognized as a unique force within our presently known parts of our universe.

What we might name (on account of our present ignorance) as the evolutionary magic of "chemistry" (as a process, not a mere thing). Name it "the noëtic principle" which is specific (insofar as we presently know it) to human life. It is that noëtic principle of the human individual (insofar as we know it), which is the principle of known life in general, but that, most clearly, specific to the noëtic quality specific to human life: in the relatively highest sense of the matter.

The issue thus posed to practice, is the conflict between what is rightly considered the Satanic principle of the legendary Zeus, as counterposed to the human principle: that latter which has been associated with these attributes of the legendary Prometheus.

However, the most specific quality of distinction of the human mind from that of the beasts of all kinds, is to be located as a quality of immortality specific (to our present knowledge) in the following curious fact: that the meaning of human life lies beyond any mortal expression of the assigned mission of creativity as such. It lies in those transcendent qualities of human existence which we may identify, for convenience, here, as the practices of Classical art and Classical science.

Essentially, truth be known, Classical art and science are a single conception: the conception of the creative (i.e., noëtic) aspect of human life per se; they can not be separated in practice from one another. The most impassioned expression of this essential fact respecting the existence of the human mind, is, fairly to be identified with the doctrine associated with Jesus Christ and his leading Apostles, notably the broadly inspired follower, along the Damascus Road, the Apostle Paul.

Man, thus, realizes himself in death: in what he has created for the future destiny of that mysterious mission which continues the meaning of the life of the human individual, when that life in the flesh is no more. This fact is realized in that aspect of the passion of the great Classical artist and physical-scientist, alike, such as the cases of our modern Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa, and of the greatest composers of art, such as the followers of Johann Sebastian Bach, for example. When any among these were deceased, what remains for us is the noëtic principle which they have evoked for many generations of mankind yet to come.

The intrinsic evil of Zeus, and of his followers, such as the Roman and British empires, alike, and the Wall Street gangs and their British like, presently: is their wont for destruction of all that which is essential sacred: the intrinsically noëtic principle of the human mind. Evil is the expression of the modern Zeus-ians: that of the ancient Roman Empire and its rebirth as the empire of the British monarchy, and Britain's Wall Street instrument and the treason which it has spread so often, and so far among us, for example!

These considerations, which I have just broadly defined here, this far, bear upon the existence of a certain universal principle: not a thing, but a principle (such underlies the principle of life itself). It is those persons who "discover" such provable principles in an original way, who have earned the highest ranks within humanity: in the discovery of a truly universal physical principle. It is the passion embodied in such principles which partakes of the actual quality of human immortality.

The Principles Which I Have Known:

The human apparatus enables us to adduce the principles which I have just outlined, heretofore, in this location. That has been done, and can be done again, in an, appropriately, indirect way. Such qualities, when they are appropriately recognized, have a more ironical implication: they are not objects as such; but, their efficiency can not be competently denied. These are, therefore, properly denoted as universal principles, rather than merely deductions. These discoveries envelop us with the efficiency of their power: as all truly discovered universal, and truly physical principles of science do, for example.

The most remarkable feature of those qualities, is that they, as principles, transcend successive generations of human experience, and do that with a power whose sheer tenacity bespeaks a quality of an immortal force of human destiny.

Jeanne d'Arc's Passion

This points out to us, the great lie of the Zeusian tribes—the Roman empire and its British echo, for example—as a principle of evil, still today. They are to be likened to those Normans who baked Jeanne d'Arc to death, following her torture by those Satanic creatures in perpetual infamy actually to be known as Norman "Christian" beasts of the clergy, or, today's Wall Street and its own bestial tribes.

They, that clergy included, had denied Jeanne women's clothes, and then mocked her, and blamed her for what they, alone, had done. They condemned her to death. They baked her to death, in an inferno; then, they had stopped the fire, to see if she were dead. When they had been satisfied that she was, in fact, dead, they had restarted the fire, to destroy the evidence that she had lived. The modern men and women of Wall Street differ little from such monstrosities as those.

When the news of this monstrosity against Jeanne d'Arc had reached the Catholic Church's council, the assembled body shuddered with horror at this Satanic crime of the Norman interests, and shunned the French King who had betrayed her, as that King's son, Louis XI, had also done, later, in an appropriate manner of use of the powers later entrusted to him.

From this origin in history, there came the great Renaissance which featured such geniuses of modern history and its science as Filippo Brunelleschi and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa: figures on whose work virtuous modern European science and Classical art have depended since.

We have a mission, especially we in our United States, now have a great mission, now set before us. We may eat, or we must die; we must choose, as others before us have been presented with great choices, before our time.

In a like spirit: now end the terrible depravity to which so many among us have consented for so long!

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall tortured Wall Street; this time, Glass-Steagall must complete the job, and, for mercy's sake, for all humanity—now promptly! The human species has a mission within the universe; that mission must be served.

On Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has committed many crimes against the Federal Constitution of our United States. The rate of increase of the number of those crimes he has added to the list, compels the institutions of our Constitutional government to act accordingly.

If he were removed from office, on that account, the benefit of a moral act to remove him from office, would probably terminate the threat of a global thermonuclear holocaust: a holocaust from which probably no one would long survive.

The apparent issue posed by the British empire and its lackeys inside our own United States, is that of war. Any such war, as that now being mustered for warfare between the trans-Atlantic and Eurasian thermonuclear powers, would almost certainly mean the virtual extinction of the human species. An hour and a half of full-throttle combat would mean either immediate extinction of the human species, or a condition of continued life on Earth, which could not be sustained for long. Such a war would be the greatest crime ever perpetrated against both man and also the will of the Creator. The conclusion to be drawn should be obvious to all intelligent and sane persons.

Act accordingly.

The implications of a thermonuclear warfare conducted between the respective Trans-Atlantic and Eurasian powers, would be the greatest crime ever committed on Earth, a crime from which there could be no forgiveness—ever.

The notable feature of this present strife among the nations of the planet, is that the feasibility of warfare as we have known it, has now exhausted all reason for its continued existence. Mankind has reached a point of scientific and related progress within the foreseeable reach of the nearby planetary sector of our Solar system, in which the realization of the prospective powers of mankind now encompass the great power of the Sun itself, as expressed by the application of Helium-3. We have now virtually touched, and soon achieved, that use of Helium-3 which envisages a power of thermonuclear fusion exerted under control of Earth, beyond anything hitherto known.

Whereas, I foresee no earlier colonial settlements of mankind with even the feasible reach of Mars, for example; man's efficient reach to employ the resources of the relevant, nearer aspects of our Solar system, can be used by mankind, in various ways, to the effect, that the human species is no longer confined in its practical reach to Earth itself. The resources which may be acquired from relatively nearby asteroids, the Moon itself, and other locations, are now becoming opened to us. We, on Earth, have not reached an end, but, that is only a relatively simple beginning of much greater feats to be placed in the pathway of human progress. War, as we have known it, has now out-lived its former meanings. The time for the bestialities of man's pasts, has ended—or, we will, very soon, have ended our own existence.

The issue is that of law—true law. The law which reposes in the specifically, and uniquely noëtic powers specific to the human mind. The only force which we must kill, at last, is Zeus himself (he, otherwise, more commonly known as Satan).

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