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This article appears in the July 29, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Warns of 'Reichstag Fire'
Drive for Dictatorship

by Jeffrey Steinberg

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July 25—In January 2001, Lyndon LaRouche warned, in an international webcast, of the danger of a Reichstag Fire incident within that year, which would be used as the pretext for establishing a dictatorship over the United States. Under the Bush-Cheney regime, the effort came precariously close to fully succeeding, following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Now the situation is far more desperate from the standpoint of the London and Wall Street controllers of President Barack Obama. On July 23, LaRouche issued a warning about a new drive for dictatorship, emanating from the London-Wall Street financial oligarchy, which now faces imminent doom. As in 2001, the pretext for dictatorship would be a spectacular act, or series of acts, of irregular warfare, labeled "terrorism."

"If you look around the corners of society," LaRouche began, "you will see that there are operations being staged which have a certain resemblance to 9/11. What was the characteristic then? On the 3rd of January, 2001, I stated—which shocked the Clinton family very much, both of them, but especially her—I said, 'We're looking at a terrorist operation against the United States, sometime during this year.'

"And it happened. The warning signs came. Various deployments were made, in various directions, feints, in other words, of the type you're seeing in Europe and elsewhere now. You see deception operations, a credible threat here, say, Norway; a credible threat there. Now there's a real one in there. So why all these threats? Because if you have many different kinds of threats coming on simultaneously, your attention is diverted, to try to find which is the real one! Which is the real one?

"Now, if there were the original threat, you could detect it, you could detect its ancestry. But if you have conflicting threats, which each seem to be equally prevalent, as was true in 2001—and what happened? I didn't know what was going to happen; I had all kinds of things I knew were likely to happen. I knew what the threats were, generally. We were working on one, which was being built up around Washington, D.C., and into the surrounding areas, for a major targetting against Washington. Now, that did become the attack on Washington, by one of the craft that was shot into the Pentagon. There were attacks also in Washington against the White House and other locations. Some of this stuff worked, some of it didn't, but it was all being done.

"So, all of these attacks were given a certain credibility, like what had happened in Italy, in northern Italy earlier—same thing. But then, finally, the 'real one,' the 'mother' (using the 'mother' in the usual ghetto pejorative) exposed herself, right in New York City. The attack was run, by what?

"The attack was run by two agencies chiefly: The Israelis were in on it, but they were not an active part. They were out there, watching. They were all stationed, in Jersey, looking at the Tower! And then they skedaddled; exposed themselves afterward. They were looking at the Tower! Why were they gathered there, looking at the Tower? It was an intelligence operation, an Israeli intelligence operation. Because they knew about the attack, and they knew where it was coming from, and they were out there to watch the show.

"It was run by the Saudis who funded it, indirectly. It was backed by the Saudis, who organized the personnel who were used for some of the attacks. The Saudi ambassador to Washington, to the United States, was one of the key operators behind the launching of 9/11! In the course of the investigations, it was made absolutely clear that this was a Saudi-British, that is, BAE and British intelligence operation. The money for it was raised by an operation there.

"When the hearings were held on the 9/11 event, which had been organized with the Bush family—because the bin Laden family was in Texas at the time of the attack on New York. The whole damned bin Laden family!

"And after the attack, when the smoke had cleared, and the United States was under siege conditions, occupation-type siege conditions, the whole bin Laden family were given an escort. The only flight out of the United States was the Saudi family; they were given an escort, safe back to Saudi Arabia! An operation which the Saudis had been a part of planning, and financing, and running.

"So, the investigation occurred, and the meetings were held, and the discussions were had, and then, there were these paragraphs of the [9/11 Commission] report which indicated, positively, what exactly the relationship was, of the Saudi and British operations in this case.

"It's all there! We don't have it all, but we have the indicative evidence, which locates these agencies as being involved in it, including the Saudi Ambassador to Washington! The operation was run by the BAE, which funded the operation and organized features of it; it was organized by the Saudi Kingdom, the Saudi monarchy! It was organized by other, collaborating elements within it.

"Now, this was frozen by the Bush Administration. Well, it was the Bush Administration which had organized the attack on the United States! Maybe not poor, stupid Bush, but the Bush interests: It was the Bushes that were holding the family as guests, down in Texas, at the time the attack occurred. So, we have an act of war against the United States, and the President of the United States is complicit in covering up the attack, the authorship of the attack.

"And you respect him? You respect George W. Bush, Jr.? What kind of a creep are you? This guy was guilty, by virtue of his position and the knowledge of his institution, of an act of war against the United States! An act of war, actual destruction of American citizens, in an act of war! And the President of the United States was complicit in covering up that act of war against the United States.

"Now, look at the citizens of the United States! Look at their bravery, the boldness, the efficiency, with which they defended the United States!

"Now, look at the present situation in light of that. The incumbent President of the United States has just made a new coverup of 9/11! By suppressing one section of the report, in the findings—he said it should be expunged on the grounds of 'national security'! When this son-of-a-bitch called the current President of the United States is complicit in the attack on the United States, as an act of war against the people of the United States.

"Now do you know why I'm saying what I'm saying, when you consider this and similar kinds of institutions? When I say you're looking at doom? What's the doom, now? The doom is the bailout."

London's Drive for Dictatorship

In leading financial circles in London and on Wall Street, there is a complete recognition that the so-called bailout policy is doomed, because the entire global financial system is hopelessly bankrupt—as of right now. The dog-and-pony shows in Brussels and Washington, seeking interim solutions to such surface manifestations of the overall disintegration as the Greek bankruptcy and the U.S. debt ceiling debacle, are doomed to failure—and some of the smarter people within that system are fully aware of the impending doom. For London and Wall Street, the only available option is a drive for immediate dictatorship, starting in the United States.

The only way to defeat this London-centered drive for a police-state dictatorship is by starting from a top-down understanding of the moment of crisis that has now arrived. It is the London-centered "oligarchical system" that is demanding dictatorship now, because their system is already dead, and they must be in a position to politically control the replacement system.

LaRouche warned explicitly on July 20, in a statement widely circulated on the, about the imminent threat of chaos and assassinations, as the knives come out in the great shakeout of the system. The statement read:

"Lyndon LaRouche warned once again today that unless Glass-Steagall is implemented in the United States and in Europe, the entire trans-Atlantic region is going to plunge into chaos. And under those circumstances, the kind of each-against-all warfare among the European financial oligarchy is likely to lead to some high-level assassinations. The now-unfolding political assassination of Rupert Murdoch, on the flimsiest of evidence, is just a mild indication of the chaos and mayhem that is about to be unleashed—unless a return to full national sovereignty, under a fixed-exchange-rate credit system, is established in the otherwise doomed trans-Atlantic nations.

"According to a senior U.S. intelligence source contacted today by EIR, the inherent flaws in the Maastricht Treaty system, from the very outset, have now reached a breakpoint. 'Either there is a financial federalization or the Euro is doomed,' he said bluntly, noting that any attempt at a political restructuring of Europe at this point, in favor of dictatorship by Brussels and the ECB, would trigger an all-out factional war among the entire European financial establishment. 'Any such radical change in the power structure of Europe would precipitate a tremendous and bloody brawl,' the source further warned. He added that the proposal on the table from the IMF and others to bail out the European banks, through European Central Bank dictatorship, would mean the end of what remains of the national sovereignty of the countries of the Eurozone. 'It would mean a post-Westphalian order.'

"Lyndon LaRouche fully concurred with this assessment and emphasized that this has been the British objective since the launching of the Maastricht straitjacket two decades ago.

"The source also noted that any further moves in the direction of an ECB dictatorship and surrendering of additional power to Brussels would be strongly opposed by a significant faction of German bankers and industrialists.

"This German opposition was the subject of an hysterical column in the July 20 Daily Telegraph by British spook Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, writing under the ominous headline 'Only Germany can save EMU as contagion turns systemic.' Evans-Pritchard began by quoting HSBC currency chief David Bloom: 'We are heading towards fiscal union or break-up. Talk is no longer enough as the fire threatens to leap over the firebreak into Spain and Italy. What the market is worried about is Germany's long-term commitment to the euro project.' Evans-Pritchard noted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel appears in no rush to adopt fiscal union, and has the Sword of Damocles hanging over her head, in the form of the pending Constitutional Court ruling on the legality of German participation in any European bailout, which will not be announced until September. Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann also recently told Bild Zeitung that German taxpayers would never accept a 'transfer union' requiring Germany to 'fully' bail out Greece and other debt-strapped states of Europe.

" 'The bottom line,' Lyndon LaRouche concluded, 'is that there is no solution to either the European or U.S. financial disintegration outside of Glass-Steagall. Even the effort to impose dictatorship would fail, and would only trigger chaos. They are all doomed unless they do what I say has to be done, starting here in the United States with the immediate reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall wall of separation.' "

Global Activation for Distraction

Precisely as LaRouche warned on July 20, a global pattern of asymmetric warfare attacks has broken out. The most spectacular recent incident was the set of July 22 attacks in and around Oslo, Norway, in which a 32-year-old man, Anders Breivik, first exploded car bombs outside a downtown building housing the office of the Prime Minister, and then went on a shooting spree on a nearby island, killing scores of youth attending a Labor Party outing.

But beyond that single incident, there have been other attacks and threats in recent days, indicating precisely the broad pattern of operations that LaRouche warned of in his statements. By being forced to respond to a simultaneous series of contradictory terrorist attacks and threats, security services are overwhelmed, and easily blinded from the real pending attacks.

It is precisely this global pattern of activations that has been under way for the past two weeks.

  • On July 13, three suicide bombs were set off in Mumbai, India, the site of the Nov. 26, 2008 massive irregular warfare attack. In the July 13 bombings, at least 24 people were killed.

  • On July 19, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security put out an alert, "Inside Threat to Utilities," warning of possible sabotage and cyber attacks against major U.S. power installations, including nuclear power plants. The alert was based on specific instances where individuals linked to Islamist terrorist networks were able to obtain jobs at utility company facilities; and additional intelligence derived from reviewing the documents seized in the raid on the Osama bin Laden compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan earlier in the year.

  • On July 22, six hundred New York State National Guardsmen were put on alert to deploy to the New York City subway system, following credible threats that a serious attack was imminent. At the last moment, the deployment was delayed. While Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg were both silent on the activation, sources within the state National Guard confirmed the state of mobilization, and the fact that the alert status remains in place.

  • Senior U.S. intelligence officials have also confirmed that they are convinced that the al-Qaeda apparatus is still intent on pulling off some dramatic terrorist incident on or around the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The source warned that there are many neo-Salafi radical Muslim networks in place, with no formal links to al-Qaeda or other known international terrorist organizations. "They are recruited to an ideology, not to a terrorist organization. The structure bears more similarity to large street gang structures. But they can be activated on short notice, before security services even take note of the personnel." He further emphasized that, while it would be almost impossible to carry out another 9/11-style suicide airline hijacking, the type of commando attack on Mumbai in November 2008 could be repeated in almost any major city in the world.

Obama's Hitler Moment

Many of President Obama's former supporters have come to despise the fact that he has gone far beyond the Bush-Cheney White House in pursuing Unitary Executive rule by bureaucratic dictatorship. Some have even come around to accepting that LaRouche was correct on April 11, 2009, when he described Obama as a dangerous narcissist, like Emperor Nero and Adolf Hitler.

Those who doubted LaRouche's prophetic January 2001 warnings of a Reichstag Fire incident to justify a dictatorship by Bush and Cheney, only to find themselves facing a near-dictatorship after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, should heed his current warnings. Obama was installed as President precisely because of his Nero personality, and his slavish devotion to London and Wall Street. Under the present circumstances of absolute breakdown of the global financial system, the oligarchy's impulse is to go for dictatorship.

As LaRouche declared at the outset of his July 21, 2011 webcast, Obama must be removed from office by Constitutional means, if the United States is to stand a chance of surviving this here-and-now crisis.

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