Volume 38, Number 29, July 29, 2011


LaRouche Webcast: Either Obama Goes or the U.S.A. Goes!  

In his July 21 webcast, Lyndon LaRouche presented a clear set of marching orders for the immediate days ahead: Number one, Obama must go, by impeachment or other constitutional means; number two, the “Second Law of Thermodynamics” is a fraud, and must be abolished, if humanity is to survive this crisis; number three, the so-called “environmentalist” movement is a scientific hoax, promoted by the British Empire. The “Green” ideology must be replaced with a commitment to vastly increase the energy flux-density of the physical economy; number four, the casino economy must go, and Glass-Steagall be reinstated.

Dialogue with LaRouche  

During the discussion period, LaRouche addressed a wide range of questions, from the marriage of science and art in the Pazzi Chapel in Florence, to the courage of the World War II generation. We print the full transcript.


LaRouche Warns of ‘Reichstag Fire’ Drive for Dictatorship  

As he had in January 2001, presaging the 9/11 events, Lyndon LaRouche, on July 23, issued a warning about a new drive for dictatorship, emanating from the London-Wall Street financial oligarchy, which now faces imminent doom. Today, President Obama’s London controllers are far more desperate, and are moving for dictatorship in the United States and Europe.

Glass-Steagall Juggernaut Becoming Unstoppable


Banks Dictate Bailout Policy to EU Summit  

Agreements reached at the July 21 EU Summit are a threat to Germany’s fundamental character as a democratic and social state, as defined in its Basic Law. Should the Bundestag approve the EU decisions, as expected, then all Germans have the constitutional right to resist, because no other remedy remains.

1 Million Afghan Addicts: Cash-Starved Bankers and Terrorists Keep Asia Narcotics Boom Going  

Our New Delhi correspondent reviews the latest UN Office on Drugs and Crime report, which concludes that worldwide drug production and consumption have stabilized. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth, as globalization and hot-money flows are opening up new consumer markets among the producer countries.

In Memoriam: Tibor Kovats—Patriot and World Citizen

Helga Zepp-LaRouche remembers this great soul and friend of the LaRouche movement.


The Courage Deficit