Volume 2, Number 5, January 16, 1975


January 19

World News


January 18

World News



Western Europe

World Financial Survey


January 17

End of Detente

Declaration of Twenty European Communist Parties



Western Europe

Financial News Roundup

January 17: Overnight News Summary

World and Financial News

Continental News

Special Feature: Rockefeller’s Deadly Needle Trade: How The Heroin Network Was Set Up

I. Introduction

II. The Rockefeller Family’s Shanghai Connection

III. The US Operation Begins

IV. OSS Reviews and Trains the Sicilian Mafia as Heroin Smugglers

V. CIA Opens Marseilles Heroin Factories

VI. On the Waterfront in New York and Montreal

VII. The CIA Unearths the Gusanos as a Counter-insurgent Force

VIII. The “Golden Triangle” Dope Farm in Southeast Asia

IX. Nelson Rockefeller’s Zombie Army

X. Stop Rockefeller’s Organized Crime

Cartoon: Rocky’s Needle Trade

January 15

Cabal Attacks Fusion Energy Foundation Scientist

CIA Bumps 3 Off Chicago Ballot

Trade Bill Nullified; Cold War Revived

IPS Interview: Rocky May Lose Control of Arabs

US Troops Invade France

Bankers Declare Auto Plants Will Stay Shut

Newest Hoax: Fords Energy Program

Rockefeller-London Axis Moves for Cold War Shift; ICLC Proposes Real Detente Policies To Beat Militarized Depression

January 14

Red Scare Builds in Mexico Around Moreno Case

Financial Times Recalls Nazi Finance Minister Schacht

Strauss Prepares for New Cold War by Strengthening Fascist-Maoist Axis

Banker Sindona Martyred for Bank Collapse Wave

Will Britain Declare a Debt Moratorium

January 13

Egypt Put on Triage List

Labor Party Wrecks San Francisco CETA Meeting

Rocky’s Speed Up King Overcome by Crisis

Veep Rocky Writes His Own Official Orders