Volume 5, Number 24, June 20, 1978



The Grand Design for The Bonn Economic Summit

by David Goldman

Schmidt is outflanking Britain – But what will the U.S. do?

Trilateral Commission Meets in Washington, Endorses World Bank, IMF Policy Role

by Leela Narayan

Trilateraloids Hail IMF Conspiracy — Energy Task Force — Food Task Force.

Soviets Make MBFR Offer to Carter

Proposal bolsters calls for joint U.S.-U.S.S.R. fusion research — The Soviet View of the MBFR Talks.

Special Report

Havana’s View of Peking’s Geopolitical Gambit

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

‘The Chinese Leaders’ Great Betrayal and the Sinister Role of Adviser Brzezinski’

From Cuba’s Granma Newspaper.

’The Chinese Leaders’ Great Betrayal and their Anticommunist Alliances‘

From Cuba’s Granma Newspaper.

U.S. Report

Foreign Policy: Castro Hits Turner’s ‘Big Lie’

by Stephen Pepper

Cuba’s President says Carter was deceived.

Castro: Brzezinski Lied to Carter on Cuba

Le Matin: Cuba Tried To Stop Zaire Invasion — African Front-Line States Blast Brzezinski – Nyerere: Brzezinski “the New Kissinger” – House Committee Demands Clarification of U.S. Foreign Policy – Kraft: Vance Should Run U.S. Foreign Policy — Soviets Reply to Carter’s Annapolis Speech.

Press Debates U.S. ‘China Card’ Option

Doubts About the “Han Nationalists” – Endorsements for Peking.

LaRouche: The Urgent Launching of a Counterpole

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Congress: Forcing the Old Guard Out ... So That the Kennedy Crowd Can Move In

by Kathy Murphy


Britain Takes a Financial Pounding

Crisis Set for Eurodollar Market, IMF Pushed as World Policeman

by Alice Shepard

Economist Calls for Euromarket Controls – Bank of England Calls for IMF Takeover of Euromarkets – Miller Echoes London on Euromarket Controls – A West German Banker’s Retort to Miller’s Euromarket Scheme – We Told You So....

Book Review: An Apology for Kennedy-Style ‘Consensus Politics’?

by David Goldman

Review of The Way the World Works: How Economies Fail and Succeed by Jude Wanniski, Basic Books: New York, 1978.

Military Strategy

The Cornerstones of U.S. World Leadership: A Draft U.S. Military Strategic Policy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Black Guelphs: The Elite Must Rule

Gen. Singlaub Challenges NSC’s Pacific Strategy

Third World

What To Do About China

by Daniel Sneider

Japan Business Chief: Trade, Growth, and Technology for the Region

The ‘Politics of Chaos’ Comes to Colombia

by Laurence Hecht

“Columbia Is Up for Grabs” — How the Oligarchy Deployed.