Volume 5, Number 34, September 5, 1978


This Week

The World Stakes at The Camp David Summit

Gromyko to U.S.: ‘This Is a Serious Danger’

Europeans Offer U.S. a Way Out

Pegging dollar to new money system would aid peace, development.

Terror Threat Increases Against USLP’s LaRouche

International: Crossroads at Camp David

1. The Camp David Lineup

Israel: Taking The World to the Brink – Egypt: Toward a Comprehensive Peace – The U.S.: Carter in International Crossfire.

Israel: Economic Collapse, Security Hysteria Increase War Danger

2. Commentaries on Camp David Prospects

A State Department View of Israeli, U.S. and Soviet Positions

3. British Promise East Europe Uprisings To Reduce Pressures on Israel

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Warns LaRouche: This could instead bring on World War III.

4. The Active Israeli War Strategy

U.S. Military Spokesman Warns of Israel’s Lebanon Invasion Plans – UN Official Says Sanctions Possible Against Israel.

Syrian Peacekeeping Efforts In Lebanon

5. Zionist-Falange Lobby Takes Shape in U.S

by Mark Burdman

Falange – Christians Who Are Not Christians.


Secret Bank of England Plan To Wreck Dollar

by Criton Zoakos

Exclusive: An internal bank memo declaring political war.

Germany, Japan, Saudis Press U.S. Toward ‘Grand Design’ Policy

by Susan Johnson

Journal of Commerce Backs EMS — Friderichs on Recycling the Debt Overhang.

British Wildcat Banking Effort To Loot U.S

by Christopher White

Includes the names of U.S. banks targeted for Anglo-Dutch takeover, and proposed legislation to deal with the British threat.

British Bank Grab: The Balance Sheet

U.S. Report

The ‘Two Tracks’ of U.S. Foreign Policy

by Konstantin George

How Long Will Vance Let Brzezinski Play the China Card? Includes text of the Soviet Politburo warning on China, and a report on the Chinese-Zionist Alliance.

Rep. Montgomery Tells Why U.S. Should Resume Relations with Vietnam

An exclusive interview with the House MIA Subcommittee Chairman.

Schlesinger Is Geopolitician, Not Energy Secretary

by Maureen Manning

Includes how Schlesinger targeted the Dresser deal, and how Dresser responded.

The Intimidation of a President

The ‘September Scenario’ in operation against the White House.

Conference of U.S. Governors Endorses Pronuclear Resolution

Special Report

Japan’s Global Industry Plan

The full text of the $500 billion proposal for Third World development.

What Is MRI (Mitsubishi Research Institute)?


Papal Election Secures Legacy of Paul VI

by Vivian Zoakos

Includes excerpts from the first speech by Pope John Paul I, and the reaction by London and Monsignor Lefebvre.

The Future of Italy’s Catholic-Communist Alliance

by Muriel Mirak and Nora Hamerman

Third World

Kissinger Emerges as Leader of Brandt Commission Genocide Parley


Maltese Terror and Its Implications

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The breaking developments in the Maltese Lawsuit against the U.S. Labor Party.

British Revive ‘Operation Chaos’

by John Sigerson