Volume 5, Number 47, December 5, 1978


This Week

Shades of 1974

by David Goldman

The same voices are calling for dollar collapse and terror.

The European Monetary System Will Be Ratified–But Without Britain

by Susan Johnson

Whose Goose Is Ceausescu Cooking?

No Limit on Insanity

Special Report

The Big Names Behind the Death Cult

The pushers of drug decriminalization, “dignity of dying,” and cultism.

Who Created the Jones Cult–And Why

by Scott Thompson

Cultism’s Roots in MK-Ultra

by Michele Steinberg

Kennedy’s Hospice Movement: ‘Death With Dignity’ for All

by Karen Steinherz and Marie Mendez

Cult Politics Take Over: The California Case

by Cornelia Reynolds


The Jones Cult and the Mau Mau Model

The “defectors” group is key to looming terrorist deployment.


Behind the Calls for Tight Money

by Lydia Dittler

Robert Triffin: The Apollo of the Council on Foreign Relations

by Susan Cohen

How To collapse the U.S. economy

by David Goldman

British follow 1974 Herstatt script in their bid for a crash of ’79.

Are U.S. Bankers Committing Hara-Kiri?

by David Goldman


Ohira Victory a Setback to ‘Bremen East’

by Peter Ennis

Already, business leaders press Prime Minister to continue Fukuda’s policies.

A Weak Prime Minister


The Truth About the Moro Murder Breaks into Italy’s Press

European Labor Party book is scrutinized by Italian government.

The Monarchy, the Left, and the Right

Third World

Dealing Latin America into the EMS

by Mark Sonnenblick

The new monetary system offers industrialization and trade.

EMS Foes Rage: ‘U.S. Should Have A-Bombed Germany’

U.S. Report

Vote Machine Tampering in Maryland

Freeman challenges Mitchell with evidence of “recount” at the warehouse.


Israeli Intelligence Taking Over CIA Policy Making

by Mark Burdman

Zionist lobby targets U.S.-Arab economic ties in bid to hamstring peace advocates.

Great Britain Pushes ‘Astonishing Arms Sales’ in Persian Gulf

ADL’s Corporate, Intelligence Hit List

Report ties all U.S. links to Arab nations, firms, to “Jew-baiters.”