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Published: Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Volume 5, Issue Number 28

This Week You Need To Know:

Here are LaRouche's closing remarks to the EIR Berlin Seminar of June 27, titled, "For a New Bretton Woods System."

Russia, China, Eurasia, and Mankind's Future

The reality is this: Look at the situation in Eurasia. Now, I'm very strong on Eurasia, because I believe that what has happened in this sense, in Germany, in the relationship of Germany to Russia, and the relationship of Germany to the SCO, to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and similar nations, is decisive in its potential for the world. The problem is that we can not, without a change in the United States to get back to something like a Bretton Woods system, we can not possibly create the kind of reorganization of the present world financial system, needed to do what can be done.

Now, Russia has two characteristics which are completely misunderstood. Vernadsky did understand it implicitly, but not completely. But what he did, because in his proof of the principle of the Biosphere, which is a very crucial scientific proof—one of the highest qualities of proof, with a very difficult subject to attack, which was not unknown at that time—but what he did, was actually go through this in a thorough way, with his fellow-scientists to develop a conception of the Biosphere, which changes man's conception of the organization of the universe. So, Vernadsky was a universal mind, with his own personal complications, but a universal mind. He was not a Communist. He was an anti-Bolshevik, but he was a Russian patriot. And Stalin treated him as a Russian patriot, which is why Stalin protected him against the members of the party. Because, Stalin said, "Don't be a fool. This man is a Russian patriot. Let him do his work."...

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for the
Proposed Rail Development Corridors.

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This Week in
American History

July 11—17, 1938

President Franklin Roosevelt Fights for a National Health Plan

On July 15, 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote a letter of greeting to the representatives of the public and of the medical professions who would be attending the National Health Conference in Washington, D.C. Roosevelt told them that there was a pressing need for a coordinated national action program on health. "Such a program," wrote the President, "necessarily must take account of the fact that millions of citizens lack the individual means to pay for adequate medical care."

Franklin Roosevelt's campaign for better health care for Americans had begun at Warm Springs, Georgia, where he focussed not only on his own rehabilitation from polio, but became an expert on physical therapy for the disabled. Literally summoned from Warm Springs by his nomination for Governor of New York, Roosevelt won the office, and then embarked on a campaign to provide better health for all New Yorkers. He began his famous radio "fireside chats" were while he was New York's Governor, and used them to report to his constituents on future plans, and to what extent the legislature had or had not acted upon them.

On February 18, 1931, Roosevelt devoted the whole of a radio message to the problems of the crippled, appealing to people to stop hiding their crippled children in back rooms or the attic and to bring them to doctors or public health officers so that their problems could be diagnosed and they could then be treated with modern medicine. In that address, Roosevelt stated, "People know well that restoring one of us cripples—because as some of you know, I walk around with a cane and with the aid of somebody's arm myself—to useful occupations costs money." But he stated that the cost was justified, even if merely from a monetary standpoint, because crippled people could then become part of society and earn a living.

Governor Roosevelt appointed a Special Health Commission and then sent its report to the Legislature in February of 1931. The outstanding feature of the report was its proposal to institute county boards of health, rather than relying on the smaller town and city boards which did not have the population or wealth to support vital medical infrastructure. The legislature, which was controlled by Republicans allied to President Herbert Hoover, ignored the proposal on county boards of health, but it did vote to fund a smaller proposal for building three state tuberculosis sanitariums.

In June of 1931, Roosevelt attended the annual Governors' Conference at French Lick, Indiana. There, he outlined a program for dealing with the deepening Depression, including measures instituting a progressive, rather than regressive, tax system; dealing with unemployment by providing jobs; and working out a system of health insurance for people who could not afford medical care.

By the summer of 1932, Roosevelt was the Democratic candidate for President, and he was furious when the Hoover Administration made attempts to cut appropriations for child-welfare work. A member of Hoover's Cabinet had suggested that the Depression wasn't altogether a bad thing for the nation's children, and Roosevelt responded that unemployment of parents led to malnutrition for the children, something which would affect them for the rest of their lives.

Governor Roosevelt stated that the Federal Government had no continuing policy for dealing with the problems of public health and social welfare. "I propose," he said, "to inaugurate a definite long-range plan for dealing with all phases of public health and welfare, which are a proper concern of the Federal government. May I add that, in the State of New York, during the past four years, we have accomplished definite and practical results by coordinating and planning the work of the state? I cite as a simple example the public-health program, which is a part of my administration. It has been referred to in other states as the most important contribution to practical public-health work during this generation."

In the notes to his public papers, Roosevelt reviewed his actions as President to develop a comprehensive health plan for all Americans, as he had promised during his campaign. "In 1934," wrote Roosevelt, "I appointed the Committee on Economic Security whose research and recommendations formed the basis of the Social Security Act. In an address to the Advisory Council of the Committee on Economic Security a few months after its appointment, I called attention to the need for study of plans which would minimize the economic loss due to sickness.

"The Social Security Act of 1935 authorized an annual appropriation of $8,000,000 to enable the Public Health Service to assist states and their local subdivisions in training personnel and maintaining public health services. Under the 1939 amendments to the Act, this authorization was increased to $11,000,000.

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Latest From The LaRouche Youth Movement

See InDepth this week for the speech by Argentine LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) leader Emiliano Andino to the June 15, 2006 international videoconference on "The Role of Oil in the Transition to Nuclear Energy," organized by the LYM and EIR.

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The Snake and the Rabbits
by Tony Papert

Jacques Cheminade, the author of the accompanying article, is a brilliant leader of France, who is hated by the mediocrities, because they resent the competition. He is also a candidate for President of France. But it will be difficult for the English-speaking reader to grasp the implications of Cheminade's use of the French language. (The French original may be found at www. cheminade2007.org.) To begin with, despite the ghastliness of the apparent subject, which is that yet another fascist takeover of France is now in process, nevertheless, the Frencheducated reader will immediately sense that the article and its author alike are actually tremendous fun.

  • Let's Stop Putting France on Sale
    by Jacques Cheminade

    LaRouche associate Cheminade is a candidate in the 2007 French Presidential elections.
    On presenting the European Green Book on Energy, Jose´ Manuel Dura˜o Barroso, chairman of the European Commission, let the cat out of the bag: 'Once and for all, let there be an end to protectionism and knee-jerk patriotic reactions,' he said. Claiming opposition to this, France's Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, puts forward his 'economic patriotism.'
    The truth lies elsewhere than in the nice words of the politicians. Beyond the facade, one must face reality: At the center of a French capitalism gone mad, which is to say financial, there is a veritable invasion of our public arena by an avalanche of multinational, 'non-resident' interests. Their objective is to destroy what remains of the French nation state, and to impose the power of a financial conglomerate— synarchist and oligarchical—without honor, law, or borders.


Nissan-GM Merger Is Next Step In Fascist Labor Recycling
by Paul Gallagher

A proposed shotgun merger of General Motors with Nissan/ Renault is the next step in the introduction of fascist labor recycling into the world auto industry. Under the leadership of CEO Carlos 'Le Cost Killer' Ghosn, Nissan/Renault is already running a plantation slave labor shop in the heart of the southern United States. Workers at the Canton, Mississippi Nissan plant are stripped of any job security for the first two years of employment, forced to work any number of hours at sped-up conditions, and paid one-third or less the wages of a unionized autoworker.Ghosnisnowconspiring with predator Kirk Kerkorian, owner of 10% of GM's stock, to take over the running of GM's operations, according to many sources.

LaRouche Youth Movement:
The Fight For Nuclear Power in Ibero-America

Here we publish the speeches by Argentine LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) leader Emiliano Andino, and Argentine Congressional advisor and energy expert Ricardo De Dicco, to the June 15, 2006 international videoconference on 'The Role of Oil in the Transition to Nuclear Energy,' organized by the LaRouche Youth Movement and EIR.

Biofuels: A Losing Proposition
by Christine Craig

Using the ethanol industry's own highly optimistic assumptions about energetics and crop yield, two top U.S. scientists demonstrate that corn-starch ethanol is a losing proposition as a replacement for petroleum, and that cellulosic ethanol, although providing more potential fodder for the distillery, still falls short in volume and energetics. The entire U.S. corn crop, they show, would provide only 3.7 percent of our present transportation fuel needs, and the entire U.S. cropland would produce only 15 percent of our needs—by the most optimistic of assumptions. And this option would leave us without domestic food production capability, for human or animal use!

Report From Germany
A Sick Economy Is a Hazard to Health
by Rainer Apel

the government plans a new round of deep budget cuts in health care, under the guise of 'reform.'


Mexican Elections Open Period Of Great Global Struggle
by Gretchen Small

Mexico's Presidential elections on July 2 have yet to produce a clear victor, despite the official July 6 announcement that the candidate of the ruling National Action Party (PAN), Felipe Caldero´n, won by a mere 243,034 votes of the total of 29.76 million votes cast, over his leading contender, Andre´s Manuel Lo´pez Obrador, of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD). Lo´pez Obrador announced that same day that his 'Coalition for the Good of All' will challenge the election results in the courts, and will take his case, that the election has been stolen, to the Mexican people.

Israel Escalates War, While U.S. Does Nothing
by Dean Andromidas

The Israeli attacks against Palestinians in Gaza are threatening to further destabilize the rest of Southwest Asia, with an immediate threat to Syria. As of this writing, a prisoner exchange deal involving the release of at least 100 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit, who is being held by Palestinian militants, is under intensive discussion, but has not yet been accepted by the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Instead, Olmert is escalating threats against Palestinian leaders, including those resident in Syria.

June in Russia: A Month of Surprises
by Roman Bessonov

Since his elevation to the Russian Presidency in 1999, Vladimir Putin regularly takes political analysts by surprise. This year it is happening more and more frequently. For professional political analysts, Putin's decisions in diplomacy, foreign trade, and domestic policy, especially when it comes to personnel assignments, bring on real headaches. Forced to give some plausible explanation of the latest trip abroad, or a new appointment at home, the commentators often invent two or three parallel versions of what might be behind it. Sometimes it turns out that all the explanations were wrong, and the real significance of the event is revealed months, or even years, later.

Conference Report
Political Change in Russia and Prospects for a New Bretton Woods

In last week's EIR, we published a first report on our international seminar in Berlin on June 27, which was titled, 'For a New Bretton Woods System.' ...We continue here with the presentations by three Russian analysts: economist Dr. Stanislav Menshikov; physician and writer Dr. Konstantin Cheremnykh; and economist Prof. Andrei Kobyakov of Moscow State University. Other speeches will be published as they become available.


McCain-Feingold Target Water Projects
by Mary Jane Freeman

The long-stalled Water Resources and Development Act of 2006 (WRDA), S. 728, introduced in April 2005, has finally been readied for debate in the Senate, but at great cost to the future of the nation's economic well-being. Periodically, WRDA measures are enacted to authorize certain Army Corps of Engineers infrastructure projects; but noWRDAbill has made it through Congress since 2001. Now, a left-right environmentalist elite has succeeded in inserting text into the bill to create an oversight entity, outside of Congressional control which will eviscerate the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and likely kill urgently needed projects on the nation's 12,000-mile inland waterways.


To Defeat Fascism, You Must Call a Nazi a 'Nazi'
As we continue to document for all those with the courage to hear, the Anglo-Dutch Liberal bankers, along with the French Synarchists, who created the Nazis, have not gone away. Some of those responsible for Hitler's fascism were prosecuted, but many were not. And now that the terminal crash of the financial system is in process, they intend to take over again—this time, the whole world.

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