Volume 33, Number 39, September 29, 2006


John Train and the Bankers’ Secret Government  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Investment banker and self-styled Anglophile literati “spook” John Train summoned a “salon” of government agents, journalists, and right-wing money-bags, exactly one month after President Reagan’s announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative in 1983. The purpose of the session, and two subsequent gatherings, was to execute a black propaganda “hit” campaign against Lyndon LaRouche. This “bankers’ secret government” has not gone away—far from it.

Reagan on the SDI

John Train’s Fascist Capture of Television

by Anton Chaitkin

Train Salon’s Cold War Propaganda Apparat

by Barbara Boyd

A profile of the “Get LaRouche” Taskforce.

Paris Review: Train’s Dirty Secret

by Tony Papert

Eurasian Dialogue

LaRouche, Chinese Experts in Dialogue on New Bretton Woods  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Questions from distinguished economists Dai Lunzhang, Zhang Yun, and Dai Jun, with in-depth responses from Lyndon LaRouche—in followup to LaRouche’s Sept. 6 Berlin-Washington webcast.

Appendix: Argentina’s Kirchner Calls at UN for ‘New Financial Architecture’  

Strategic Overview

France & Germany Now: Western Europe Hangs by a Thread  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

If France and Germany go under, no economy in western and central Europe will avoid a collapse into a prolonged, deep economic depression, threatening the existence of all of those nations.

World Crisis on Eve of U.S. General Election  

Press Hoax Against the Pope: Britain’s Bernard Lewis and His Crimes  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The corrupt action of the international press, in this matter, has the ominous character of an effort to arrange the assassination of a Pope Benedict not much liked among Lynne Cheney’s friends in Liz Symons’ London, and have the Islamic world blamed for the attempt.


Who Is President of Mexico: The Banks, or the Street?

by Gretchen Small

Documentation: López Obrador: Why I Accept the Presidency.

Israeli Generals Revolt Against War Policy

by Dean Andromidas

LaRouche Organizes Dialogue for a New World Economic Order

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

On the aftermath of the Berlin election.

El Salvador: Toward a New Dark Age?

by Christine Bierre

John Bolton Subverts the UN Charter

by Michael Billington

Why is he so interested in attacking Myanmar, just as it moves into closer cooperation with its neighbors?

International Intelligence


Largest Hedge Fund Collapse Since the LTCM Case of 1998

by Lothar Komp

Amaranth Advisors LLC, a $9 billion hedge fund, within two weeks, suffered the loss of 65% of its investment capital, because of bets on natural gas futures, and now stands at the brink of total collapse.

Report from ‘Ground Zero’: What Bankers Really Fear in Housing Crash  

by L. Wolfe

Documentation: Senate hearings on home mortgage bubble.

WHO Backs DDT Use To Stop Malaria  

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht


There Can Be No Compromise with White House Lawlessness  

by Nancy Spannaus

Upon news of the “compromise” between military-connected Senators and the White House on legislation to regulate the interrogation and trial of alleged terrorists, Lyndon LaRouche insisted that there shouldn’t be a bill on this issue at all.

Primary Election Results Build Toward End of the ‘Truman Era’  

by Patricia Salisbury

Schwarzenegger Gets a New Script, as Shultz, Rohatyn Outflank the Dems

by Harley Schlanger

Axioms Split at FDR Legacy Club Meeting

by Nick Walsh


You Could Call It Treason