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Dope, Inc. Bank Caught;
New Monetary System Now!
by Nancy Spannaus

July 23—It was an extraordinary scene, especially for the U.S. Congress, where bankers are used to having Congressmen and Senators kiss their feet. Several executives of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. (now known as HSBC), joined by a number of government regulators, appeared July 17 before an all-day hearing of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (SHSG) and the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (SPSI), to face charges of their role in the criminal activities of money-laundering for drugs and terrorism, which had just been published in a 335-page report by those two committees. Gone was the usual arrogant attitude common to banking witnesses. The bankers especially were bending over backwards to try to appease their accusers.
The scene was all the more striking since the subject under discussion—bankers running the drug trade and terror—has been identified almost solely with the name of Lyndon LaRouche for more than three decades.
Indeed, the political environment in which the major London-Wall Street banks such as HSBC are operating, has changed dramatically. In the face of the accelerating failure of the London-run trans-Atlantic financial system, a powerful faction from the City of London itself has decided to pull back from the brink of financial and thermonuclear Armageddon by calling for the immediate reinstatement of FDR-style Glass-Steagall banking separation, in cooperation with the United States....
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  • Dope, Inc. Bank Caught;
    New Monetary System Now!

    Top executives of the world's oldest Dope, Inc. bank, HSBC, were hauled before the U.S. Senate, and grilled on their roles in the criminal activities of money-laundering for drugs and terrorism, as outlined in a new 335-page report. A more than 30-year campaign by the LaRouche movement led up to this extraordinary scene, but there is much work still to be done before those responsible for the mass-murderous effects of Dope, Inc. meet their just rewards.


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    The War Danger Grows

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    Geithner's sordid and criminal efforts on behalf of the murderous Wall Street and British system have become a major point of attack for those committed to saving the nation by removing President Obama from office, and restoring a financial system that can bring the U.S. and the world out of what is otherwise a terminal crisis.
  • Dump Geithner and Obama This Week!


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