Volume 40, Number 17, April 26, 2013


There Is an Alternative to the Empire’s War & Terror  

by Nancy Spannaus

The British empire is on a global rampage, from Boston to Syria, and beyond, in response to the existential crisis it faces: Its bankrupt financial system is skirting the edge of collapse, as it confronts a potentially fatal challenge to its puppet President Obama, in the growing momentum toward Glass-Steagall in the United States. A strategic overview by Nancy Spannaus.


Schiller Institute Convenes ‘Forum for a New Paradigm’

Hope for the Future: The SDE as the Platform for the Common Aims of Civilization

The Chinese Dimension of the U.S.A.-China-Russia Triangle Today  

by Alexander Nagorny

Speech by the deputy editor of the Russian weekly Zavtra, historian, and member of the Izborsk Club.

The Asteroid-Comet Danger and Planetary Defense: A View from Russia  

by Kirill Benediktov

Kirill Benediktov is a writer and a member of the editorial board of the Russian website Terra America.

The Physical Profit of Planetary Defense

by Jason Ross

Jason Ross is with the LaRouche Basement Research Team, and is editor-in-chief of 21st Century Science & Technology magazine.

The Foundations of Civilization

by Bruce Fein

Bruce Fein is a constitutional lawyer, civil libertarian, and a former Assistant Attorney General in the Reagan Administration.

The Future of Eurasian Cooperation

A Vision for Europe in Eurasia

by Jacques Cheminade

Jacques Cheminade is founder of France’s Solidarité & Progrès party, is a former French Presidential candidate, and a close associate of Lyndon LaRouche.

The Lost Two Decades of the EU and U.S.A.?  

by Daisuke Kotegawa

Daisuke Kotegawa is Research Director for the Canon Institute for Global Studies in Japan, former executive director for Japan of the International Monetary Fund, and a former official of the Japanese Finance Ministry.

A Modern Greek Tragedy: Living with the Euro and the Extreme Monetarism of Casino Capitalism

by Theodore Katsanevas

Theodore Katsanevas is professor at the University of Piraeus, and a former member of the Greek Parliament.


More and More U.S. Patriots Are Demanding Glass-Steagall

by Nancy Spannaus

Over the last two weeks, memorials for Glass-Steagall have been put on the agenda of four additional states, bringing the total number of states where a memorial has been introduced to 17. In Congress, the progress has been slower; in the Senate, supporters of Glass-Steagall are still holding back.

Glass-Steagall Fight in the United States  

by Diane Sare

The speech to the Schiller Institute’s Frankfurt conference by Diane Sare of the LaRouche Policy Committee, LaRouche candidate for Governor of New Jersey.

We, the People, Must Demand the Truth

by Walter C. Jones

A videotaped message from U.S. Rep. Walter C. Jones (R-N.C.) to the Schiller Institute conference.

Victory Comes from Many Small Battles

by Patty Miller

A videotaped message from South Dakota State Rep. Patty Miller to the Schiller Institute conference.


It’s Time for the FBI To Come Clean