Volume 41, Number 14, April 4, 2014


LaRouche Webcast: Path to Survival: Shut Down the British Empire!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s March 28 webcast, in which he discusses the Russia/Ukraine crisis: “There’s no possibility of stabilizing relations between Russia and Obama”; how to defeat the British imperial system: “The time has come that to save the United States, and to save the peace of the world, it is essential to put this President under impeachment;” the bail-in policy: “We have to defend the United States against the British Empire, which is our essential enemy”; Xi Jinping’s New Silk Road: “If you have the green policy, there’s no hope for humanity anyway”; and, the “no-future” orientation in the education of youth: “We have to have a positive understanding, of what human creativity is.”


Europe Faces a Choice: Obama’s War Games or China’s Offer of Economic Miracles  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

“The author of a Classical historical drama could not have brought the fundamental difference better to the stage: The participation of President Obama at various back-to-back summit meetings in Europe, and the state visits of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Belgium, have presented two opposite options for Germany and Europe.”

China’s Xi Campaigns for ‘New Silk Road’

Target: China: British Empire Unleashes Terrorism, Regime-Change Across Asia

by Michael Billington

The British Empire, using its pawn Obama, has hurled its terrorist capabilities, subversive NGOs and think-tanks, against China and its regional allies.

War on Drugs

‘Security Through Development’: U.S. Sanctions Don’t Stop Russian Anti-Drug Proposal  

by Rachel Douglas

The ejection of Russia from the G8, among other punitive measures by the West, took place as Moscow was planning to present a groundbreaking initiative for international cooperation on the economic development of Afghanistan and its neighbors.

Victor Ivanov: ‘Narco- Money Is the Foundation of the Modern Financial System’

by Victor Ivanov

Excerpts from the speech of Russia’s top anti-drug official to a conference of international experts on “Alternative Development for Drug-Producing Regions.”


A Warning to Ukraine: Greece Confronts EU-Imposed Humanitarian Catastrophe  

by Dean Andromidas

Ukraine should take heed: The EU will not bring it economic benefits or political freedom, and the proof is what the Eurocrats have done to Greece.

‘Bail-In Bonds’ Signal Coming Financial Crash

by Paul Gallagher

The simultaneous appearance in Europe and Japan of “bail-in bonds” issued by the megabanks indicates that the huge holes in their asset books are soon to be exposed, bringing on a new financial crash.


Obama Faces Senate Impeachment Showdown

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Senate Democrats, led by Dianne Feinstein, are furious that Obama, following in Cheney’s footsteps, has continued to rule by Executive order, bypassing Congress altogether, where it has exclusive Constitutional authority.

Two Congressional Voices Against War

‘New Paradigm’ Conference in Mexico Features LaRouche Senate Candidate

A conference sponsored by Mexico’s LaRouche Citizens Movement (Mocila) featured an address by Texas Senate candidate Kesha Rogers.

Kesha Rogers Addresses Mexican Conference

by Kesha Rogers

Is the U.S. Preparing To Start a Nuclear War with Russia?

by Carl Osgood

A top-level Russian strategist raised the question in a March 18 article entitled “West Prepares for War with Russia.” A number of highly-placed sources confirm that his view is correct.


Science & Society Today: The Necessary End to Anarchy  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The history of human scientific progress, should have warned us, long since, of the relationship between the brevity of the life of the human individual and the progress of mankind to which the successful expression of advancement of the quality of human progress shapes the future of our species.”

The Failures (and Evil) of Logic: A Particularly Evil Aspect of Bertrand Russell

by Jason Ross

Jason Ross examines Russell’s continuing evil influence on science today. Kurt Gödel’s proof of Russell’s fraud “made it clear that truth and creativity transcend logic and mechanism, and Russell hated him for it.”

The Incompetence of Twentieth Century Science Education  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The subject of a competent science, is to be limited, essentially, and ultimately, to the difference which separates the human species, from all other, presently known, living species.”


When Will (Did) You Die?