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This article appears in the April 4, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Necessary End to Anarchy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 27, 2014

The, relatively speaking, merely accelerated, general loss of science and sanity since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the catastrophically precipitous, plunge of general morality, since the advent of Dick Cheney and Barack Obama, have now brought the great majority of the population of our United States (as also in Western Europe) into what is an immediately perplexing, almost fatal challenge for most among the nations of this planet.

The essential fact of this matter, at the present moment, is, that the probability for avoidance of a British imperial launching of a global thermonuclear war in the relatively immediate future, depends, immediately, upon the immediately successful ouster from our republic's affairs of both of those British assets, President Barack Obama, but, also, of the continued role in our republic's affairs of former U.S. Vice-President "Dick" Cheney, too. That is to emphasize the fact, that the continuing role of former U.S. Vice-President Cheney (who had been the actually relevant controller of the position of the nominal President of the United States at the earlier time) and, now, nominal President Barack Obama, later, have been, both, agents-in-fact of the British Empire, both operating on behalf of the world's leading drug-trafficker and mass-killer of entire populations of our planet, the Empress of the British (virtually world-wide) Empire, presently Queen Elizabeth.

In brief:

If a waning virtual U.S.A. dictatorship, now under the nominal Presidency of Obama were, fortunately, terminated by his immediate impeachment in office, the United States would almost certainly refuse to support the general thermonuclear warfare which the current regime of the British Empire would not be able to "pull off" successfully. The momentarily crucial threat lies only in Obama's presently new status, in the attempted role, in practice, that of an actual, Hitler-like dictatorship over the United States, since the beginning of this present year.

The crucial irony among those considerations, lies, chiefly, in the fact, that the center of evil in this case, is not the population of the British Kingdom, but in the essentially Zeusian, global British Empire as such. Without a general thermonuclear war, the continued existence of the almost planetary British empire would crumble into its already, presently onrushing "Bail-in" collapse-function, massively, and quickly. Such is the presently great historical irony of the immediate, global existential crisis of the world at large presently. Let the members among the ranks of our U.S. Government cease to be such craven fools as they have been lately.

The leading factors to be considered, are as follows.

I. The Global Background

The most relevant tracing of the known history of the roots of empire centered in the region of the Mediterranean, is most conveniently traced from the tyranny of that legendary reign of Zeus, which had provided the principled basis for, most notably, both the successive ancient Roman and presently British relatively world empires, as the characteristics of both had been directly contested by the policies of what has been identified as the Golden Renaissance associated with such most outstanding figures as the scientists Filippo Brunelleschi and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, both founders of modern European science: in direct conflict with both the Roman and British empires.[1]

Let our human beings become, at long last, what they had been crafted and designed to become, the majestic intellects of the planets of our local Solar system, the true servants of a Creator, within the region of neighborhoods nearby at hand. Such intentions are already manifest in the recent developments of scientific progress to which I had most recently made reference in the text of a summary piece which had been titled, with appropriate ironies, my The Satan Still Operating, from Inside Bertrand Russell's Corpse.[2] The kernel of that argument is located, essentially, in the statement of physical principles presented within Chapter II of that composition, "The Ontology of Economy." The most critical references are to be located, there, under the sub-head of "The Actual Foundations of Today's Physical Science;" these reference two successive cases, which are stated in five summary paragraphs, there, as follows:

"Henceforth, now, there are two sets of experimental evidence respecting well-known principles of physical science whose work is to be traced from the roots of discovery made in the Golden Renaissance, in order of appearance, by the great scientists: (1) Filippo Brunelleschi, for physics in the small; (2) Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, for physics in the very large; and, (3) The discovery of the resolving of the underlying, universal physical principle (not an attempted mere deductive view of the Solar system), and beyond, by Johannes Kepler. All competent science since that triadic achievement, itself, had been rooted in its already given foundations, and has been implicitly defined for all competent practice of science, since, by that triad of that Brunelleschi, Cusa, Kepler principle: that, up to a certain, later point in the progress of modern physical science.

"In recent centuries, especially in matters of science, the new quality of effects has emerged around the pioneering role of, most notably, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, and, crucially, of the pair of (1) Max Planck (echoing the role of Brunelleschi); (2) Albert Einstein (the large), and the approximation of a still wanted, but not yet attained principle (comparable in effect) to the precedent of Kepler's unique element: in respect to treatment of the principle of life-per-se, by (3) the accomplishments of V.I. Vernadsky. Kepler's role was, thus echoed, in goodly useful approximations, but without completion, by the implications of the universal scientific figure of Vernadsky, implications which require a more exact conclusion.

"These two cases, which I have just identified here, afford us a merely approximate, but, nonetheless, highly relevant, present, access to searching out a quality of principle (the principle of life per-se) which will no longer be confined, presently, to Earth-bound, mere sense-perception, as such.

"The old mathematical physics, while still part of an increasingly limited scale of useful practice presently, awaits the urgent need for realization of the implications of the history of the Solar system itself, as implicitly to be defined by the relationship of my first and second hypothesis pertaining to the combined relationship to be understood as the contradictory meanings of the Earth habitat, with respect to that of the outer parts of Solar space, from which human practical understanding has been generally excluded by the influence of sense-perception, as such, heretofore.

"The latter considerations, just identified, therefore bring us closer to solving the fault in the efforts of such as the practical application of properly refined physics of Earthly relations to the higher order, and, also, the higher authority of the physics of a full, supra-Earthly space-time, which could enable us to integrate the two, much more adequately."

A kind of "religious faith" in mere human sense-perception as such, remains, still, a grave impediment to the comprehension of man's role within the universe outside the crude presumptions, therefore we think too little: thus, we tend to lose connections to the powers of the human mind.

On the Subject of Human Immortality

The history of human scientific progress, should have warned us, long since, of the relationship between the brevity of the life of the human individual and the progress of mankind to which the successful expression of advancement of the quality of human progress shapes the future of our species, as within the modes of scientific discovery of universal physical principles, and the evolutionary increase of the power over the future exerted by the otherwise mere brevity of the creative individual personality, as the greatest scientists and Classical artists have demonstrated that to be a truly universal principle.

Thus, the common fault among the greater of our human species, thus far, is too much focussed on our sense-perception in the small, and all too negligent in respect to the immortal progress of the development of our human species. The result of the deficiency on this account, is the moral catastrophe of the all-too-commonplace petty selfishness of the ordinary human individual. What is really important, is what we, in passing, achieve for mankind's properly chosen mission in the future; that is the only true, human immortality. That, for example, is the essential experience of a valid quality of belief in the notion of the principle of the only true immortality which the mortal human individual could ever actually achieve by the individual's own will. The great, and good power of the Christian's individuality is exemplified for the Christian as the meaning of the Crucifixion, notably, for example, as the Apostle Paul emphasizes his testimony, this so compellingly, and, yet, so simply, so concisely, in I Corinthians 13, to the following effect.

What Is Actual Human Immortality?

To be concrete on this point, consider the following evidence.

The most relevant evidence on this account, is readily supplied by the true principle of physical-scientific progress. The truly great scientists, leave experimentally valid discoveries of universal physical principles, principles which are often justly regarded as being relatively immortal discoveries of universal physical principle. The discoveries which I had emphasized, above, are typical of this. What has been discovered, lives on efficiently for generations to come, and can be demonstrated by its effects as being universal physical principles as such, even if relatively imperfectly. We attach names to valid discoveries, and recognize those as principles which efficiently outlive their putative authors.

It is the proper moral principle that the purpose of the human individual life, is located most clearly, and most precisely, in this mode, rather than in the flesh as such. The only true immortality available to the brevity of the human individual's life, is those enduring principles which the individual has served in the course of living.

The sacredness attributed to human individual life, is no presumption, no mere fetish, at all. It is on this account, that the difference of man from beast, depends absolutely, especially for the case of the human individual, as such. The discovery of true principles of science and Classical artistic composition, are the essential, moral distinctions of man from beast, or, men and women who live in the mode of bestialities.

The uniqueness, the implicit immortality of the human soul, resides essentially in the no√ętic expression of the human mind, which is to say, in scientific and Classical culture modes of progress. It is the principles expressed in those categorical terms which are, uniquely, the actual foundations of human morality, and progress. The two such categories are not separate from one another; they are mutual: art and science, so defined are of the same substance, as the particulars of Max Planck and Albert Einstein had demonstrated an individual life so lived. Universal physical principles, typify the principle of human immortality, an immortality expressed as a universal principle, or its progress, in to often over the course of centuries: as the instances of the greatest Renaissance scientists have kept the mark of their achievement as a still living power in the shaping of mankind's future.

Thus, we live, and serve, properly for the efficient immortality of an effective mission for future society, for future mankind. On this account, true physical science, and true morality as in Classical artistic composition, are identical in their proper intention, and in their worth for mankind generally. All mortal human beings can never be anything but immortal in the meaning, not only of their lives, but for the purpose of their having existed for the benefits, of and by the human individual's contributions in the universe. That is the only true morality. Anything other, is merely as disgusting as criminals or bad political leaders.

This now takes us, back, to the history of great moments of creativity in physical science, such as those I have referenced afresh, in the opening of these presently, relatively modest remarks.

[1] This present report, presumes the reader's knowledge of the core knowledge contained within The Satan Still Operating Inside Bertrand Russell's Corpse, with particular emphasis, for a fundamental principle of physical science, as presented under the chapter heading of Chapter II The Ontology of Economy.

[2] March 19, 2014, see footnote 1.

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