Volume 4, Number 15, April 12, 1977



Moscow Prepares T-Rouble for Summer

by Criton Zoakos

How the World Viewed Carter’s ‘Miscalculation in Moscow’


Plutonium Ban To Trigger Showdown Over Energy

Statement by the President on Nuclear Power Policy – GOP Backs Expanded Fission, Fusion – 35 Congressmen Defend Breeder – Senator Bartlett: Carter Policy “A Farce.”

Congress, Press Blast SALT Debacle

Carter Threatens ‘Dissolution Of Détente,’ GOP House Leader Charges

Scoreboard on Carter’s Program in Congress

Democratic National Committee Issues Warning to Carter

GOP National Committee Hits Carter Electoral Bill


New York Banks Legalize Financial Entebbe Raids Against Third World

What a Top International Law Firm Is Telling Its Clients

Public Law 94-583

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, passed Oct. 21, 1976.

Europeans Take Control To Stabilize Their Currencies

IMF Bailout Flops; Banking Crisis Looms for 2nd Quarter of 1977

Carter Tightens Government Bureaucracy To Put Screws on Industry

Commodity Prices Plummet

Farm Sector Pre-Empts Trilateral ‘Food War’ Scenarios


Europeans Issue Loud ‘No’ to Carter Energy Program

West German Nuclear Proliferation Position Reaffirmed.

Soviet Sector

Trade Unions and Human Rights in the U.S.S.R.

by Spartak Beglov

Arbatov’s Institute: Rockefeller’s Lobby in Moscow

What the Soviets Said About SALT

Gromyko: “Dubious, Not To Say Cheap” – Brezhnev: ”A One-Sided Source” – Castro: Peace Requires Social Transformation.


April 30 Demos To Kick Off Nuclear Terrorism Drive

Terror Expert Jenkins: ‘Command Structure’ Unpopular Until a Terror Incident


Behind the Political Crisis in Canada: ‘Balkanization’ and Rockefeller’s Common Fund

by Peter Wyer


Italy: Christian Democrats Plan To Include Communists in Cabinet

Britain: Government Unions Negotiate ‘Slap-in-Face’ for IMF

B.R.D. Assassination Linked to Global NSC Terror Plan

Middle East

Dayan Coup D’État in Israel Raises Threat of Lebanon War

“I Guarantee You a War If Carter Handles the Middle East His Way” – Belgian, French Press Reports Fight over Pre-Emptive Strike – Israeli Coup and the CIA Revelations About King Hussein Are the Same Operation.

Sadat Faces Egypt Empty-Handed

Soviets Quicken Diplomacy for Mideast Peace

Palestinians, Syria Sweeping Chamoun from Southern Lebanon

Saudi Arabia, Iran Form Gulf Security Pact


The Castro-Podgorny Diplomatic Offensive

Zambian President Explains ‘Hero’s Welcome’ for Castro, Podgorny


Carter Plays His ‘China Card’

China’s Leadership Remains Locked in Factional Battle

‘Koreagate’ – Taking the ‘K’ Out of the KCIA

Professional Plumbers Lead KCIA Probe

Latin America Economic Survey

Wall Street Wants To Deindustrialize Latin America


Brazil To Become a Soybean Economy?

World Bank Success Story: Lights Out in Colombia

Investment Crisis in Mexican Industry

Coffee Bubble Props Up Latin Debt


To Restore Constitutional Elections in the U.S.A.

Ghosts Vote in the Bronx


Teamsters National Meeting Rips News Media Unionbusting Drive

Fitz: ‘I Won’t Quit’

Statement by Frank E. Fitzsimmons concerning his tenure in office.