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Articles and Speeches by
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in 1998

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Note: This is a listing of only selected articles by Lyndon LaRouche from this year. All articles from this year are available in PDF format in the EIR Online Archive.

Al Gore and Adolf Hitler

Why Expose Gore's Record Now?  

When Economics Becomes Science  

Al Gore Suffers Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Is Western Europe Doomed?  

The Return of the `Forgotten Man'  

Food, Not Money, Is the Crisis  

The Roots of Today's Mass Hysteria  

Scrapping the Usual Academic Frauds: `Go With the Flow': Why Scholars Lied About Ulysses' Transatlantic Crossing  

Paul Krugman's Cargo-cult Economics  

People First!  

Time To Tell the Truth  

`The Brutish Israelites,' Again: Starr and the Armageddon Freaks

Emergency World Reorganization: What Each Among Us Must Do Now  

Real vs. Fake: Which Is the Real `New Bretton Woods'?  

How Our World Was Nearly Destroyed  

Save Japan! Not Banks!  

How France's Greatest Military Hero Became a Prussian Lieutenant-General  

Senator Moynihan Plays Marat

To Win the War, We Must Transform the Soul of President Clinton and the U.S. Population  

The Death Agony of Olympus

Behind the Bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Kenya: What Will Happen, If ...?  

LaRouche Delivers Preliminary Assessment of U.S. Air Strikes

Math and Matter

Mathematics & Measurement: Science vs. Ideology  

The Eagle Star Syndrome  

Music, Education, and Morality

An 'American Century' Seen As A Modular Mathematical Orbit  

Where Franklin Roosevelt Was Interrupted  

The Substance of Morality  

There Is No Possible Bail-out of the World Financial System  

The Essential Features of Statecraft to Ensure Africa's Development  

LaRouche Offers a Strategic Perspective for Thailand

How To Reorganize the Banking System

The Principles of Long-range Forecasting  

Russia: A Coup from Above  

Save Nations, Don't Bail Out the Banks

Any Enemy of LaRouche Is an Enemy of Clinton  

Toward a New Bretton Woods  

LaRouche in Dialogue with Russian Economist Sergei Glazyev

Russia Is Eurasia's Keystone Economy  

Key Measures for a Transition to Economic Growth in Russia  

Will the April 22-Nations Effort Succeed?  

Infrastructure, Not Money, Fosters Development of Nations  

LaRouche Denounces Peru Economics Minister  

A Change in the Global Weather  

The Tale of the Hippopotamus  

Clinton Would Rapidly Lose Nearly All Eurasia  

The Delusion of 'Triangulation'  

'Do It George, er ... Bill!'  

LaRouche Denounces Assault on President

How The Top 1% of Americans Think  

LaRouche Calls It `Disgsusting!'

Fidel Castro's French Connection

What's Really Behind the S. Korean Crisis

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