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Articles and Speeches by
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in 2002

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Note: This is a listing of only selected articles by Lyndon LaRouche from this year. All articles from this year are available in PDF format in the EIR Online Archive.

Conflict Is Not the Natural Condition Among Men and Nations
December 18, 2002

Reviewing an Original Discovery:
Believing Is Not Necessarily Knowing

December 16, 2002

Korea and World Peace
December 15, 2002

How To Reconstruct a Bankrupt World
December 12, 2002

LaRouche Tells Californians: Time for a Super-TVA
December 7, 2002

LaRouche Comments on Desperate Attacks
Against Brazil's Enéas Carneiro

December 3, 2002

A Presidential Thanksgiving Message
November 28, 2002

Italy's Classical Heritage, and Its Role in
Solving Today's Systemic Crisis

November 23, 2002

Securing the Future for Our Grandchildren
(video and transcript)

November 9, 2002

Mexico's Top Daily Newspaper Interviews LaRouche
November 9, 2002

`If Brazil Goes Down, So Does Wall Street'
November 5, 2002

Do You Want a Future?
Learn How to Solve the Crisis of Humanity

November 2, 2002

The Next Generations
October 20, 2002

The Historical Individual
October 20, 2002

Ever-More Electable LaRouche Tells You
What You Must Do About the Economy—Now!

October 10, 2002

Another Thing George W. Bush Does Not Know:
The American System of Political-Economy

October 7, 2002

Drug Legalization: Who Is Fooling Whom?
October 4, 2002

The United Nations Must Declare:
The President of the United States Is Insane

October 4, 2002

Truth! in U.S. National Security Policy:
A Boldly Modest U.S. Global Mission

September 27, 2002

Iraq Is a Fuse, But Cheney Built the Bomb
September 20, 2002

Israel Must Say, `No' to Israel Nuclear Blackmail
September 18, 2002

On Classical Tragedy: Shakespeare's George I;
Or, How George I Lost His Re-Election

September 11, 2002

The Truth About `Pollard II' and the Iraq War Threat
September 11, 2002

The World Will Never Seem the Same
August 31, 2002

President Must Act `In an FDR Fashion'
August 24, 2002

Special Report: Science and Infrastructure
August 23, 2002

Lyndon LaRouche in Dialogue with Mexico
August 22, 2002

China in a Changing World
August 17, 2002

LaRouche Interviewed Aug. 9 on Argentine National Radio Station
August 9, 2002

For Citizens Who Enjoy Thinking: Why My Candidacy Is Unique
August 5, 2002

LaRouche: 5 Million Leaflets To Stop McCain-Lieberman Is the Strategic Flank
July 27, 2002

The Electable LaRouche
July 26, 2002

Will the U.S. Strike Iraq?
July 23, 2002

The Real Corruption: McCain and Lieberman
July 14, 2002

An Imperial Criminal Court
July 9, 2002

LaRouche Advises Democrats on What They Must Do
July 7, 2002

Political Traditiona and Their Struggles in America:
An Historical Reading of Current Events

June 26, 2002

The Challenge of Peace:
For the Christian, for Example

June 16, 2002

`The Most Profound Crisis May Be a Gift'
(Address to the Commercial Association of São Paulo, Brazil)

June 13, 2002

`The Most Profound Crisis May Be a Gift'
(Remarks to the São Paulo City Council)

June 12, 2002

The Global Systemic Crisis and the End of `Free Trade'
(Address to the Alumni Association of the
Superior War College of Brazil)

June 11, 2002

Wall Street Magicians and Their Tricks:
Once Again, They Have Fooled You!

June 7, 2002

Memorial Day Address:
The Lessons of Wartime for Statecraft Today

May 28, 2002

The Middle East as a Strategic Crossroad
May 26, 2002

Does Technology Steal Jobs?
May 21, 2002

The Case for D.C. General Hospital
May 20, 2002

LaRouche Endorses Spannaus, Hits Democrats' `Self-Inflicted Wounds'
May 20, 2002

The Northern Command: Crossing the Rubicon
May 17, 2002

The Rules by Which Games Are Played
May 7, 2002

The Middle East Blow-Back Effect
May 1, 2002

Laputa's President Bush
April 18, 2002

Energy Policy and the Strategic Crisis
April 16, 2002

LaRouche Tells Bush: Do Not Repeat Bill Clinton's Mistake!
April 14, 2002

Sharon Suckers Bush
April 5, 2002

The Emperors Bush and Nero
April 2, 2002

Easter, A Time for Reflection
March 29, 2002

Robert Rubin Was Cited
March 24, 2002

Steel Tariff Paradox Blooms
March 9, 2002

The Tariff Itself Is Not Europe's Problem
March 7, 2002

Freedom vs. `Democracy': How `Democracy' Became Diseased
March 5, 2002

Peace Between Two Presidents:
Open Reply to Ari Fleischer on President Clinton and the Middle East

March 2, 2002

God Only Knows!
February 28, 2002

Can the Democratic Party Survive?
February 19, 2002

After the Collapse of Enron: Next Comes the Cluster-Bust!
February 16, 2002

McCain's Big-Noose Party
February 8, 2002

Stop Kidding Us Over Enron!
February 8, 2002

Götterdämmerung in Palestine
January 30, 2002

Israeli Defense Forces Use Nazi Warsaw Ghetto Methods
January 28, 2002

And Now, a Year Later
Opening remarks to Washington, D.C. webcast

January 24, 2002

LaRouche Interview Online in Italy: Eliminate Maastricht Or No Europe
January 20, 2002

Economics: At the End of a Delusion
January 12, 2002

LaRouche Points to His 1995 `Triple Curve' Forecast of Today's Collapse
January 12, 2002

Continue the American Revolution!
January 6, 2002

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