Executive Intelligence Review

Volume 48, Number 37, September 17, 2021



September 11 Declassification Begins: Will Twenty Years of Emergency Rule Be Reversed? 

by Jason Ross

I. Schiller Institute on 9/11 Weekend

Schiller Institute Conference On 9/11: The Pathway Forward 

by Mike Billington

Peaceful Coexistence: No Other Option 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Still Seeking the Truth About the 9/11 Attacks 

Statements by Jack Stockwell, Terry Strada, and Jacques Cheminade

Schiller Institute Commemorative Concert
September 10, 2021: Beethoven’s Agnus Dei: Peace for Ourselves, and the World

by Margaret Scialdone

9/11 Memorial Concert: Messages of Determination and Hope 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Terry Strada

Concert Program 

U.S., Russian Officials Show Friendship, Unity Against Terror at Schiller Institute 9/11 Memorial Ceremony 

by Richard Black

II. National

Time for the Truth About 9/11 

by Harley Schlanger

September 11 and the United States: From World Government to Mafioso Extortion 

by Pino Arlacchi

III. International

Real Reasons To Cancel the Brits’ COP26 Global Malthusfest 

by Paul Gallagher

In Tribute to Mikis Theodorakis 

by Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, Ambassador ad honorem

Why Greeks Love Mikis Theodorakis—and His Music 

by Theodore Andromidas and Dean Andromidas

IV. Economics

The Costs of War Are the Debt Trap: 20 Years’ NATO Wars vs. 8 Years’ New Silk Road 

by Hussein Askary

Science & Technology Briefs 

V. Culture and History

In Memoriam: Ed Asner, Actor and Defiant Opponent of Injustice 

Ed Asner, Robert Beltran, and Lyndon LaRouche—A Dialogue on a Life Fulfilled 

Lyndon LaRouche on Politics, the Presidency, and Classical Culture