Executive Intelligence Review

Volume 48, Number 49, December 10, 2021



Pandemic Forces Rethinking: International Cooperation Indispensable! 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

March 14, 2020

I. A True Pandemic Response

Schiller Institute Conference On Pandemic: Only Multi-Nation Action for World Health System Will Succeed 

by Marcia Merry Baker and Michael Billington

Science & Technology Briefs 

II. Schiller Institute Nov. 13-14 Conference
Afghanistan: Operation Ibn Sina

Conference Program 

Avoiding the Coming Catastrophe in Afghanistan 

by Prof. Pino Arlacchi

Socio-Economic Conditions in Afghanistan and the Global Community 

by Mrs. Amna Malik

Avoid Collapsing Economy and Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan 

by Dr. Shah Mohammad Mehrabi

The Great Game Must Finally Come to an End 

by Iliad Alexander Terra

Panel 2: First Discussion Session 

Comment from Former U.S. Diplomat on ‘Operation Ibn Sina’ 

Amb. Chas Freeman

Leading Italian Union Leader Backs LaRouche’s ‘Operation Ibn Sina’ 

Alessia Ruggeri

III. International

NATO Threatens To Cross Moscow’s Red Lines 

by Carl Osgood

What To Expect from the New German Government 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Africa Briefs 

China Briefs 

IV. United States

Ugly Fraud of the State Department’s ‘Summit for Democracy’ 

by Diane Sare

Comment on the Summit for Democracy 

by Andrey Kortunov

Summit For Democracy: Not Wise To Throw Stones When Sitting in a Glass House 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Our Own Democracy Is in Bad Shape 

by Amb. Chas Freeman

Unfulfilled Fight for Truth Behind the JFK Assassination 

by Harley Schlanger