Volume 42, Number 18, May 1, 2015


I. The Obama Murders

The Obama Murders  

Murder in the Mediterranean  

Obama’s Mommy: What Did She Do for a Living?  

by Brent Bedford

Within the defined, common “type” of the narcissistic mass-murderer and torturer, the uncanny parallelism between Obama and the Roman Emperor Nero (37-68 A.D.), has been widely noted. But fewer stop to consider both men’s proneness to suicide. (Compare also the suicide of Adolf Hitler.) Brent Bedford goes further: Very early in life—or rather, even earlier—both Nero and Obama were guilty of a disastrously wrong choice of mother.

Pamela Churchill Harriman Was Not Amused

by Susan J. Kokinda

Obama Is the Detonator for World War III

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Bandung Conferences: Preventing Thermonuclear War

by Michael Billington

President Sukarno at the Bandung Conference, 1955

II. The Nature and Destiny of Man

The New Presidency  

by Matthew Ogden

Man As a Galactic Force  

by Benjamin Deniston

Man’s True Nature  

by Jason Ross

Two Systems: Russia’s Role  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The Cultural and Business Forum “East-West Dialogue” held in Baden-Baden April 24-25 was addressed by senior officials from Russia and German businessmen, and received greetings from Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, among others. Zepp-LaRouche’s speech there was one of three she’s given in the last few days.

Can Democrats Revive the Presidency?

by Debra Hanania Freeman

On April 24, Obama slandered opponents of his “Trans-Pacific Partnership” against China, and of his “fast track” legislation to ram it through Congress, as “dishonest.” By savagely attacking a broad current in the Democratic Party in this way, and especially former Governor Martin O’Malley and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who are leading it—Obama may have set a lethal trap for himself.

Broad-ranging legislation is being forced through, which, it is known, will override existing Federal law across a broad range of areas. The American people have been told nothing of what it contains; Congressmen can read it in secret, but are not allowed to discuss it with their constituents. Otherwise, only the corporate lawyers who wrote it, know what is in it.

Who is being “dishonest” here, Mr. Obama? If Democrats show enough guts, we may see Obama railroaded out of office—all within the law—within a few months, or even weeks.