Executive Intelligence Review

Volume 48, Number 28, July 16, 2021



Afghanistan at a Crossroads: Graveyard for Empires or Start of a New Era? 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

I. Conference: ‘For the Common Good of All People’

Conference Program 

II. Panel 2: The Real Science Behind Climate Change:
Why the World Needs Many More Terawatts of Energy

Introduction: Is Climate Science ‘Settled’? 

by Jason Ross

Why the Universe Needs More People 

by Megan Dobrodt

An Engineer’s Approach to Power and ‘Renewables’ 

by Dr. Kelvin Kemm

The Swiss Vote ‘No’ to the New CO2 Law 

by Emanuel Höhener

The Good News About CO2 

by Prof. Augustinus Berkhout

Climate Cycles and Global Warming 

by Prof. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke

Why the Climate Models Don’t Work 

by Prof. Nicola Scafetta

Greetings to the Schiller Institute Conference 

by John Shanahan

Introduction to Nuclear Medicine 

by Dr. Bennett S. Greenspan

Greetings to the Conference 

by Florencia Renteria

Biden/Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal Fraud: Unsustainable, Unaffordable, Eco-Destructive, Carbon-Colonialist 

by Paul Driessen

III. Resist the Green New Deal

Discussion Session: Panel 2, Schiller Institute Conference 

Stopping the Swiss-EU Negotiations and Voting Down the CO2 Tax Law 

by Reinhard Greter

IV. International News

Xi Jinping to the ‘Summit of the CPC and World Political Parties’ 

Economics Briefs 

Africa Report 

V. Self-Evident Truths

Frederick Douglass: A Constitutionalist Speaks the Fourth of July 

by Dennis Speed

Eulogy for Thomas H. Wysmuller (May 10, 1944–June 29, 2021) 

by Rick Sanders