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September 30, 1997:
EIR Announces Publication of New Book:
Can the British Empire Survive the Murder of Princess Diana?

June 2, 1997:
LaRouche Movement Has Led battle Against Current Genocide in Africa

May 19, 1997:
Nancy Spannaus Declares Candidacy for U.S. Congress:
'Frank Wolf? Never Again! Stop the African Holocaust!

May 19, 1997
FDR-PAC Announces Operation 'Never Again' in Africa

May 2, 1997:
Call for a Policy of Peace through Development for Africa's Great Lakes Region

May 2, 1997:
Rally for Return of Refugees and Democracy in Rwanda: Too Little Too Late for the Rwandan Refugees

May 1, 1997:
Enough Is Enough! Clean Out Department of Justice Corruption NOW!
Press Release by the Schiller Institute

May 1, 1997:
FDR-PAC Releases LaRouche Program to Save the Nation

April 21, 1997:
Mann-Chestnut Statement: The LaRouche Exoneration Appeal

April 21, 1997:
Emergency Appeal to President Clinton Update: Convoke a New Bretton Woods Conference

March 17, 1997
Have the Mass Media Brainwashed Your Neighbor About Lyndon LaRouche?
Special Report, including "Summary of Relevant Evidence on the Record Demonstrating the Innocence of Lyndon LaRouche and Co-Defendants"

March 4, 1997
Ugandan Opposition Leader Deported From Sweden to Uganda, Family and Friends Fear for His Life

February 28, 1997
Americans Return with Urgent Appeal from Sudanese Mothers and Childrens Association

February 26, 1997:
Urgent Appeal To President Clinton To Convoke a New Bretton Woods Conference

February 7, 1997:
FDR-PAC Calls for Expanding Movement to Tax Securities Transfers

February 3, 1997
Schiller Institute Welcomes German Bundestag Initiatives for Peace in Sudan

February 1997
LaRouche Was Right: Four Forecasts

January 10, 1997:
Schiller Institute: Supreme Court Argument Avoids Real Issue in Assisted Suicide Case

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