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December 28, 2004:
LaRouche PAC Issues Mass Pamphlet Against Social Security Privatization

December 21, 2004:
LaRouche Jan. 5 Webcast To Address the Deadly Crisis in International Relations

December 16, 2004:
LaRouche on Ohio Radio Dec. 16:
We've Got Them Dead to Rights Stealing the vote and Stealing Social Security; Get Out and Mobilize

December 16, 2004:
Private Pensions in Chila, a Quarter Century On

December 16, 2004:
Major Chilean Daily Publishes Story on LaRouche Campaign vs. Bush's Privatization Drive

December 14, 2004:
Chile's Labor Movement Sends Message to U.S. Congress:
Don't Adopt Chile's Failed Fascist Pension Plan!

December 13, 2004:
Electors in Massachusetts Challenge Election Cold Coup

December 9, 2004:
After a Quarter Century Trial, the Results Are In:
Chile's Private Pension System Has Failed

December 9, 2004:
Bush Lies Proven: Clearly, We Will Cut Your Social Security Benefits

December 8, 2004:
January 5 LaRouche Webcast Set

November 14, 2004:
A Time for Some Real Leadership:
Is Fallujah a New Dien Bien Phu?

November 11, 2004:
LaRouche: GOP Vote Suppresion Is a Coup Against U.S. Constitution

November 10, 2004:
U.S.A. Making LaRouche SDI Proposal from 1980s a Reality with X-43A Development

November 6, 2004:
A Post-Election Message from Lyndon LaRouche:
Sounding the Certain Trumpet

November 3, 2004:
LaRouche Webcast on November 9:
`It's Still the Physical Economy, Stupid!'

October 22, 2004:
LaRouche PAC Statement on Washington Post Campaign Dirty Trick

October 21, 2004:
President Bush to Americans: Drop Dead!

October 19, 2004:
Helga Zepp-LaRouche:
`Stop Economic Destruction in Germany!
Revive the Stability Law of 1967!'

October 19, 2004:
LaRouche: Bush-Cheney Could Cause More Americans To Die of the Flu Than Were Killed in the 9/11 Attack

October 18, 2004:
LaRouche Warns of Nazi Reactivation in Europe and the Americas

October 16, 2004:
LaRouche To Address Ohio Town Meeting by Webcast October 27

October 9, 2004:
LaRouche: Latest Debate Proves Bush Is a Liar

October 8, 2004:
Mayors and Elected Officials Are Right:
Candidates Must Address PHysical Economy

September 27, 2004:
LaRouche Calls for Emergency Reregulation in Transport and Oil

September 27, 2004:
LaRouche: `The Number One Issue in the Presidential Debates
Is George W. Bush's Mental Illness'

September 22, 2004:
LaRouche PAC Issues New Pamphlet:
`It's the Physical Economy, Stupid!'

September 21, 2004:
BüSo After Election Breakthrough in Saxony Vote:
`Eight Million Jobs Through 200 Billion Euro Investments'
Is Still the Agenda!

September 20, 2004:
LaRouche: `A Vote for Bush-Cheney Is a Vote for
Perpetual War and Economic Hell'

September 13, 2004:
The Question That Must Be Asked On the Porter Goss Nomination

September 11, 2004:
Dumping the Undertaker:
How To Campaign for Kerry

September 11, 2004:
Why `LaRouche in 2004' Was Indispensable
Had I Not Been Excluded

September 7, 2004:
LaRouche on Putin Statement

September 4, 2004:
Sylva Olden Lee: A Fierce, Happy Partisan of Immortality (PDF)

August 30, 2004:
The Franklin Spy Case: A Non-Partisan, Institutional Reflex

August 19, 2004:
Schröder Blunders, Sticks to Austerity Plan

August 19, 2004:
Is McGreevey Scandal an Ashcroft Sting Operation?

August 18, 2004:
German Monday Demonstrations Expand

August 18, 2004:
Schröder in a Bind:
The World Monetary System Has Cracked in Germany Today!

August 15, 2004:
Bullshizzar's Feast

August 15, 2004:
Bush and Cheney: The Vietnam Dodgers' Team

August 6, 2004:
Conference Invitation:
Now Comes the Hopeful Reality Which the Coward Denied

July 28, 2004:
LaRouche To Announce Democratic Victory Offensive
at Boston Press Conference

July 25, 2004:
LaRouche Movement and EIR Questioning of
Democratic National Committee, on C-SPAN TV,
in the Opening DNC Press Conference in Boston

July 25, 2004:
LaRouche Launches Campaign, Real Democratic Platform
To Take White House from Cheney/Bush

July 25, 2004:
DNC Chair Accuses Cheney of Responsibility for Disrupting LaRouche Youth Movement Participating in Democratic Convention

July 22, 2004:
Expose Attempt To Shut LaRouche Youth
Out of the Democratic Convention

July 21, 2004:
LaRouche to Announce Boston Democratic Platform
in July 21 Audio Webcast

June 20, 2004:
LaRouche Schedules Webcast for June 20

June 20, 2004:
The `Uro-Socialism' Threat to the U.S.A.

June 19, 2004:
Screwball Internet Slander of LaRouche Launched in Venezuela

June 15, 2004:
New Book Out in Japan:
The Best-Men, Ignoble Liars Behind Bush's No-Exit War

June 14, 2004:
New Release To Hit Cheney Hard

June 7, 2004:
LaRouche Challenges Kerry:
Be Presidential—Show the Guts to Support
Democrats' Call for Investigation

May 23, 2004:
An Open Letter to the Washington Post

May 19, 2004:
LaRouche Warns of Terror Threat from
Left-Right Synarchism in the Americas

May 11, 2004:
`The Mark of the Beast'

May 6, 2004:
Against Electronic Vote Fraud: Return to Paper Ballot, Missouri Told

May 1, 2004:
LaRouche Warns of Upcoming Cheney Operation Against Him

May 1, 2004:
LaRouche Elaborates How His LaRouche Doctrine Will Work

May 1, 2004:
Campaign 2004: It's Down to LaRouche and Kerry

May 1, 2004:
Italy's Alleanza Popolare Publishes `The LaRouche Doctrine'

May 1, 2004:
Leading Iraqi Scholar Endorses `The LaRouche Doctrine'

April 20, 2004:
International Webcast Scheduled:
`The Keys to Peace: The LaRouche Doctrine'

March 26, 2004:
Housing Boom: `History's First Global Property Bust' Coming?

March 10, 2004:
Cheney Under Attack in Senate at Tenet Testimony

March 10, 2004:
Argentine Makes IMF Blink, Misses Chance To End IMF System

February 28, 2004:
LaRouche Leads Democrats in Itemized Individual Contributions

February 25, 2004:
Inflation Striking: Prices Surge, Leading Raw Materials Inflation

February 22, 2004:
Cheney's Whole War-by-Fraud Strategy Is Now Exposed

February 29, 2004:
LaRouche Campaign Announces New Media Blitz

February 9, 2004:
LaRouche: Stop Cheney Coup, Stop Computer Voting

February 8, 2004:
Open Letter to the DNC:
The Most Important Moment in Your Lives to Date!

January 19, 2004:
Invitation to Schiller Institute-ICLC Feb. 14-15 Presidents' Day Conference

January 17, 2004:
Democrat LaRouche Plans Blitz in New Hampshire

January 15, 2004:
LaRouche Backs Calls for Investigation of D.C. Voting Irregularities

January 7, 2004:
LaRouche Presidential Campaign Releases Open Letter to Michigan Democratic Party Demanding Inclusion in Michigan Democratic Caucus

January 3, 2004:
Democrat LaRouche To Issue New Blast—Against Beast-Man Cheney

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