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December 27, 2013:
Schiller Institute To Hold Concert of Mozart Requiem in Boston To Honor JFK’s Vision of the Future

December 27, 2013:
Federal Judge, Citing Prince Bandar’s Hijacker, Says NSA Dragnet Data Collection Is Legal

December 27, 2013:
The Empire Accelerates Its China-Bashing, While Destabilization Wave Is Launched Across Asia

December 26, 2013:
Constructive Relations with Russia Are Possible, If EU Really Desires Them

December 25, 2013:
The New Year’s Day Now Before Us: Science & Christmastime

December 23, 2013:
LaRouche: NSA Ruling Underscores Obama’s Ripeness for Impeachment

December 23, 2013:
Kesha Rogers Runs for Senate To Restore JFK’s True Legacy

December 23, 2013:
Russia Signs Oil Exploration Agreement with Syria

December 23, 2013:
9/11-Saudi Coverup Begins To Crumble

December 23, 2013:
Congressional Brawl over Proposed Bill To Impose New Sanctions on Iran

December 22, 2013:
Leading Ukrainian Economist: Russia Has Saved Ukraine ‘For the Moment;’ Now Change the Entire Economic Model!

December 20, 2013:
IMF Demands Ukraine Commit Economic Suicide

December 9, 2013:
Kammenos Calls for Glass-Steagall, a New Deal and a Marshall Plan for Greece and Europe

December 9, 2013:
Kammenos Calls for Glass-Steagall, a New Deal and a Marshall Plan for Greece and Europe

December 5, 2013:
NCSL Legislative Forum in D.C. at the Center of Glass-Steagall Battle

December 4, 2013:
LaRouche: Ukraine Decision Is ‘Readjustment for Survival’

December 4, 2013:
Congressmen Jones and Lynch Introduce House Resolution Calling on Obama To Declassify 28-Page Section of Congressional 9/11 Report

December 4, 2013:
Lavrov Blasts NATO Interference in Ukrainian Internal Affairs

December 4, 2013:
Detroit Bankruptcy Ruling: ‘Dead-Ass Wrong and Morally Corrupt’

December 3, 2013:
Bob Graham on 9-11: You Don’t Have Everyone Moving the Same Direction Without a Head Coach Somewhere

December 2, 2013:
LaRouche PAC Announces Pearl Harbor Day Webcast: ‘Creating the Trans-Pacific Fusion Economy’

November 20, 2013:
LaRouche Webcast Presents Empire Genocide Policy, and How To Stop It

November 20, 2013:
Emergency Statement by Lyndon LaRouche

November 16, 2013:
Kerry’s Egypt Visit Spotlights Split with White House

November 16, 2013:
Illinois Physician: ‘Money and Math’ Are Destroying U.S. Health Care; Statistical Medicine Is Genocide

November 16, 2013:
Environmentalism Kills! The Case of the Rise of Dengue Fever

November 13, 2013:
Global War Danger Still on the Table

November 13, 2013:
Putin Visit to South Korea Spotlights Development Thrust

November 13, 2013:
Lebanese-Syrian Nun Talks About What’s Really Going On in Syria

November 13, 2013:
No Country Is Safe from Potential Polio Epidemic

November 12, 2013:
Worse Than Weimar!

October 30, 2013:
Glass-Steagall or Mass Genocide

October 24, 2013:
Pennsylvania Doctor Releases Statement Against ‘Murderous Obamacare’

October 23, 2013:
Medical Doctor To Hold Press Conference Against Obamacare

October 23, 2013:
Target of Saudi Denunciation of U.S.A. Is U.S. War-Avoidance Forces

October 21, 2013:
Fed Opponent of Glass-Steagall Reveals the Ugly Alternative, Bail-In

October 20, 2013:
Swiss Alliance for Bank Separation Prevails in First TV Debate

October 20, 2013:
Schiller Institute To Present Mozart Requiem in Remembrance of President John F. Kennedy

October 20, 2013:
Ban on Chinese Space Researchers Reversed, Thanks to Mobilization by Scientists

October 19, 2013:
LaRouche Associates Speak at Anti-Bail-In Seminar in Cyprus

October 16, 2013:
American Patriots Tell Congress: Have the Courage To ‘Pass Glass-Steagall Now!’

October 15, 2013:
Obama’s Entire Health and Economic Policy Is Intentional Genocide

October 15, 2013:
To Stop Genocide Against the American Citizens! Name the Crtime and Name the Names of the Criminals!

October 15, 2013:
Democratic Party Insider Admits LaRouche Was Right: Obama’s Genocidal True Colors Come Out in Budget Showdown

October 14, 2013:
Kra Canal Video Draws British (Blue) Blood

October 14, 2013:
Human Rights Watch Report Points to Gulf Funding of Opposition Atrocities in Syria

October 14, 2013:
Bank-Enforcer Keating’s ‘Longevity Index’ Was Also Promoted by Peter Orszag

October 5, 2013:
LaRouche: Behind the Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Swindle: Wall Street Orders Obama To Kill Glass-Steagall

October 3, 2013:
Gulf Funding for Global Jihadi Terrorists Raised at Hill Hearing on the Dangers al-Shabaab Poses to U.S.A.

October 3, 2013:
9/11 Families Demanding Release of FBI Documents on Saudi Ties to 9/11 Hijackers

October 3, 2013:
Iranian Jews Reject Netanyahu’s Warmongering

October 3, 2013:
Dems Fear Obama Will Again Negotiate ‘Grand Bargain’ To Cut Social Security

October 3, 2013:
U.S. Tries To Blackmail South Korea To Accept Anti-China Missile Systems

October 2, 2013:
LaRouche Demands Glass-Steagall Now!

September 14, 2013:
Rep. Walter Jones Again Urges Declassification of Full 9/11 Report

September 11, 2013:
Evidence of Syrian Rebel Use of Chemical Weapons Continues To Accumulate

September 10, 2013:
On the Eve of 9/11 Anniversary, Saudi Role in Original 9/11 Attack Identified Internationally; Will the U.S. Congress Finally Act?

September 10, 2013:
LaRouche Emphasizes Need for Glass-Steagall, as LaRouche PAC Policy Committee Returns to Washington

September 10, 2013:
New Report Outlines ‘Nuclear NAWAPA XXI: Gateway to the Fusion Economy’

September 6, 2013:
Russian Financial Crimes Expert Sorokin Calls for U.S.-Russian Cooperation Against Drug-Money Laundering

September 5, 2013:
Big Banks Own Dodd-Frank: Call It the ‘Wall Street Exemption Act’

August 29, 2013:
LaRouche Opposes Any Military Action on Syria; Danger of Thermonuclear War Is Too Grave

August 29, 2013:
Zepp-LaRouche: Intervention in Syria Could Lead to the Extermination of Civilization!

August 26, 2013:
General Ivashov, Russian Anti-Globalist Leaders Issue Appeal Against Syria Intervention

August 22, 2013:
Hysteria About Glass-Steagall Now Hits the White House

August 22, 2013:
LaRouche, EIR Launch New Campaign Against London-Riyadh 9/11 Axis

August 22, 2013:
EIR Pro-Glass-Steagall Op-Ed Provokes National Attack from American Bankers Association

August 22, 2013:
LaRouche PAC Takes Initiative for ‘Nuclear NAWAPA’

August 22, 2013:
Dempsey Again Warns Against U.S. Military Intervention in Syria

August 16, 2013:
Amnesty International Has Pointed to Muslim Brotherhood’s Crimes

August 15, 2013:
Egyptian Ambassador to Washington: The Muslim Brotherhood Ignited the Violence

August 13, 2013:
Resolution for Glass-Steagall Presented at National Conference of State Legislatures

August 12, 2013:
Swiss Bail-In Scheme: Stealing a Half-Trillion Euro from Depositors

August 12, 2013:
Iraqi MP Charges: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan Are Behind Killings in Iraq

August 6, 2013:
Wall Street Mafia in Desperate Drive To Stop Glass-Steagall

August 6, 2013:
Glass-Steagall Resolution Introduced in California

August 3, 2013:
LaRouche Warns: Israeli Actions in Syria Threaten World War

August 1, 2013:
LaRouche PAC Releases Video on Stopping Wall Street’s Crimes: ‘Glass-Steagall: Wall Street’s Permanent Bank Holiday’

July 30, 2013:
South Dakota Lawmakers Demand Action

July 29, 2013:
Troika Policies Devastate Southern Europe

July 29, 2013:
End Wall Street’s Theft of Pensions: Re-Enact Glass-Steagall

July 29, 2013:
Muslim Brotherhood Counts on Obama, British To Move Against Egypt’s Al-Sisi

July 29, 2013:
The British Solution to the World Food Shortage: Eat One-Third Less

July 18, 2013:
EIR Announces International Webcast:
Glass-Steagall: How To Stop the Global Financial Meltdown Over a Weekend — Who Is Out To Topple the Kirchner Government in Argentina, and Why?

July 6, 2013:
Lyndon LaRouche: Principle of Economy: Increase Productivity

July 3, 2013:
Her Majesty’s Voice: Obama Tells Africans ‘Forget Modern Living Standards’

July 2, 2013:
Schiller Conference in San Francisco: Renewed Commitment to Glass-Steagall Fight

July 2, 2013:
Broad Congressional Mobilization Against Arming Syrian Rebels

July 2, 2013:
Dramatic New Move for Banking Separation in Italian Senate

July 1, 2013:
Memo to the U.S. Congress on Obama Gun-Running to Syria:
It’s Already Happening

June 27, 2013:
JPMorgan & Mega-Banks Publicly Oppose Glass-Steagall in Delaware

June 26, 2013:
Regulators Recommend Glass-Steagall to the House; British MP Tells Chancellor, ‘Glass-Steagall or Crash’

June 25, 2013:
LaRouche Declares: Only Pre-emptive Bankruptcy Action Against the British Can Save the United States

June 25, 2013:
Rep. Walter Jones’ H. Con. Res. 40, Making War Against Syria Without Congressional Approval an Impeachable Offense

June 17, 2013:
Russia, Turkey, and China Protest British Spying at 2009 G-20 Summit

June 17, 2013:
Russian Foreign Ministry Insists, No No-Fly Zone over Syria; The Issue in Syria Is World War III

June 17, 2013:
J.P. Morgan Report Says European Post-World War II Anti-Fascist Constitutions Are an Obstacle to Reimposing Fascism

June 16, 2013:
FDIC Vice President Thomas Hoenig Warns Germany: Get Serious About Deutsche Bank!

June 14, 2013:
It’s Not Market Rumors, It’s a Meltdown

June 14, 2013:
Memorial Urging Congress To Reinstate Glass-Steagall Introduced in New Jersey

June 13, 2013:
Fed Governor Says ‘Keep Printing’ After Fed Loses $155 Billion in May

June 9, 2013:
LaRouche: Impeach Obama Now, Or Face Overt Dictatorship

June 5, 2013:
Fears Mount for Prisoners in Yemen

May 31, 2013:
Memorial for Glass-Steagall Introduced in New York

May 31, 2013:
Bill To Impose ’Glass-Steagall’-Like Bank Separation Now in Italian Senate

May 31, 2013:
Syrian Opposition Group al-Nusra Caught with Sarin Gas by Turks

May 28, 2013:
Dodd-Frank Mandates Mass Murder and Treason—Crush It!

May 17, 2013:
Senator Harkin Introduces S. 985 To Reinstate Glass-Steagall

May 10, 2013:
Russia-U.S.A. Agreement To Hold New Syrian Conference Appears To Be a Strategic Shift

May 10, 2013:
Former Reagan Ass’t Secretary of Defense Backs Up Joint Chiefs’ Opposition to Syrian War

May 10, 2013:
Obama Administration Gun-Running to Syria Becomes a Public Issue

May 10, 2013:
FDIC Vice Chairman Thomas Hoenig Repeats Call for Glass-Steagall in Interview with U.K.’s Central Banking Journal

May 10, 2013:
Glass-Steagall Petition Registered in Italy

May 9, 2013:
LaRouche PAC Glass-Steagall Mobilization Shook Washington

May 3, 2013:
LaRouche PAC Declares Week of Action for Glass-Steagall, As Support Increases

May 3, 2013:
Open Fight for Glass-Steagall in Italy

May 3, 2013:
Following General Dempsey’s Lead, British Minister of Defense Demurs on Military Action in Syria

May 3, 2013:
The Dallah Avco Connection: Will Reopened 9/11 Case Nail Bandar, Basnan, and al-Bayoumi?

May 2, 2013:
Ted Kaufman and Thomas Hoenig Promote Glass-Steagall

May 1, 2013:
Russia’s Ivanov: Main Target of Narco-Aggression Is Eurasia

April 26, 2013:
LaRouche: ‘Obviously, John McCain Is Not What He Once Was’

April 25, 2013:
Now 17 States Have Had Glass-Steagall Memorials Introduced or Passed

April 25, 2013:
The UN Human Rights Council Is Investigating Greece’s Economic Program

April 21, 2013:
Did the FBI Just Bungle the Boston Bomb Plot, or Did It Actually Create It?

April 19, 2013:
Former Fed Governor Thomas Hoenig Delivers a ‘Primer’ on Glass-Steagall

April 19, 2013:
California Democratic Party Passes Resolution Against Obama’s Drone Executions

April 16, 2013:
Schiller Conference Passes Resolution: Either Glass-Steagall, or Chaos and Genocide

April 15, 2013:
Indiana House Becomes the Third State Legislature To Pass Memorial for Glass-Steagall

April 12, 2013:
Rogozin Urges Putin To Place Asteroid Defense on G-20 Agenda

April 10, 2013:
Maine Passes Glass-Steagall Memorial As National Campaign Takes Off

April 7, 2013:
The Cyprus Template: ‘Bail-In’ vs. Glass-Steagall

April 6, 2013:
Memorials for Immediate Passage of Glass-Steagall Put on the Agenda in 13 States

March 26, 2013:
LaRouche: Glass-Steagall or Die—The System Is Already Dead

March 25, 2013:
Schiller Conference Presents a New Paradigm: Using the SDI Principle Today To Save Mankind

March 24, 2013:
Daisuke Kotegawa Warns West of Self-Destruction of the Banking System

March 20, 2013:
LaRouche: The U.S.A. and Russia Must Return to the Principles of the 1983 SDI, To Avoid the Danger of Thermonuclear War

March 13, 2013:
Russian Federation Council Holds Special Meeting on Defense of Earth

March 12, 2013:
LaRouche: Stop the Coverup of Brit-Saudi Role in 9/11

March 7, 2013:
Rand Paul Declares Victory; Holder Sends Two-Liner

March 7, 2013:
Breakout for Glass-Steagall Beginning in U.S. States

March 7, 2013:
Air Force Journal Admits U.S. Aggressive Intention against Russia

March 7, 2013:
Churkin Tells UNSC, Libya Is Training Terrorists against Syria

March 7, 2013:
Assad Tells the Truth: Britain, U.S.A. Supporting al-Qaeda

February 28, 2013:
As LaRouche Said in 2009, the Federal Reserve Is Bankrupt

February 27, 2013:
Lyndon LaRouche PAC Releases Draft Legislation To Restore the Original Bank of the United States

February 19, 2013:
LaRouche: Cancel Hyperinflation and Enact Glass-Steagall, or Be Responsible for Genocide

February 19, 2013:
Brennan Refuses To Answer Key Questions on Drone Killings; Will Senators Play Along with Obama’s and Brennan’s Evasions?

February 15, 2013:
LaRouche PAC’s Deniston on the Asteroid Flyby:
‘We Are Flying Blind through the Solar System’

February 7, 2013:
A Question for John Brennan

February 7, 2013:
Former German Parliamentarian Exposes West’s Alliance with al-Qaeda

February 7, 2013:
Blair Demands ‘Generation of War’

January 31, 2013:
EIR Issues Updated Report on 9/11-Two

January 28, 2013:
New York City Schiller Conference Unanimously Endorses Rep. Walter Jones Call To Mobilize for H.C.R. 3 and H.R. 129

January 20, 2013:
End Obama’s Alliance with the Assassins of Benghazi:
Don’t Let the Administration Continue the Coverup!

January 18, 2013:
State Legislators Begin To Move for Glass-Steagall

January 17, 2013:
FDIC Vice-Chair Thomas Hoenig: Remove the Safety Net from Non-Bank Activities, Return to Glass-Steagall Framework

January 17, 2013:
Russia’s Gerasimov Scores Patriot Deployments in Turkey

January 17, 2013:
Dallas Fed President Richard Fischer Calls for End to Bailout of ‘Shadow Banking’

January 16, 2013:
Obama’s Benghazi al-Qaeda Allies Linked to Algeria al-Qaeda Gas Field Attack

January 7, 2013:
Louder Drumbeat for Glass-Steagall in London and U.S.A.

January 4, 2013:
Bill To Reinstitute Glass-Steagall Reintroduced in 113th Congress

January 4, 2013:
Rep. Jones Reintroduces House Concurrent Resolution To Stop Unconstitutional Wars