News Releases from Lyndon LaRouche's
1995-1996 Presidential Campaign

* LaRouche Addresses Mayors Conference in Austin, Texas

* "Dirty Dick" Morris Is Forced to Resign

* Fowler Says He Will Resign From Democratic National Committee

* "Fowler Claims: 'This Chicken-Coop My Private Club," campaign statement.

* Federal Judge Urinates on Voting Rights Act

* Prominent Democrats Support LaRouche and Voters Against Fowler

* Full text of the civil suit of LaRouche and voters vs.
      the Democratic National Committee and its chairman Donald Fowler

* Letter to a Student, on the Subject of Classical Education

* LaRouche Wins 40,000 Votes in North Carolina

* LaRouche Wins 8.2% in Pennsylvania

* LaRouche Wins Delegate in Louisiana

* Lyndon LaRouche Receives 162,000 Votes in California

* LaRouche Democrat Maria Elena Milton Wins Arizona Congressional Primary

* LaRouche's EIR Magazine Features Report on Battle for the Democratic Party

* LaRouche Discusses Foundations of Foreign and Economic Policy
      in April 18 CBS-TV Broadcast

* LaRouche Vote Tops 63,000 in Ohio

* LaRouche Campaign Releases Emergency Plan to Balance Pennsylvania Budget

* LaRouche Gets Double-Digit Votes On Super Tuesday

* LaRouche Primary Breakthroughs Build Campaign to Take Back Democratic Party

* National Media: Lies by Omission and by Commission

* LaRouche in Mississippi: `The Truth Is Breaking Out'

* LaRouche Receives 11% in Colorado Democratic Primary

* LaRouche Responds to `Scurrilous Letter' From DNC Chairman Donald Fowler

* LaRouche Slams Justice Department, Warns of Financial Crisis, in First Presidential Debate

* LaRouche Files for Federal Matching Funds

* LaRouche Testifies at Hearings on Gross Misconduct of U.S. Department of Justice

* LaRouche Is Approved by FEC for Federal Matching Funds.

* New Democratic Pac Formed to Destroy the Contract On Americans

* LaRouche Joined in Call for Coalition vs. Gingrich Contract

* LaRouche Gets Ballot Status in California

* Henry Hudson Knew Judge Would Sign Shut-down Order in LaRouche Bankruptcy Case