Executive Intelligence Review

Volume 47, Number 39, September 25, 2020



Warning: Military Coup Threat Against President Trump Rose with New War Plans Against Russia and China 

I. Why We Fight

Jacobin Terror Aims at D.C. 

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 24, 2001.

We Must Keep Fighting for a Summit, As the War Hawks Are Going All-Out To Prevent It! 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Sitrep U.S.A., Part III: Why We Fight 

by Barbara Boyd

II. The Belt & Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge

Schiller Institute Conference on the Internet
September 5–6, 2020

War Drive Toward Armageddon or
A New Paradigm Among Sovereign Nations United
by the Common Aims of Mankind?


The Belt and Road Initiative
Becomes the World Land-Bridge:
FDR’s Unfinished Business

Opening Remarks 

by Lyndon LaRouche and Dennis Speed

The LaRouche Program for the Planet: 1.5 Billion New Productive Jobs 

by Dennis Small

Irreconcilable Problems Are Pushing the World Toward Catastrophe 

by Dr. Natalia Vitrenko

Helping the West Understand China Today 

by Michele Geraci

The Belt and Road Initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Harbinger of Sustainable Growth 

by Hassan Daud Butt

One Belt, One Road: A Project for the 21st Century 

by Marcelo Muñoz

The Quest for Clean and Cheap Energy 

by Dr. Björn Peters

First Discussion Session 

A New Health Platform—A Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites 

by Dennis Speed

Turning from the Course of Division Toward a More Perfect Union 

by Joycelyn Elders, M.D.

Mississippi: Now a Four-Way Pandemic 

by Rep. Jim Evans

Nurses with a Global Perspective 

by Dr. Shirley Evers-Manly, RN

Law Enforcement and the Community Must Come Together To Survive This Pandemic 

by Chief Leon Frazier

A Community COVID Task Force 

by Erica Muhammad

Expanding the Health System in Ghana: 101 New Hospitals Planned Nationwide 

by H.E. Ambassador Ayikoi Otoo

Health Security—Africa Has To Build a Continental Health Program: The Case of the Republic of the Congo 

by Marlette Kyssama-Nsona

Second Discussion Session