Executive Intelligence Review

Volume 49, Number 16, April 22, 2022


Guest Editorial

On the 100th Anniversary of the Rapallo Treaty, April 16 

I. Schiller Institute Conference

Conference Program: April 9: To Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations 


The New Architecture: A Program To Prevent the Starvation of One Billion People Due to the Sanctions 

by Dennis Small

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: The Rationale and Likely Impacts 

by Prof. Justin Yifu Lin

Media Role and Responsibility 

by Saeed Naqvi

U.S. Sanctions on Russia and China Are Suicide for the Dollar 

by Dr. George Koo

South America and the New Development Architecture 

by Fraydique Alexander Gaitán and Pedro Rubio

Panel 2 Public Discussion 


The Peace of Westphalia To Escape the Thucydides Trap 

by Jacques Cheminade

What Africa Expects from the World 

by Diogène Senny

The Crisis Facing U.S. Society 

by Caleb Maupin

Building a Safe, Resilient, Decentralized, Cartel-Free Food System 

by Michael Callicrate

Panel 3 Public Discussion 


The Urgent Need for a World Health System 

by Dennis Speed

Operation Ibn Sina: Emergency Action for Afghanistan and World Development 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Daud Azimi

Nuclear Technology for Africa’s Agenda for Sustainable Development 

by Princy Mthombeni

Panel 4 Public Discussion 

Closing Remarks: We Are Creating a World Movement 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

II. Lyndon H. LaRouche

On the Subject of Tariffs and Trade 

Part 3 of 3

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (1922-2019)

January 12, 2004